A complete dictionary of various Vaping terminologies (A-E)

a-z-vapingThere are always new things and terms that are introduced to the vaping world on a constant basis. Every vaper, either a beginner or a pro wants to stay updated with these various terminologies and that is why we have compiled all of the different famous vaping slang on this list for your convenience. So below are all of the vaping terms and slang with their meanings compiled in an alphabetical order.


ADV: ADV or an All Day Vape refers to an e-juice that is considered best for vaping throughout the day.
APV: APV or an Advanced Personal Vaporiser is the term used for a comparatively more advanced electronic cigarette.
Amps: Amp or an ampere is a unit of electricity which refers to the amount of current passing through a coil. In vaping, amps are usually used to describe the amount of electricity that an e-cig battery can provide per hour.
Analog Cigarette: This term refers to the usual combustible tobacco cigarettes.
ASH: ASH stands for Action on Smoking and Health. It is an organization, backed by tobacco giant that opposes e-cig usage.
ANUS (Atomized Nicotine Utilizing Smoker): If you think this term is funny then you might find it funnier that it is used to address people who are new to the world of vaping.
Atomiser or Atomizer: The part of the e-cig that converts e-liquid into vapors. It is also abbreviated as Atty. A lot of vapers also use the term “Coil” for this component.

BCC (Bottom Coil Clearomiser): It is the component of an e-cig where atomizer and the heating coil is located.
BDC (Bottom Dual Coil Clearomiser): A Bottom Coil Clearomiser with two coils is called a BDC. It offers more vapor production and provides the vaper with a strong throat hit. The drawback of this component is that it drains the e-cig battery really fast as compared to a Single Coil Clearomiser.
BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil Clearomiser): This is an advanced type of bottom coil clearomiser which features only one coil in a vertical configuration which results in better airflow.
Bridge: The cover present over the atomizer in coils.
Vaping enthusiasts who use box mods.
Buck: It is a DC-DC converter which steps up the current and steps down the voltage, and both processes are carried out at the same time.

Cartomizer: Initially, e-cigs use to come with a battery along with separate cartridge and atomizer, and eventually became cartomizers that featured separate atomizer and cartridge combined into a single unit. Cartomizers are also referred to as cartridges.
CASAA: CASAA stands for Consumer Advocacy for Smoke Free Alternatives Association which is a non-profit organization that endorses electronic cigarettes and e-cig usage.
Ceramic Coils: Ceramic coil is a type of coil which is famous for offering durability and an enhanced vaping experience in terms of flavor and vapor production. Ceramic coils, where provide a superior vaping experience are also considered to be harmful for health but there are no authentic proofs to such claims.
Clearomizer: A clearomizer is a cartridge and atomizer combined together with clear walls that let the vapers see the about of e-juice left in the container.
Cigalike: Cigalike is a type of e-cig with looks similar to a traditional combustible tobacco cigarette.
Coil: The coil of an e-cig is the component that entertains the heating of e-liquid, hence turning it into vapors.
Clapton: Clapton is a coil configuration in which a thin wire is wrapped around another thicker wire to form the working coil which provides larger surface area.
Clone: A clone is a replica of a popular branded e-cig.
Cloud Chasing: The passion for creating huge vapor clouds is called cloud chasing and the vaper is called a cloud chaser.

Diacetyl: Diacetyl is a harmful chemical which is found in both combustible tobacco cigarettes as well as some e-juices used in e-cigs but the amount of diacetyl present in e-liquids (if present) is far less than the amount present in regular combustible cigarettes.
Disposable Electronic Cigarette: These e-cigs are usually cheap, cannot be refilled and are manufactured for only one-time use.
Dipping: It is a phenomenon in which the atomizer of an e-cig is dipped in the e-juice to be filled, before vaping.
Direct to lung: Like the name indicates, the vapor is inhaled directly into the lungs without dragging it in the mouth for a while.
Dry Burn: It is an effect that occurs when the coil of an e-cig is heated with an insufficient to no amount of e-liquid. Vapers carry out this activity to burn out any residue e-liquid. Experts advise users to restrain from this activity as it can cause a serious accident.

ECA: ECA stands for Electronic Cigarette Association which is an American organization that enforces various standards and legislation on e-cig usage, and endorses the products and the activity.
ECF: ECF is an acronym for E-Cigarette Forum.
ECR: ECR is an acronym for E-Cigarette Reddit.
ECITA: ECIT stands for Electronic Cigarette Trade Association which represents the e-cig industry in the UK.

To be continued…

E-Cig Tips: How to Improve Vapour Production

vaping-nowA lot of people, when introduced to the world of vaping, like to go with a simpler gadget that provides a reasonable vaping experience. For most, it is an alternative for getting over their bad habit of smoking. Once a beginner becomes more use to of experimenting with different flavors and gets introduced to a circle of experienced pros, advance vaping devices that offer a superior vaping experience and make those huge clouds, becomes a need.

Battery safety is a very important factor to consider when expecting higher vapour production from your vaping device. Amp Limit of a battery specifies how much current a battery can safely provide. Always make sure that your separately bought battery for a mod offers a high continuous amp limit. If you use a high-tech mod that come along with a built-in battery and features variable voltage and wattage then you don’t have to worry about the Amp Limit. Such mods comes along with pre-programmed amp limits that ensure higher safety. Talking about high vapor production for all of you cloud chasers out there, below are some tips that can help you with that.

1- Switch onto a High Power Vaping Device

We didn’t want our first advice to be something that would cost you money but as long as we’re talking about higher performance, you can’t expect high vapour production from basic vaping devices like vape pens and eGo-style e-cigs. Actually, all of the tips on this list are compiled assuming that you own a vaping device that either features a high-performance atomizer or variable voltage/wattage. You would be glad to know that most variable voltage/wattage devices come for quite a reasonable price. You can find many high-tech mods under $50 but if you can spend a little extra, it’ll never disappoint you.

2- Get a High-Performance Atomizer

We would always recommend a high-performance device as a whole rather than trying to upgrade the one that you have. The atomizer of a vaping device highly influences the vapour production provided by the device and when you talk about a basic e-cig device, there isn’t much that you can do in this regard. Most pro cloud chasers use and recommend sub-ohm tanks or re-buildable atomizers because they both usually feature low-resistance coils and hence can facilitate higher power through the coils. For beginners, sub-ohm tanks are the best option as they work like a simple clearomizer used in basic vaping devices.

3- Go for Higher Wattage

Vapour production is directly proportional to the amount of power supplied by the vaping device. It is very easy to understand that if more current will flow through the atomizer coils then more e-liquid will be vaporized resulting in higher vapour production. Variable Voltage/Wattage devices (VV/VW) are considered ideal for an enhanced vaping experience as well as higher vapour production. One thing that you will have to be careful about is to not destroying your coils by going too far on the power settings. Start with a lower power and then work your way to the top, gradually while you learn how to balance your power setting in accordance with the amount of vapour that you can produce at a specific power level.

