Expiration Dates And E-Cigs: What You Need To Know

The Food and Drug Administration does not yet require e liquid and e-cigarettes to have an expiration date on the package. However, a lot of these products do have one visible for buyers, and it can cause a little bit of anxiety for vapers. They are concerned that if they do not use the product before the expiration date, it will not be good any longer. The information in this article will help you learn more about expiration dates and how you can figure out whether you should vape with an e-liquid or not. Credit: http://vaping360.com/   Many people have consumed a food or drink product that was past its expiration date. It is important to remember that these dates are a bit arbitrary; it is up to the manufacturer to include them on the packaging, which means that the food may be good after that date as well. Vape products are no different. No one is quite sure how long e-juice and e-cigs can last. Therefore, manufacturers make their best [ Continue Reading… ]

A Beginner’s Guide On How To Avoid A Dry Hit

Imagine this scenario: you are waiting for an e-liquid to arrive and have been anticipating its arrival for over one week.  You are certain this will be your new all-day vape liquid and are full of excitement regarding its arrival.  When the e-liquid finally arrives, you tear the packaging open and a shiny 30ml bottle of the e-liquid stands before you ready to be vaped.  Prepared with a new vaping coil, you unscrew the lip and fill the e-cigarette’s tank.  Placing the tip of the e-cigarette in your mouth, you take a deep breath expecting to inhale a sublime e-liquid; however, the anticipation of joy suddenly turns into a sensation of outrage as you realize this is not what you have ordered.  Comparable to the possession of a faulty Xbox that will not turn on; you just received a dry hit! While this scenario is nowhere near any life or death situation, to a vaper it can be an excruciating experience.  Fortunately, there are various techniques available to avoid such [ Continue Reading… ]

Advantages Of E-Cigs

E-cigs or electronic cigarettes are the latest craze among smokers. As prices for tobacco cigarettes increased a lot over the past few years, more and more smokers realize they throw a lot of money on the window by smoking, therefore they seek for alternatives to allow them get their nicotine fix without breaking the bank. One of the best solutions are the electronic cigarettes, battery operated devices that work by vaporizing a flavored liquid which contains a certain percentage of nicotine. There are many positive online reviews from people who switched to e-cigs. They all find them better than regular tobacco cigarettes because of several advantages, as we are going to see from this article. 1. Price Although the price of an electronic cigarette is not extremely small, after the initial purchase, the cost per day decreases dramatically. Consumables are cheap, the e-liquid needed for one month of consumption costs as much as the real cigarettes for one day of smoking. Even if you go for replaceable nicotine cartridges which [ Continue Reading… ]

Making The Switch

According to a recent study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, electronic cigarettes are the go-to tool for people who want to find an alternative to smoking. One evidence is the strong correlation between the decrease in the number of tobacco smokers and the prevalence of electronic cigarettes. This doesn’t mean the research should stop here. Further information must be gathered to help individuals make informed decisions about what’s best for their health and lifestyle. The study involved participants in the US, spanning the years 2014 to 2016. Fifteen thousand tobacco smokers were evaluated, with the goal of figuring out the best aid when it comes to smoking cessation. Other than electronic cigarettes, the participants were provided with cessation aids including gums and patches. Based on the results, it has been proven that electronic cigarette users are able to cut down on their use of traditional cigarettes a lot more compared to those who used other cessation aids. Some users even switched entirely to e-cigarettes. There’s a [ Continue Reading… ]

Your Guide To Vaping At Festivals

Regardless of the weather, there a lot of people that enjoys spending the months of summer far away from their homes in search of fun and music. However, for the vapers that have plans to attend these festivals, an important question relates to whether you will be allowed to vape at these festivals. In general you will be allowed to vape. However, this is usually only allowed if you are in an open space. The majority of the larger festivals like Bestival and Glastonbury don’t have set guidelines which ban vaping. However, you will usually not be able to vape in the enclosed spaces. If you are not sure about the vaping rules at the next festival you plan to attend, it is suggested to contact the organizers of the festival to find out. One part of these festival experiences is to survive without comforts you are typically used to when you are at home. So here are some tips we have put together on how to charge and clean [ Continue Reading… ]