4- Higher Airflow

Like power, airflow over the coils is also directly proportional to the amount of vapours that would be produced. In simpler words, more airflow over the coils means higher vapour production. Less airflow might let you produce the amount of vapours that you want but the thing that you would notice is that the vapours will be very concentrated and hot, they wouldn’t disperse as much or look huge, and would also result in an unpleasant inhale. Higher airflow will result in more dispersed vapours and you would also notice them to be reasonably cooler. Lower airflow with higher wattages doesn’t mix up and you would find yourself dealing with really hot vapours that would almost make it difficult to vape. You can handle this situation by going for an atomizer that features adjustable airflow.

5- Higher VG E-Liquid is the Answer

If you have ever been wondering what that VG/PG ratio means on your e-liquid bottle, it helps you understand how much vapor production you can expect from your e-liquid. Higher the VG of a specific e-juice, higher will be the production of thick and dense vapor clouds. That means, higher VG juices are ideal for the vapers interested in cloud chasing. If you like the throat hit that you get from your e-liquid then you would also want to have a reasonable amount of PG. This throat hit can feel a little harsh on higher power settings but on the other hand, VG which feels smooth on inhales can provide quite an exciting experience at a higher power setting.

Besides these basic do’s and don’ts, higher vapor generation also goes hands in hands with your vaping style but at the end of the day, if you own a vaping device slightly more advanced than a vape pen, there are a lot of customization possibilities that can help you achieve the amount of vapor production that you like and want. We always encourage vapers to experiment various settings and customizations to see what fits their vaping styles the best but always keeping safety in mind. If you’re new to sub-ohm vaping and cloud chasing, we would always recommend getting a reasonably priced mod that offers all of the above-mentioned necessities to help you get started right away.

A Short Guide To Electronic Cigarettes

e-cig-guideOver the last two years, e cigs have become very popular with users from all over the world. The electronic versions are popular as they do not emit secondary smoke and they are very safe. However, using an electronic cigarette is a little different from conventional cigarettes and we’ve created a short guide to help you out.

Start with newbie e-cig kits and then ramp up

Switching over to eletronic cigarettes is easy but you have to do it slowly. We recommend you start with newbie or starter kits that will slowly accustom your lungs to the e-vape experience. Once you are used to the lower dose and you learn how to smoke from an e-vape kit, you can then switch over to a higher dose and a different flavor. You can also find several great kits that retail wonderful flavors from all over the world.

Vape liquids — Once you are used to the new vapor experience, you can easily start choosing different types of smoking liquids. China was the original manufacturer of liquids and they made several unique flavors. However, these were not really compatible with the American market. As a result, we do recommend that you choose local flavors marketed by local manufacturers. For example, local companies make vapor liquids that taste just like conventional American cigarettes. You can order your materials from a reliable dealer and then choose any type of kit you want.

Types of e cigarette units

Now companies create e-smoking units that mimic natural cigarettes completely. That means that your vape kit looks completely like a cigarette but it does not emit secondary smoke or the classic smell of an e cig. However, you can use the units in several different ways. For example, manual kits have a button on the side that you press down on to regulate the experience. Automatic units are better though as you don’t have to do anything except press down and take a deep breath. This simplifies the smoking and automatic kits make it that much easier to smoke comfortably without the need to use both hands.


Now all e-vape kits can be charged directly or through USB chargers. All you have to do is connect the unit to your computer, to your car or even to a portable battery. This ensures that you can charge your smoking unit anywhere and at anytime. Now all units also have replaceable batteries that can be switched over when the battery runs down. A single battery can usually last for about 300 puffs but it actually depends on how frequently you smoke, and the depth of the breaths you take, on your kit.

E cigarettes Nicotine strength

Traditionally, we recommend you start with the lowest nicotine strength possible. This is because your lungs are not used to the pure nicotine content of a cigarette. However, once your lungs have been used to the low strength, they can easily start using a higher strength nicotine strength. The very first few puffs can make you feel a little lightheaded but eventually you do get used to the smoking experience.

The bottom line

The best way to ensure that you are buying quality e cigarettes is by getting your products from us. We are one of the best electronic cigarette retailers in the world and we stock products and kits from all over the world. Take the time to compare rates, brands, and manufacturers and you will find that we are the best in the field. Just in touch with our 24-7, customer service section and they will provide targeted help in any section that you want.

Latest Findings on the Safety of E-Liquids

pastillesVaping has been advertised as a safer alternative to combustible tobacco smoking. This is the reason why a lot of people are switching to this safer alternative from their dangerous habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes. There is no debate on whether or not e-cigs are safer than the regular tobacco cigarettes because it’s a given, there still are ongoing discussions on the contents of  e liquid. There’s not much information available regarding the long-term effects of vaping as the phenomena are very new to the world and a lot of research hasn’t been carried out on this subject. You will find a lot, actually almost all, experts claiming that the activity is far safer than smoking tobacco.

The Contents of an E-Liquid

There are four basic ingredients that are found in almost all e-liquids, propylene glycol, water, nicotine, and flavoring. Some e-liquids contain vegetable glycerin instead of propylene glycol and some use the combination of both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) in certain ratios. Both of these ingredients have other usages too, so we would take a look at those uses to find out if there are any potential hazards on their long-term usage. Most e-liquids offer various amounts of nicotine content from as low as 0mg to usually seen going as high as 24mg so we would discuss the effects of nicotine usage as well.


Most people with the dangerous habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes do that because of their nicotine dependency. The fact that you can get addicted to nicotine is enough to express how dangerous it is. A lot of research has been carried out to discuss the usage and the related side effects of nicotine.

Nicotine keeps people hooked to smoking tobacco cigarettes that contain hundreds of very harmful particles. The tendency of nicotine to become an addiction is the only drawback that the experts have been able to find so far on its pure inhalation. The researchers who carried out a research on rats in 1996 stated:

“our study does not indicate any harmful effect of nicotine when given in its pure form by inhalation.”

Tobacco addiction expert from King’s College London, Ann McNeill said that..

“We need to de-demonize nicotine,”

During an interview with Scientific American. Ann McNeill has been an active member of the Quit Smoking Community and has also carried out several studies on the usage of electronic cigarettes. She has devoted her energies to finding various new ways to help people in quitting their bad habit of smoking. The professor believes that electronic cigarettes can be an effective way of helping people to quit smoking. While e-cig liquid can also contain nicotine, she thinks that it is still a lot safer alternative.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is basically an odorless and tasteless synthetic liquid which has been classified as an additive by the Food and Drug Administration Authority (FDA) and is also “generally recognized as safe” to be used as a food ingredient. It is mostly used in for flavoring and food coloring. This is the ingredient which is responsible for creating vapor clouds during vaping. The CDC claims that “Propylene glycol is generally considered to be a safe chemical.”

Vegetable Glycerin

If you look up for the effects of VG usage, you will find out that there hasn’t been a lot of research carried out on this subject. But that thing that would put you to a relief is that Vegetable Glycerin is used to replace Propylene Glycol in e-liquids because some users avoid using the “Chemicals” based PG. VG based e-liquids also provide a strong throat hit which a lot of vapers prefer during vaping. Vegetable glycerin is naturally found in a lot of fruits, vegetables and dairy products and is considered safe to consume and for skin applications.

How Will Brexit Impact Vapers?

brexitBrexit is here. And vapers might be at least partially responsible for it.

There are, after all, 2,500,000 vapers. When we surveyed over 1,000 of these individuals, 89% of them stated that the regulations introduced by the EU on electronic cigarettes would influence their vote, and 77% were worried about EU plans for introducing taxes on e-cigarettes.

In summary, it was 9% more likely for vapers to be undecided and 18% more likely that they would vote for leaving the EU.

What is in store for vaping in the future?

Numerous vapers are getting ready to celebrate.

Vapers have, after all, been battling with the EU for many years now. And whether or not Brexit turns out to be beneficial or not, the corruption, arrogance and inability to listen as part of the process showed them to be contributing factors to leaving.

(The government didn’t help either, as Anna Soubry, a UK government minister, voted accidentally to ban e-cigarettes).

However, keep in mind that we are part of the EU still, and all of the e-cigarette regulations still are in effect.

Becoming disengaged from the EU – and determining which laws should be kept and which one eliminated – is a huge task that could take many years to complete.

And vapers as well as their allies will need to keep intense pressure on if we hope to get TPD removed.

For now, the best hope is perhaps hoping the UK government will really live up to its promise of implementing the TPD in a way that is more relaxed than it normally does.

As the Minster stated: the enforcement will be more like the Italians rather than the traditionally British way of doing things. UK attitudes have fortunately changed quite a bit since the government almost banned e-cigarettes in 2010. We also have an establishment that is fairly sympathetic to vapers.

However, we still need to expect that there will be some regulations even if the TPD ends up getting removed or amended. Vaping groups are going to need to lobby so that the regulations end up being sensible and also strike the proper balance between allowing for innovation and maintaining safety.

In the meantime, however, there is lots of work for vapers to do.

I talked to the 100K campaign’s Ian Gregory, who said that he viewed the e-cigarette issue as a ‘molehill clashing with mountains.’ He said that in order to make progress, vapers would have to be a molehill that was very irritating.

He thinks that lobbying our MPs is going to be critical for progress to occur. One key moment that could help to frame the debate is the upcoming e-cig debate in July in the House of Lords. It was suggested by Ian that it would be a great time for lobbying your MP from the House of Commons prior to taking your place in the Visitor’s gallery to watch the debate.

Another smart moving would be supporting vaping advocacy groups like Vapers in Power and the New Nicotine Alliance.

Taxes on Electronic Cigarettes

Another issue to be concerned about is taxes on e-cigs.

The EU had planned to introduce those taxes in 2017.

This is an idea that the UK treasury might be keen on in order to make up for all of the millions in tobacco excises it is losing. However, if we have officially left prior to the tax being enforced, it will make it more difficult for an establishment publicly recognizing the value of e-cigarettes to push through a tax.

How Brexit Will Impact Vaping Vendors

We may in for difficult times from a business perspective. Although most of the hardware for e-cigs is made in China, most purchases are made with dollars.

It has been estimated by some experts that the dollar could move to 1.05 against the pound.

Putting that into perspective, when we first began to retail e-cigarettes, we were purchasing dollars at about 1.90 against the pound.

If the pound ends up plummeting, e-cig companies will be facing having to make the difficult choice between either swallowing the pain or raising their prices within a highly competitive environment.

E-liquid manufactured in the UK might be affected as well (these ingredients must come from someplace!)

Retailers may also be faced with having to deal with a recession while having increased expenditures at the same time. Although a recession is unlikely to stop vapers from vaping, there could be changes in spending patterns, with vapors choosing budget e-liquid instead of premium e-liquid and avoiding higher priced mods altogether.

Whatever ends up happening, the next few months are sure to be very interesting!

The Advocacy Of Electronic Cigarettes

e-cigarettesElectronic cigarettes are beginning to come of age as they are available in more and more flavors and varieties of packaging. For example, you don’t have to just stick to a cigarette like device, but you can choose vapor devices of all sizes and shapes. If you want to be novel, go for it, it’s a lot of fun.

We all know the damage that tobacco cigarettes do to our health, as lung cancer is largely due to the inhalation of tobacco smoke. It has been shown that tobacco smoke contains over two hundred known chemicals that are proven cancer causers, including arsenic and cyanide.

The tar that tobacco leave inside of a person’s lungs literally destroys the alveoli, the air sacs that distribute oxygen to our blood for distribution throughout our bodies. That is the only way that we can breathe, so after a time it can get very serious.

Although e-cigs can still have nicotine as an ingredient, the negatives that we have experienced with tobacco are eliminate with electronic cigarettes. Plus the fact that we can experiment with all kinds of flavorings does make e cigarettes a lot of fun and a great way to get off of tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes are set up to heat a glycol liquid inside of the e-cig container that turns into a vapor once it is heated. The vapor acts just like cigarette smoke, and can be inhaled and exhaled, just as if the individual is smoking a cigarette.

Different levels of nicotine can be purchased and placed in the glycol liquid so that the smoker will get the same “nicotine hit” as was experienced when smoking tobacco.

There have been many people who have been able to get off of the tobacco habit by switching to e-cigarettes, without the withdrawal symptoms associated with other methods. If the persons wishes, the nicotine levels can be adjusted downward until the level is lower, or non existent.

Tobacco companies are recognizing the market potential of electronic cigarettes as Lolliard, the tobacco giant purchased big named e cig brands, one of the earlier e-cig companies. R.J. Reynolds has recently come out with its own brand of e cigs, and its vast distribution network will certainly ensure success.

Electronic cigarettes have come on strong in recent months and it appears that the fad is turning the corner from novelty to reality, as more and more smoker are trying the new product.

Everything You Need to Know about Sub-Ohm Vaping

cuboidminiIf it hasn’t been a while since you stepped into the world of vaping and you are just finding out about various types of e-cigs, atomizers and e-juices then it very likely that you would have come across the term “sub-ohm vaping”. A lot of beginners, when hearing the term for the first time, turn to the internet to find out what it actually is, why it is so popular in the vaping community, and if they are missing out on an experience related to the activity that they cherish. One major concern on the other hand usually is if the activity is safe in terms of personal health and the safety of the vaping device that you’re using.