E Cigs as an Alternative

There is recent evidence that E cigarettes are safer to use than traditional tobacco products. However, it should be noted that the benefits and the risks of using E cigarettes are still investigation and therefore the consumer will need to decide on his own. The reason for this is because of the lack of conclusive evidence there is insufficient information to make a final conclusion. However, there is one aspect to E cigarettes that is undeniable. They are safer to use, less expensive, odorless, healthier, and more socially acceptable. The evidence against the dangers of long-term tobacco use is undeniable. In fact, the cigarette companies now need to put warning information about the dangers of smoking on their packages. Scientific tests have proven beyond a doubt that continued use of tobacco products will result in a premature death. One of the hardest things that a person can do is to quit smoking. Many researchers state that is harder to quit smoking that it is to quit using drugs such as [ Continue Reading… ]

The Life Saving Transition – Switching From Smoking To Vaping

More and more smokers are switching to vaping or inhaling flavored vapor via an electronic cigarette. If you currently smoke, then consider switching to vaping, which is becoming increasingly popular around the world. There are many benefits of choosing vaping over regular cigarettes, and here’s a few of them. 1. It’s Affordable Do you want to save money? If so, then switch to vaping. Vaping costs much less than smoking regular cigarettes. 2. Odorless And Smokeless Vaping doesn’t require combustion and this is because the vapor is created when the liquid is heated. Vaping is also smokeless, which means you don’t have to worry about the same issues that you experience with regular smoking, which includes second-hand smoke that can put people near you in danger. Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about the smell of smoke. If you vape in your car, then you don’t have to worry about your upholstery smelling of smoke. Since there’s no lighters involved, you don’t have to worry about causing [ Continue Reading… ]

Choosing The Right Nicotine Strength

So, you have made the decision to quit smoking cigarettes and to start vaping. Good for you! That is the first step in making the right decision. The next thing that you need to start thinking about is the nicotine strength as it is one of the most crucial things to consider either as a veteran vaper or first-timer. For your sake, we have made a list of tips that should make it easier for you to choose a nicotine strength that suits your needs. If You Are A Smoker Most smokers who’ve switched to vaping normally start off using an e-cig since they require a much higher level of nicotine that is similar to the type of cigarette they used to smoke. Smokers usually start out with 1.8% or 18mg nicotine, be it in a high-PG e-juice or in a disposable e-cigarette. Please note: We recommend that smokers start off with high-PG vaping juice for throat hits like cigarettes. Casual or light smokers should consider trying lower nicotine levels [ Continue Reading… ]

Electronic Cigarettes – Why You Should Try One

Thinking about quitting smoking? If you smoke everyday, and you are concerned about the adverse effects it may be having on your health, you might want to consider an alternative to regular cigarettes. Everyone knows that cigarettes can lead to lung cancer and other life-threatening conditions as a result of smoking for many years. Carcinogens are the primary cause of the problems associated with cigarettes, something that smokers are aware of, but tend to ignore until things are too late. Fortunately, electronic cigarette were developed several years ago, providing people with an alternative to traditional smoking. If you would like to receive the same amount of nicotine that you are getting now from your cigarette, yet avoid all of the problems associated with the carcinogens, let’s take a look at an electronic cigarette to show you how it works. What Is An Electronic Cigarette? Less than a decade ago, electronic cigarettes were introduced to the United States. Also called ecigs, this alternative to tobacco smoking has become very popular in [ Continue Reading… ]

UK’s Best Vaping Cafés

As much as vaping has become a mainstay culture phenomenon, few cafés, pubs, and restaurants allow vaping in their premises. Thus, if you are looking to enjoy a memorable vaping experience over a cup of tea with friends, chances are that you will find it difficult to find an establishment. This is not to mean that you cannot experience vaping whilst dining in the UK, however. You just have to know where to head to. Herein are some of UK’s best vaping cafés for your choosing. KrayzeeVape In Enfield (London) KrayzeeVape induces a sense of community to your vaping experience. The establishment has some of the most helpful staff that you will find anywhere. Thus, if you are new to vaping, this is the place to go to, especially when you are looking to take the vaping experience to the next level. They also offer fantastic food and amazing milkshakes, for a truly unique vaping and dining experience. Shake ‘n’ Vape In Warrington One of the best things about this [ Continue Reading… ]