Like another other activity that is hyped has something frowned upon, we would suggest that you ignore the controversy surrounding this act, backed up by no logical or experimental claims. If are interested and curious about the act then below is everything you would need to know about sub-ohm vaping.

What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping is basically vaping with the help of an e-cig device that offers an atomizer resistance under one ohm. Ohms represent the electrical resistance of a circuit. In regular e-cigs, atomizer resistance is usually ranging between 1.5 to 3 ohms. The degree of electrical resistance offered or ohms required by the atomizer coils of an electronic cigarette or vaporizer highly influence the flavor and texture of an e-liquid. Lower the atomizer resistance, more enhance will be your vaping experience in terms of flavor. When the resistance of atomizer coils is decreased, the power output of the device increase which directly influences the flavor.

In simple words, if the resistance offered by the coil is below one ohm then more heat will be generated as compared to the coils with resistance equal or higher than one. More heat will result in more vaporization of the e-liquid at a given time which will further result in highly concentrated and vibrant flavor.

Is it Safe to customize your Vaporizer for Sub-Ohm Vaping?

You will never get a straight forward answer to this question from any vaping pro that you might run into. Where customizing an electronic gadget always brings in a risk factor, there still are ways to modify your electronic cigarette for safe usage.

A lot of vaping experts consider the customization of a cheap and non-compatible device to be unsafe because when you lower the resistance of the atomizer coils, the amps of your electronic cigarette proportionally increase and in extreme situation, putting too much load on the batteries of your e-cig can result in an explosion or at the least can destroy your e-cig completely. At this point, a lot of you might be getting alarmed and it is good to be careful but you can find a dedicated device on the market that will allow you to sub-ohm vape without having to deal with any unpleasant situation.

Not so long ago, when dedicated sub-ohm tanks weren’t available in the market, customization of a vaporizer to make it suitable for vaping was a lot of trouble that vaping enthusiasts had to go through. You can stop by at your favorite e-cig shop or online store for checking out various types of sub-ohm tanks to find out the one that is compatible with your device.

The only bad thing about sub-ohm vaping is that your modified e-cig consumes a lot more e-liquid during the act. You might find yourself running out of an e-liquid bottle in a matter of days. You would also want to get a portable charging device for your e-cig because sub-ohm vaping drains the battery really fast. One thing that we can say for sure is that these additional expenses will seem pretty minute as compared to the vibrant and enriched experience that you will get from sub-ohm vaping.

Can Vaping Harm Your Eyes?

vape-in-eyeA question has been floating around the vaping community for the past few months, can vaping, a healthier alternative to smoking, pose any harm to the human eyes? Nigel Best, an optometrist and medical representative of Specsavers, an eye wear company from the UK, made some remarks on the question regarding the eye contact with e-liquid vapors and said “Although e-cigarette research is still in early stages and the long term effects are yet to be established, there are early indications that some types can cause irritation to the eyes in the form of dry eye.”

Where dry eye might sound a non-threatening term, it still raises some concerns regarding e-cig usage and eye health. The condition can advance into Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), which is usually observed in elderly people, that can, over time, result in permanent damage to central vision and the affected can lose vision in his both eyes. Optometrist, Nigel Best raised his concern saying “Age-related macular degeneration affects around 600,000 people in the UK alone.” He also added, “Smokers are more likely to form this eye condition than non-smokers. The condition is most common in people over the age of 50.”

The statements highlight some legitimate health concern, however, the people who have switched to vaping from smoking to quit their bad habit don’t have much to worry about as vaping is still way more harmless than the smoke you were dealing with during your tobacco smoking days. If you talk about the dry eye being related to an AMD diagnosis, the thing to consider is that there is no experimental claim proving the connection of vaping with any sort of eye damage. But when you talk about regular combustible cigarette smoking, there are a lot of health concerns regarding its usage and eye health, not to mention the overall damage it causes to the whole body. According to some studies, non-smokers are three times less likely to develop any sort of AMD as compared to tobacco smokers. Smoking is not only responsible for making people more vulnerable to AMD; it is also responsible for several other eye infections. Research suggests smoking makes a person more vulnerable to developing cataract which is known for causing blindness.

Smoke from the regular cigarettes can also cause Uveitis in which the middle layer of the eyes, called Uvea, gets inflamed which can result in serious complications and can even cause permanent blindness. The disease is found twice as much in smokers as compared to people who don’t smoke. Smoking also increases your chances of becoming diabetic which in severe cases results in dull eyesight or complete blindness.

No studies have indicated long-term effects of e-liquid vapors on eye health but when you compare the act of vaping with the potential health damage that tobacco smoking can cause, only to the eyes, you wouldn’t give it a second thought.

Dry eyes can be easily treated, no matter if the person is a smoker or a vaper but it still makes sense to switch to vaping to avoid all the serious complications that are caused by smoking not only for the eyes but the whole body. It also makes sense to use your own perspective rather than getting influenced by some negative reporting about the act of vaping. If vaping has come out to be a lot safer than tobacco smoking in all regards, one can confidently assume that same will be the case for the eye health too.

Intermediate Vaping Guide

A forward step made by novice vapers in the world of vaping, who feel they are ready to take things to a higher level, intermediate vapers are experienced enough to move on from their beginner e-cigs to more complex and definitely more rewarding setups. Intermediate vaping devices require a little more comprehensive knowledge about their functionality to ensure a smooth and more fulfilling vaping experience. Far longer battery life, far better flavors and thick layers of vapor clouds are some of the goods you will experience with an intermediate vaping device.

Sub-Ohm Vaping

EVICMINIVTCA lot of vapors mostly beginners and intermediates didn’t know anything about sub-ohm vaping about a year and a half ago but in just one year it has become one of the most famous vaping trends. It revolves around vaping with a low resistance device usually under 1.0 Ohms. The “sub-ohm coils” that have the tendency of going below 1.0 Ohm, unlike the most beginner devices, are used for this purpose. Sub-ohm vaping is famous for providing the vaper with superior flavor and comparatively higher vapor concentration and production.

Tanks & Coils

ego_One_atomizerhead_02E-cig tanks that allow a smooth sub-ohm vaping experience are a new thing in the market. Latest atomizer heads that are introduced in the market can easily fire at lower resistance. It means that comparatively more power is required to ensure their proper function but the vapor flavor tastes better and the vapor production is denser. Sub-ohm tanks have evolved so much over the last few years that they are considered one of the best options in the vape market. They are kicking all the other old-fashioned designs, like the Aspire Nautilus Mini, out of the picture. We have noticed the vape market getting crowded with the latest tanks each day that all offer a uniquely different flavor and vapor.

Sub-ohm tanks mostly work with low resistance coils with the help of temperature sensing. With the lowest coil resistance of 0.15, one of the most famous resistance settings are 0.2, 0.3, and 0.5 ohms that all require a specific power intake to function properly. Lower the resistance level of the coils, higher will be the power required by them like a 0.5-ohm coil will need a minimum of watts power while a 0.2-ohm coil will further require 60-watts to work properly. A lot of intermediate vapers use high power e-cig mods for this purpose so they might get the best out of their e-cig flavor.

Premium Quality E-Liquids

pozPremium E-liquids, like all of the other things discussed above, are the next-level vaping flavors for people who want to experience more out of their vaping. To put it in simple words, these e-liquids are the finest vape flavors out there. We are not advocating that there is anything wrong with non-premium e-juices. The differences between the two types are the types of products offered, a variety of flavors, texture consistency and the VG/PG ratios. Like the originals, premium e-liquids are also offered in a large variety of flavors made from only the best-quality ingredients. Some of the exotic combinations, that we have tried and recommend, can sweep you into a state of trance.

Court Ruling: States Vaping is Not Smoking

no-smokingAlmost about two months ago, a New York state court ruled that electronic cigarettes are not subjected to New York state’s prohibition on smoking combustible tobacco in public places anymore. This is the first legal statement by the U.S government that distinguishes tobacco smoking from vaping and surely a huge victory for all the vaping enthusiasts in the state nonetheless. New rules and regulations to be implemented by the federal governing body are also on the way but a clear-cut ruling that states the difference between regular cigarettes and e-cigs is still a huge win for all the vapers around the world, especially, a vaping cause of celebration for all the e-cig users from the New York state.

New York State’s Judge Rules Vaping is Not Smoking

A guy named Shawn Thomas was arrest by the New York City police because of vaping at a subway station while he was waiting for the train. The officials noticed him vaping at the station and demanded arrest because of the violation of New York State’s ban on public smoking. Although, vaping or usage of e-cigs is not allowed at all the places where tobacco smoking is prohibited under “Smoke Free Air Act” of New York City but as the police officials had arrested Thomas under the violation of New York State law that doesn’t say anything about e-cig usage that allowed Thomas to trial his citation in front of the New York city Court.

The governing judge stated that the New York law reads “the burning of a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe or any other matter or substance which contains tobacco.” The fact that the electronic cigarettes don’t involve the burning of tobacco or any such related product led the judge to pass the ruling that vaping or e-cig usage “does not fit within the definition of ‘smoking’ under the law.”

The ruling didn’t have any effect on the lawmakers in New York and they are currently working on an amendment to include vaping in the anti-smoking ban as well. The first amendment in the New York City law was made in 2013 that banned vaping in public spaces by adding a couple of more words in the pre-exciting regulations. Still, it is more than enough for now that the governments are starting to recognize vaping as a different activity in comparison to smoking. Moreover, the citizens of New York are still allowed to vape wherever and whenever they want unless the place doesn’t allow smoking either or a public spot where vaping is specifically prohibited. Lawmakers from other jurisdictions are also thinking about introducing completely separate rules and regulations for vaping.

Dissimilarities Between Smoking and Vaping

For people who’ve been vaping for a long time, above mentioned ruling is something they had seen coming but for people who have no idea about how vaping is different from tobacco smoking, the main difference is that electronic cigarettes or vaporizers are tobacco free and so is the e-liquid/e-juice used in these vaping devices. E-liquids used in e-cigs and provide a specific vaping flavor usually contain propylene glycol, glycerin and varying amounts of nicotine. Unlike regular tobacco cigarettes, e-cigs and vaporizers function by warming up the e-liquid/e-juice that produces vapors that look a lot like tobacco smoke but doesn’t include hundreds of dangerous chemical that make direct and passive smoking potentially dangerous. A lot of research back-ups the fact that e-cig usage is 95% safer than smoking regular tobacco cigarettes and offers no passive inhaling threats either. Even a research has claimed that inhaling e-cig vapors are actually as safe to inhale as breathing air but we think in comparison to the seriously polluted New York City’s air, passive vaping might be even safer than breathing regular air.

Do you think its about time we woke up in the UK?

Why E-Cigarette Usage should be Promoted: A Comparison Between Vaping and Smoking

E-cigarettes-SimplyA research carried out at the Royal College of Physicians suggests that the usage of e-cigarettes should be encouraged, because of its health benefits, among the people who smoke regular combustible cigarettes. The report of this first thorough research carried out on the subject of e-cigarette usage consists of more than 200 pages which help clearly understand all the various related effects of the e-cig usage. The report has debunked all the various myths that were connected to the e-cig usage and it clearly indicated that vaping does not act like a “gateway” to smoking of combustible tobacco for someone who’s a non-smoker. It also indicated that most of the e-cig users are people who have switched to vaping from smoking.

The report also claims that:

“Among smokers, e-cigarette use is likely to lead to quit attempts that would not otherwise have happened, and in a proportion of these to successful cessation. In this way, e-cigarettes can act as a gateway from smoking.”

The researchers who compiled this report claim that they:

“conclude that e-cigarettes are likely to be beneficial to UK public health. Smokers can, therefore, be reassured to use them, and the public can be reassured that e-cigarettes are much safer than smoking.”

Chairman of the Tobacco Advisory Group at the Royal College of Physicians, Professor John Britton claims, “The growing use of electronic cigarettes as a substitute for tobacco smoking has been a topic of great controversy, with much speculation over their potential risks and benefits. This report lays to rest almost all of the concerns over these products and concludes that, with sensible regulation, electronic cigarettes have the potential to make a major contribution towards preventing the premature death, disease and social inequalities in health that smoking currently causes in the UK. Smokers should be reassured that these products can help them quit all tobacco use forever.”

President of the Royal College of Physicians, Professor Jane Dacre says:

“This new report builds on existing work and concludes that, for all the potential risks involved, harm reduction has huge potential to prevent death and disability from tobacco use, and to hasten our progress to a tobacco-free society. With careful management and proportionate regulation, harm reduction provides an opportunity to improve the lives of millions of people.”

With a slow but steady increase in e-cig users in the Great Britain, the number has hit 2.1 million users. Ever since they were introduced in the market in 2007, E-cigs are known for their tendency to turn smokers to vaping by effectively handling and lowering their nicotine dependency and giving them a similar feel to their smoking act but with controllable and lower amounts of nicotine intake. While the Critics claim that the usage of e-cigs can be a gateway to smoking combustible tobacco for teenagers because the act introduces them to a beginner stage of a heavy and harmful cigarette smoking.