Experts State That E-Cigarettes DO NOT Cause Cancer

Scientists at the British American Tobacco Institute, a company that sells electronic cigarette devices, discovered that the vapour from these items does not promote the growth of cancer cells. Using new research, the professionals found that contrary to popular belief e-cigarettes are unlikely to trigger cancer. The studies were funded by British American Tobacco and were conducted in a laboratory using popular cigarette brands such as Rothmans, Dunhill, Lucky Strike, and Benson & Hedges. According to the British American Tobacco official website, the findings from research found that vapour from the electronic cigarettes did not promote and development of diseased cells; and as such inspired the investigation of development alternative nicotine products. British American Tobacco launched their primary e-cigarette brand, Simply e-Liquid, in 2013 across the United Kingdom. By devoting a significant amount of time, level of funding, and number of resources to the development team, the company was soon able to improve the popularity of the device and now this brand is sold across the globe. To continue improving [ Continue Reading… ]

One Person Switching To Vaping Every Four Minutes

Despite the popularity of vaping, the act continues to be a controversial topic that is clouded in rumours and myths. This article has been put together as a means of approaching these myths and eliminating the bogus theories about vaping. By laying down the facts of vaping, we can help millions of potential vapers quit smoking and lead a less damaging tobacco-free life. As is stated, vaping is an act growing in popularity with a dramatic increase in the UK as compared to any other location across Europe. Statistics have shown that approximately 2.2 million British vapers will utilize electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes. This statistic rounds out to 4.2% of the overall UK population, which is 1.1% higher than the vaping community in France – the country with the second highest ration of vapers. The vaping community is growing every day with the increased availability of the vape pen across the United Kingdom. Research shows that these instruments are now available in almost all commuting locations; as well [ Continue Reading… ]

What You Need To Know About The New Vaping Laws

On Saturday, May 20, the new Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 will be enforced. The Regulations include several laws on the sale of e-liquids as well as e-cigarettes. If you are a vaper, you will need to inform yourself on the changes that the new rules on vaping will introduce. The Plymouth Herald spoke to the local Trading Standards in advance of the new law enforcement, they want to ensure that local retailers and manufacturers know about the changes which are about to come into play. The changes include the following: Before e-cigarettes and e-liquids are sold they must first be registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. The maximum size for refillable tanks for e-cigarettes is 2ml capacity. Quantities of e-liquids larger than 10ml cannot be sold. The nicotine strength in an e-liquid cannot be greater than 20mg/ml unless it has been registered as a medicine. E-liquids should carry a packaging which is child-resistant, as well as being tamper evident. Caffeine, taurine, colourings and other such [ Continue Reading… ]

What Does Nicotine Do to the Body? – Part 3

The stigmatization of nicotine has been mainly due to its association with smoking. However, as earlier installations of this series have revealed, you can consume nicotine in a variety of ways. Now that you understand what nicotine is and its origins, it is now time to move to other important matters. What effects does nicotine have on the brain and body? What Does Nicotine Do to the Body? The quantity of nicotine absorbed into the body depends on the delivery system and the frequency of usage. Regardless of quantity, nicotine is only detectable for between 2 and 11 hours after absorption. However, cotinine, which is a nicotine metabolite, lingers in the urine, hair, saliva, and blood for longer. Diet, age, and genetics are all factors that play a role in how quickly the metabolism of these chemicals happens. Employers in some jurisdictions can require their employees to desist from using tobacco even outside work hours. How are such employers able to monitor tobacco use outside work hours? A cotinine or [ Continue Reading… ]

How Much Nicotine Do Cigarettes Contain?

In “Where Does Nicotine Come From?”, Part 1 of this series, we got to learn more about the history of nicotine and how it’s evolved over time. In this piece, we will be looking at the amount of nicotine to be found in different nicotine delivery systems, from nicotine replacement therapies and tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs or electronic cigarettes. From Cigarette Smoking to E-Cig Vaping: Understanding Nicotine Content If you are looking to give smoking and go into vaping, then picking the right nicotine strength is vital. The good thing, though, is that most e-liquids usually list the amount of nicotine content they have on their labels. The question to ask is, how much nicotine do cigarettes contain? While the answer will vary from brand to brand, this most important thing to understand is how nicotine intake through smoking a cigarette differs from nicotine intake through vaping. How Much Nicotine Does a Single Cigarette Have? Instead of asking how much nicotine a single cigarette has, a better question to ask [ Continue Reading… ]

Where Does Nicotine Come From?