The trends of cigarettes and related combustible tobacco products usage are slowly and steadily declining. According to a study, only 18.7 % of adults are hooked to smoking and this figure is the lowest recorded one ever. Other factors that contribute to the decline in cigarette smoking are increased public awareness, increasing costs, and the new social approach towards the issue.

Is Passive Vaping Harmful?


Researchers from Switzerland and Australia have submitted two reports, separately, after carrying out a thorough research on the topic of passive vaping, vapor dispersion and its side effects. These reports, somehow, displayed a similar struggle public health experts in California went through, who claimed that not only passive vaping is a health hazard, getting in contact with a surface that contains vaping residues can also be harmful. Needless to say, we are going to discuss the reports compiled by Australian and Swizz experts.

According to the Australian report that was compiled by researchers at Health Risk Policy Unit in Sydney –

“little is known about the potential adverse health effects of passive exposure to EC vapor.”

Instead of doing something about their cluelessness, they went on,

“to summarize and review all studies that have examined potential adverse health effects of passive exposure from inhaling EC vapor.”

They came up with a pretty figure of 312 case studies before realizing they would at most need sixteen out of them for analysis.

This small number of 16 studies opened all the doors to the wisdom island for these researchers and they concluded,

“A variety of study designs were used to investigate potential health risks from passive exposure to EC vapor. These included direct exposure studies involving humans and animals, and indirect exposure studies using volunteer EC users or smoking machines. The majority of studies determined that passive exposure to EC vapor may pose a health risk to bystanders. All papers encountered a number of limitations.” The researchers finally came to the terms that although passive vaping might have a “potential to lead to adverse health effects” but they concluded that “the risk from being passively exposed to EC vapor is likely to be less than the risk from passive exposure to conventional cigarette smoke.”

In other words, they claimed that they didn’t know much to start with and they didn’t end up with any useful information either.

Researchers at EMPA Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Science and Technology rolled up their sleeves too and carried out an experiment in a chamber, to give it a more roomy feeling, so they could study particulate size, distribution and concentration of an actual vapor. They also placed a dummy inside the chamber at human body temperature for the sake of representing an actual person in a supposed room scenario and took readings outside the chamber as well to minimize the diffusion losses of the vapors.

After the careful experiment, the researchers found:

“a rapid increase in the particle concentration during 2-5 second interval was followed by a rapid decrease in the concentration,”

Around the vapor region. They also noticed that the concentrations tend to decrease with respect to distance from the dummy and dispersion of the vapors was also recorded to be slow.

The researchers claimed-

“This study shows for the first time exhaled e-cigarette particles are liquid droplets that evaporate rapidly upon exhalation. The results presented here may have a positive implication for continued use of e-cigarettes in indoor areas.”

Huffington Post had some funny remarks about the research that read-

“Researchers found that indoor vaping is ‘unlikely’ to pose a risk to the air quality of a room.”

Can We Vape In The Pub Or Cinema?

A lot of vapers ask us these questions regarding whether or not they are allowed to vape at the pubs or a public cinema. We thought there should be a blog addressing these questions, so below are the answers.

Is Vaping allowed at the Cinema?

vape-cinemaA lot of people like to sit back and enjoy a nice movie on the weekends after all the hustle that the working days have to offer. Not giving a damn about the nerve-wracking workload and stressful deadlines, it feels great to kick back and relax while you escape into an imaginary world for a couple of hours. For doing so, a lot of Vapers come across some questions, “will I be allowed to vape in a cinema, or should I just watch a movie at home where I’ll be able to enjoy two of my favorite things at the same time?

When you think about vaping at a cinema, two places come to mind, the lobby area that can be all places within the premises of a cinema where no screening happens. The second area obviously is the screen. I have a bad news for you, you’re not allowed to vape or smoke in either one of those areas.

A lot of you must be thinking, why is it so? Like all public places, smoking and vaping are prohibited to keep other customers from getting upset who don’t smoke or vape. When you talk about vaping in a cinema, one can imagine the reaction of other people when the dense vape-clouds would cover up the screen. Cinema audience complaining about the situation can never work out for the vaping fans, who are supposed to be following the e-cig etiquettes in the first place.

Having said that, we don’t think there is anything wrong with a Vaper going to a public cinema to find out the latest results. In general scenarios, visiting cinemas are usually just a part of the whole weekend plan which can include a trip to your favorite restaurant or a bar or any other place you like to hang out with your friends. You can get on with a quick vape session with your mates while you’re on the go. Hence, not being able to vape in the cinema wouldn’t seem like a big deal.

You can get further information from a representative at the cinema that might let you know if there are any places where vaping is allowed.

Am I allowed to Vape at the Pubs?


No legislation has been passed yet that might prohibit vaping at an indoor public area. Vaping doesn’t come under the same rules as smoking because it doesn’t involve burning of any substance during the process. Although, all restaurants and pubs do have an authority to apply their own rules hence allowing or prohibiting any action they might please.


Some of the famous pub chains like Mitchells & Butlers and Wetherspoons strictly prohibit smoking and vaping in all of their pubs throughout the nation. Wetherspoons clearly states on their website:

“We do not permit the use of electronic cigarettes or vaporisers outside of the designated smoking areas on our premises. This includes hotel rooms and external areas.”

A similar statement by Mitchells and Butlers reads:

“For the comfort of all our guests Mitchells & Butlers do not allow the use of electronic cigarettes within our premises. Although we realise that the fumes are just vapours and non-harmful this is not clearly understood by everyone and can lead to confusion for others. Therefore, to prevent this, we request that guests do not use this product in our premises.”

The issue on hand becomes vaguer when you talk about leased pub venues. For example, a pub company Enterprise, that has a lot of leased venues, does not keep the authority of setting rules and regulation for their leased venues. The operator of a specific venue decides whether or not he would permit any specific action, in this case vaping. You might find an Enterprise pub where vaping is allowed as well as one where it isn’t. You can always ask a staff member at such public places to confirm if you’re allowed to vape or not.

Is Vaping Eco-Friendly?

IJUSTSTARTYou would have heard a lot about how vaping is a better nicotine alternative as compared to cigarettes but you might not know that it is good for the environment too. We thought we should share the environment benefits and eco-friendliness of vaping with our old and new fellow vapers.

No More Cigarette Butts

More than 4,000,000,000 cigarette butts are thrown away each year by people after smoking a cigarette. If you might not know, let me tell you what these trillions of cigarette butts are made of. You must have seen cigarette butts lying somewhere on the street and from the looks of them they don’t look aged at all, dirty maybe, but not degrade. That because they all are made of cellulose acetate which is a kind of thermoplastic polymer. No, plastics are not biodegradable; they can lay there for years without degrading and mixing back into the mother earth. Even if you try to dissolve it in the nail polish remover, it won’t degrade. It will just melt into some weird plastic-like liquid and even after that it can take up to 18 months to 10 years to dissolve.