Nicotine is usually associated with tobacco cigarettes and it is probably why it enjoys such a negative reputation. Everybody understands the dangers associated with cigarette use but is nicotine by itself dangerous? How much nicotine do cigarettes exactly contain? Moreover, does nicotine occur naturally in tobacco or are the tobacco companies responsible for adding it? Where does the nicotine found in e-liquids come from? What is Nicotine and What Are Its Origins? Let us begin with the simpler question: Does nicotine occur naturally in tobacco? Nicotine is definitely an alkaloid present in tobacco and various other members of the nightshade family including peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant. You can rightly state that humanity has been consumers of nicotine for millennia since tobacco cultivation started in the Americas about 6,000 B.C. Back then people most likely smoked or chewed it. Even Christophe Columbus himself actually received a gift of dried tobacco once he arrived in the Bahamas. He even carried tobacco seeds and leaves with him back to Europe. The Evolution [ Continue Reading… ]

Keeping your Vape Tank Clean

Have you ever unpacked your brand new atomizer loaded it with your favorite e-juice and after taking a long tasty draw found a not so pleasant flavor? Or have you ever switched up your old e-juice for a newer only to get a foul combination of the two flavors? This happens fairly often to the novice vaper, we’ve all been there. Cleaning is actually an easy task and should be done regularly if you hope to keep your tank functioning optimally and your flavors crisp and defined. Cleaning your tank should not take to long. You don’t even need any of those fancy solutions and $40 cleaning kits either. You can make do with run of the mill dish soap (unscented), water (tap water is fine), alcohol, a bowl, a decommissioned toothbrush and some paper towels.   Here is an easy to follow guide to cleaning your atomizer tank for better flavors and function. Step 1: whether you are unpacking a brand new atomizer or servicing your old tank, it [ Continue Reading… ]

Advancing Vaping 101: The Comprehensive Guide To RTAs, RBAs And RDAs

It is simple and straightforward to get started with e-cigarettes. However, for people who want to have the finest vaping experience, it definitely pays off to be familiar with all of the modern technology that is quickly overtaking smoking, including the various kinds of atomisers that are available and what they can provide you with. If you have quit your tobacco habit and have instead switched to vaping, or are thinking about it, you may be wondering about everything that relates to this trendy and enjoyable pastime. There are the components of the actual e-cigarettes, in addition to all of the various options to choose from and acronyms to decipher. What about all of the different brands? What about Kangertech? Is that a good brand for you. With all of the different questions that you might have, how can you avoid being completely overwhelmed by everything? We here at Simply eLiquid, have the inside scoop on everything that you really know to know in order to get the most from [ Continue Reading… ]

Electronic Cigarette Guide: Why So Popular?

E Cigarettes have grown massively over the past 5 years, the reason why it has grown is because e cigarette helps you quit smoking is because it distracts you from a real cigarette by using nicotine e-liquid. We provide you the highest quality electronic cigarettes for the best price and have established a trusting bond between our loyal customers. The unhealthy part of real cigarettes are all the toxins included when you inhale them, but with our eletronic cigarettes, you will be able to feel healthy again while subsiding your cravings. How Do They Work? The only thing you do different with an electronic cigarette is the starting process! You simply insert the vapour cartridge and then turn on the cigarette. There is no lighting involved and you simply puff as you normally would with a real cigarette. When you’re done with one cartridge, you simply purchase another and insert this into your cigarette. What Are the Benefits? • Harmless to others • Harmless to you • Inexpensive • Rechargeable [ Continue Reading… ]

The Reason Why Vaping Is Still Safer Than Smoking

Despite the negative headlines regarding vaping throughout 2016, it is comforting to see UK public health experts encouraging the act of vaping over smoking. In a recent Guardian article, Professor Linda Bauld chose to discuss the increased safety of vaping as compared to smoking. Professor Bauld is one of the most prominent tobacco control public health professionals. She holds the title of Deputy Director at the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies; as well as being a Professor of Health Policy at the University of Stirling. This is all in addition to completing charitable work with different healthy groups, such as Cancer Research UK. The Scare Stores Surrounding E-Cigarettes Professor Bauld, according to the article in the Guardian, attacked media reporters for providing regular ‘scare stories’ regarding the use of electronic cigarettes. This information, irrespective of whether the research is supportive or not, has prompted many individuals to move away from vaping and continue smoking tobacco cigarettes. According to 2013 statistics, it was found that one in every ten [ Continue Reading… ]

A Brief History Of Vaping

E-cigarettes are something that many people around the world use every day, but have you ever considered where they come from? While knowing the humble beginnings of vaping is not essential to using the devices, it does give you some understanding of the process. The Initial Idea The first complete design for an e-cigarette was created by Herbert A Gilbert in 1963. The design used steam instead of vapor and did not originally contain nicotine, but it was patented and a prototype was created. However, the device did not receive the same attention as its modern counterparts and was never sent for commercial production. The terms vaping was first used during the 1970’s. The creation of the term has been attributed to the creators of non-electronic, smokeless cigarettes as they tried to market their device on TV. The 2001 Reboot The 1980’s and 1990’s saw a quiet time for the development and production of e-cigarettes, but there was a reboot in 2001. The Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik started to work [ Continue Reading… ]

Winter Vaping Tips

It is easy to understand that the winter months will be very harsh, regardless of your hobbies or lifestyle, with weather that is cold and wet making you long for spring. What can you do about the impact of the winter weather on vaping? Are there certain steps that you should be taking when the temps start to dip down to ensure that your e-cigs are in perfect working order? These are some top vaping tips for wintertime: Will E-Liquid Freeze? One question that you may have regarding e-cigarettes is whether or not the liquid on the inside can freeze once the temperatures drop down. While it can freeze, the good news is that it will have a lower freezing point than water, so the frozen puddles that you are seeing outside will not necessarily mean that you will have frozen e-liquid. Water will freeze when it gets to zero degrees Celsius, and the two main components of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin that are in e-liquid, will freeze when [ Continue Reading… ]

Stop Smoking In 2017 By Switching To E Cigarettes

More and more people are now switching to e cigarettes more then ever, and now its time you switched in 2017. The e cigarette is a battery-powered systems to produce vapor or harmless smoke from e-liquid. The e cigs are designed to imitate the real cigarette and they do produce some sort of smoke. The main aim of these electronic cigarettes is to eliminate real cigarettes. This is because the real cigarettes are very harmful. Many people who are smokers and use cigars or cigarettes are at risk of exposure to serious diseases such as heart diseases, coronary conditions, lung diseases and even some types of cancers. It is important to note that cigarette smoking is very harmful to health. This is because tobacco used in producing cigarettes contains many harmful chemicals and substances. These harmful substances put users of tobacco products at risk of serious illnesses. Tobacco smoking also causes harm to all those others who come into contact with it. This is why it is important to provide an [ Continue Reading… ]

5 Tips To Up Your Quit Smoking Game For 2017

It can be difficult to quit smoking even if you use vaping to help you quit the habit. Quitting smoking is an individual journey that has several drawbacks that can derail even the best efforts. The good news is that you are not alone. Did you know that 59% of those who vape were still cigarette smokers as of early 2016? Below are some tips that will help you up your game if you have not yet quit smoking the cigs. 1. Use NHS Stop Smoking Services If you have not checked out your local stop smoking service, then it may be a good idea to give it a try. NHS has advised all stop smoking services to “proactively welcome” anyone who uses e-cigarettes. The stop smoking services offer individual and group counseling services which when used along with vaping can be more effective compared to vaping alone. 2. Map Your Smoking Triggers There are some people who smoke at specific times or with specific actions. For such a person [ Continue Reading… ]

Simply eLiquid: The Hottest Products in the UK

While the electronic cigarette has been around for a while, it has been rapidly increasing in growth within the past few years. This means the market is expanding, and we’re providing the highest of quality e cig products within the UK. Our e cigarette products provide vapour with a massive amount of taste as well as usability. Our products are extremely easy to use, refill and more. What are the Benefits of an E-cig? E cigs provide you a vast amount of flavour while being able to smoke around others without harming them or yourself. The reason why electronic cigarettes are so much better for you is because they do not contain tobacco, they only contain nicotine vapour. E cigarettes allow you to refill by using cartridges that you purchase when you are done with one. This will allow you to have hundreds to thousands of dollars per year by choosing this over real cartons and packages of cigarettes. These also allow you to wean off of real cigarettes. They [ Continue Reading… ]