Even production of these combustible cigarettes is harmful to the environment. According to a research carried out by TreeHugger, “for every 300 cigarettes produced, one tree is destroyed”. According to these calculations, all the heavy smokers who smoke 1-2 cigarettes packs a day are responsible for killing 3-4 trees a year.

If we compare vaping to these facts, it is very eco-friendly. By vaping you just not only smoke something that is 95% less dangerous than the combustible cigarettes but it is also environment-friendly. Even a disposable e-cigarette is equivalent of one and a half packet of regular combustible cigarettes. And if you vape with a rechargeable e-cig, you even help, by recycling the cartomizers and tanks that can be used over and over again.

Don’t Forget to Recycle your e-Cig Batteries

If you are new to the world of vaping or are even an experienced vaper, you might or might not know that most of the batteries, cartomizers and even all the disposable e-cigs can be recycled. You can follow Call2Recycle to learn about how you can recycle electronic cigarette batteries. You can sign up with them with your zip code and their site tool will show you the nearest convenient where you can recycle your e-cig batteries. Even a lot of electronics and hardware related shops have a battery recycling station where you can drop off your electronic cigarette’s batteries. There are so many options out there to recycle your things that it is hard to overlook the benefits of recycling and helping the planet. You can also recycle vapor cartridges; there are a couple of things that you have to do firsthand.

  • Wash them thoroughly and then wrap them in a tissue paper after removing all the filler material and before disposing of them.
  • Make sure there is no e-liquid left in the cartridge. If there is then wash it.
  • Make sure to cap it before throwing it in the bin.

You can also recycle the vape liquid bottle because they are usually made of glass or plastic. Make sure that you wash them before doing so.

It’s not Smoking, It’s Vaping

A lot of lawmakers and scientists refer vaping as a secondhand cigarette smoke and are trying to restrict e-cig vaping under clean air legislation but it’s not the case. The latest research at Barcelona’s 4th Workplace and Indoor Aerosols Conference showed that “exhaled e-cigarette particles are liquid droplets that evaporate rapidly upon exhalation.” Another research by Ground-Break Study suggested that the electronic cigarette vapors tend to evaporate a lot faster as compared to cigarette smoke and that is a good thing for our planet and the people around us.
So the conclusion is that electronic cigarettes are much environmental friendly in comparison to combustible cigarettes. Don’t forget to recycle your e-cig supplies. Vape On!

All You Need To Know About The E-Liquid Flavours


E-liquid also known as e Juice which is used in vaporizers is the one of the most important thing which gives the phenomena of vaping its meaning. In the constantly growing market of vaporizers, there are more than 500 brands and 7,700 e Juice flavors available in the market these days. This juice is the reason why you’re able to puff out clouds of vapors when you drag a vaporizer, and the variety of different flavors from fruity ones to chocolate and coffee that you taste while vaping.

If you’re new to the world of vaping, you might have a lot of questions about this main ingredient in e Cigs, mainly when it comes to their content and the flavor you might want. Below are some of the questions that you might be wanting to ask about these juices and their main ingredients.

What are the contents of e Liquid?
A lot of vaping beginners usually have this question mainly because of the controversial things they here about from others. E liquids usually have some amount of nicotine that you can choose from according to your taste and desire. If you’ve switched to vaping because you want to quit smoking then this nicotine alternative can help. You can lower the nicotine level in stages, ultimately going down to 0%. The major contents which serve as the carrier liquids for flavoring in the e juices are Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. Propylene Glycol or PG is usually a thinner liquid which gives a greater “throat hit” but a smaller vapor density. On the contrary, Vegetable Glycerin or VG is comparatively thicker, makes the flavors taste sweet and creates far dense and heavy vapor clouds.

Which flavors should I try as a beginner?
If you’ve already started your vaping journey by buying a rechargeable e cig kit for beginners to quit your habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes, you need flavors that will treat your taste buds with every drag and never remind you of your old bad habit. There are a variety of flavors ranging from your favorite fruit, custard to chocolates of your choice that can get you on a fun ride. If you want a taste familiar to cigarettes you can always go for tobacco and menthol flavors which are equally appreciated by both beginners and advanced users.

What are the other flavor options besides tobacco and menthol?
There are more than 7,700 different flavors when it comes to vaping. So, yes there are a lot of options for you to choose from. You can always go onto an e cig website (well, like ours) to read descriptions and reviews about different flavors that you might like and order them. According to a survey, 22% of people who vape like tobacco, 31% of them prefer fruit flavors, and 19% of users prefer bakery and dessert flavored e juices. There are a lot of exciting combos like “New york Cheese Cake and Strawberries” which tastes exactly like its name indicates, “Chocolate and Peanut Butter”, “Blueberry and Waffles” and the list goes on and on. You can enjoy all the deserts you like without 0 calorie intake. The possibilities in flavors when it comes to vaping never ends.

Will E Cigs Take Over Tobacco?

ecigs-tobaccoWe get a lot of feedback from our customers explaining how they quit smoking by using one of the simply e liquid’s products. Thanks to our valued customers who enlighten us with their experiences, a lot of information has come to light on how to successfully withdraw smoking and we thought we should share the three stage process we developed on the basis of this information.

Replacing the Hit
As an ex-smoking addict, I know the thing that smokers miss a lot once they quit smoking is the throat and chest hit they get in their lungs when they take a drag of their cigarettes. Once you get over this feeling, you’re on your way to vaping and in my experience, it’s all in your brain. The good thing about vaping is that you still get a pinch of that hit because of its nicotine content which helps you get over it easily. The best way to switch into vaping is to start with a Disposable Vape, one of our finest products to replace that chest hit smokers crave and getting over it easily. It is also important to switch onto Disposable Vape because sudden cut down of nicotine can send your body into a stage of shock.

Changing the Habit
Smoking is not just about the nicotine addiction, it’s a habit that takes you to a tobacco shop to buy cigarettes, lighting them cigs up and smoking them on occasion from “ahh-lets-smoke” like driving, drinking and after a meal to “must-smoke” occasions like shift hours got longer, final result’s on the way, and got-a-new-pack etc. To cope up with these casual to must-smoke cravings you need to have a powerful vaporizer which helps you with replacing daily disposables by a lot more vapor, flavor, and options to get over this bad habit. It gives you a much-needed nicotine/smoking alternative that is socially accepted and can be used where ever cigarettes are okay to smoke.