Buying Electronic Cigarettes From Simply eLiquid

The electronic devices known as the e cig have gained popularity within the UK, across Europe and in many other places around the world. The reason is because of the many benefits it provides its customers. Users of this device will be able to smoke cigarettes that do contain tobacco and hence avoid the toxic chemicals contained in cigarette and cigar smoke. Tobacco smoke is known to be very dangerous and contains cancer causing agents. By suing the e cigarette, users will be safe and will be able to enjoy smoking while maintaining a healthy body and respiratory system. This is due to e cigarettes popularity in the UK. There are millions of people in the UK who smoke tobacco in cigarettes and cigars. Many of these individuals will end up with heart diseases, cancer and other despicable health conditions. Lots of them wish to quit the habit but nicotine in tobacco is very addictive. This makes it really hard for all those who wish to quit smoking. The habit [ Continue Reading… ]

Ways To Avoid Damaging Your Vaping Device

As human beings, it is in our DNA that we take the thing that we own as granted. Whenever we buy a new product, we’re excited in the beginning and we take full care of it and as the time passes by, our enthusiasm drops and we start to neglect the basic maintenance needs of our beloved belonging. Same is the case with vaping devices and there will already be some bad experiences in the past that you’d want to avoid in the future. Below are some tips that can help extend the life of your vaping device. Prolong The Battery Life Every time a vaper buys a new device, there is this hope that maybe it will last longer than the previous one – yes, we’ve been there too. It happens to every vaping enthusiast. Batteries are the most commonly replaced part of a vaping device. And the only thing that we can do is pay a little attention to its optimum working condition to prolong its life. The [ Continue Reading… ]

Did Brexit Spare UK Vapers Trouble?

It’s now been more than 12 weeks since we collectively chose to pull out of the EU. The economic uncertainties of this decision abound, but one thing is on the mind of many of us, and that’s vaping, for one reason or another. Among those of us who are avid enthusiasts of vaping, there is a fervent desire to know what impact Brexit is going to have on our vaping. Prior to the Brexit vote, a huge campaign was undertaken to get vapers to become “Leave” voters in large part due to EU-TPD’s draconian ruling regarding e-cigs. The thing is that vapers were inclined to vote “Leave” even before someone organized that campaign. We knew all too well what the TPD meant, and what consequences we would have suffered if we had stayed within the EU. So, was anyone really shocked when over half of the vapers in the UK decided to “Leave” or that only around ten percent voted to stick around? We were facing a two-fold situation that [ Continue Reading… ]

Tips on How Vapers Can Save Money

A great way of saving money is by switching to vaping, look over our savings comparison chart to have a better idea of how you could save up to £2000 on a yearly basis by using Simple eLiquid products. Keep in mind however that as your wish list expands a bit too much and the postman is delivering your new vaping goodies far too often, those savings may begin diminishing. To help you be able to enjoy vaping while keeping you bank from breaking, we are going to share with you today a few ways in which you can have a budget friendly e-cigarette experience. Switching Can Help You Save For starters, you are already saving money by switching to vaping. As mentioned above, depending on your past or present habits, it is very possible to save as much as £2000 on a yearly basis. There is An Actual App For That Previously this year we blogged about the vaping apps that were our favorites, adding these into your daily [ Continue Reading… ]

According to Research, Vaping Can Help You Stop Smoking

Tens of thousands of people die as a result of smoking in the UK every year. Many smokers try and fail to quit, not always realizing how difficult the process of giving up cigarettes can be. Over the years, there has been a lot of information released on the best way to stop smoking. Recent research has changed the way that information looks, as e-cigarettes are now being touted as a good way to stop using regular cigarettes. In the United Kingdom alone, about three million people vape. Research indicates that more than 17,000 people would have benefited from vaping, but they were not given the necessary information to get them started. Cancer Research UK examined the lives of two people who used to smoke but were able to use vaping to help them quit. Both of these individuals no longer smoke, and they were turned on to e-cigarettes from a program aimed at helping people quit traditional cigarettes. More People Could Have Been Helped Dr. Joanna Miler, who works [ Continue Reading… ]