Developing the Taste
The final step and the most exciting one when it comes to vaping is changing your taste. Once you quit smoking, it takes a couple of weeks for getting back the taste buds and sense of smell you otherwise wouldn’t notice aren’t the same since you started. A lot of our customers who have turned to vaping claim that they hate the taste of tobacco now. There are a lot of options when it comes to vaping, a large variety of flavors with different taste and smells to suit your preference. You can lower your nicotine intake step by step without feeling a thing by using our seven different strengths of available of vape juice. Although there is no research yet to prove that vaping can be an effective smoking alternative but thousands of our customers have quit their nicotine dependency by using this three-step process.

Did you stop using tobacco and switch to e cigarettes?

The Five Kinds Of Vapers – Which One Are You?


Millions of vapers can be found in the UK alone, and we all share quite a few things in common: excellent taste, a sense of justice, an aversion to cigarettes and an undeniable craving for e-juices and gadgets. Aside from these things, we are all very different people, although we still share a collective sense of humour. It is precisely for this collective comedy that I’ve decided to compile a list of the 5 different kinds of vapers you will come across. Chances are you’ll see a vapour you know, or even see yourself somewhere in the list. I certainly did.


The Old School Vaper


Our first kind of vaper has been vaping long before “box mod” came to prominence. They’ve been members of ECF ever since it was run on stone tablets, giving them all the knowledge to remember the good old days of vaping, back when you had to use tiny stick batteries as well as pre-filled cartridges. They’ve been vaping way back when “ohm” was just a term you would only stumble upon in college level chemistry classes or that random trip to a meditation session. This vaper knows precisely what they like, and they don’t want to change things up. You would surely want to have your ears ready when an old school vaper is around. They have plenty of fascinating stories to tell, and most of them made the switch to electronic cigarettes several years before you did, so they probably know what they are talking about. Much respect to the old school vaper. They totally deserve it.


The “My Clouds Are Bigger Than Your Clouds” Vaper


This is the kind of vaper you can readily identify upon seeing them. Or perhaps when you fail to see them as they are usually covered by a cloud of mist that can force the National Weather Advisory to issue a warning for heavy fog. As the VG goes up, the better it is for the cloud chaser. Have you ever wanted to see a person blow steam off of both nostrils that would put any dragon to shame? Have you ever wanted to see a person create smoke rings there are big enough to entangle an actual dragon? Then this is definitely your guy.


The Mod Collector


This vaper has a room in his house exclusively dedicated to all the things he needs in case of a Vapeocalypse. This special room can only be accessed by using the mod collectors fingerprint. If you’re lucky, he can take you in while you are blindfolded, as if you are in the Bat Cave. Upon entering, you’ll find shelves upon shelves of all the finest box mods in the world. Your eyes would be filled of mods of varying sizes, shapes and colors. The mod collector also has special powers: she can find the exact mod he is looking for just by smell. And just by touch, he can tell you every single detail about the mod including its maximum wattage and the coils that best match with it. In case you have a new box mod and plan to impress the mod collector, just give it up. He already has 5 of it.


The Artisanal Vaper


The artisanal vaper never buys e-juice from shops. As in never. This kind of vaper likes to do things DIY style. If the mod collector has a special room in his house, the artisanal vaper has a special kitchen, with cabinets filled with gallons upon gallons of PG, VG and flavours. Oh, all those delicious flavours! You may be sitting on the couch watching a football game and you suddenly wish aloud of getting to taste a glazed-doughnut-chocolate-chip-bacon-custard e-juice, and before you know it, he already has a 30ml vial of that exact flavour. Nobody can match his prowess when it comes to creating e-liquid.


The Super Advocate


When you visit this Simply’s Facebook page, you’ll find countless posts from SFATA or CASAA. If you ever need to know anything about the FDA, just ask the super advocate. They can also be seen roaming around wearing “A Billion Lives” full sleeve tattoo (mad props to Aaron Biebert for everything he does). The back of their Prius is littered by stickers saying, “Cigarettes are for sissies.” and “I vape, I vote.”


Which kind of vaper can you relate to?

An E Cigarette Cleaning Guide


When some switches from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, they may not realize that certain things are going to change. Traditional cigarettes are often held between the middle and index fingers. Within the first couple of weeks, you will probably switch to holding your e-cig like a lollipop or microphone rather than the way you previously held your traditional cigarettes.


Additionally, the feeling of a pack of cigarettes and a lighter in your pocket will be changed for a stylish vape kit. Oh, and how could you forget about those nasty, overflowing , stinky ashtrays? You can say goodbye to those once and for all when you switch from traditional smokes to a cleaner, healthier electronic cigarette.


One thing that many people do not consider when thinking of switching to an electronic cigarette- the necessity of cleaning it. However, it is very simple. All you need is a cotton ball and a couple of minutes.


How to Clean an Electronic Cigarette Battery


Electronic cigarettes are carefully tested and designed to provide you with an amazing vaping experience. You do not need to do much to maintain them. However, just like your favorite car, there is some maintenance required to ensure you get the most out of your electronic cigarette.


If the draw of your e-cig changes, you may need to clean the connection between the cartridge and the battery. Wipe the area with a dry cotton ball gently. Most users experience an improvement in the quality of their draw almost immediately. The reason this occurs is because small amounts of e-liquid can condense around the connectors.


If you notice any debris in the connection when you are cleaning it, cut your cotton ball in half at an angle. This will allow you to gently remove the debris.


How to Cleanse your Clearomiser


E-cigarette kits, such as Simply E-Liquid Premium kits, are designed to be user-friendly. These kits do not have any modifications, refillable cartridges or frills. Once your Simply E-Liquid cartridge is empty, you can just connect a new cartridge to your electronic cigarette. Each pack of Simply E-Liquid refill kits contains three cartridges.


If on the other hand, you use the Simply E-Liquid Pro tank kit, you can prolong the life of your vape take and keep it functioning at its best in a few simple steps.


First, remove the clearomiser from your battery. Next, unscrew the mouthpiece from the unit. Then push a cotton ball into the mouthpiece to remove any debris or condensation that has collected there. Finally, remove the cotton ball and put the mouthpiece back together.


You will also need to clean the threads of the clearomiser. Twist a cotton swab tightly to form a scraping tool. Run this along the treat to remove any debris. Finally, reconnect your clearomiser to the battery. You will be amazed at the improvement of your vape’s flavour and vapour.


If you vape more than one flavour of e-liquid, it is important to allow any residual e-liquid to drain from the unit. Place your clearomiser upright on a paper towel. This method pulls any residual liquid from the unit to help ensure there will be no after taste when you fill your vape pen with your new flavour.


You can build an electronic cigarette cleaning kit with just a few supplies. Grab a small box and fill it with cotton balls, cotton swabs, a few paper towels and some new cigarette filters like those used by people who roll their own cigarettes.


Grab your supplies and get your vape pen squeaky clean. You will be amazed at how much better your vapour and flavour you can get from a cleaning. Finally, if you begin to experience a burnt flavour when vaping, it is time to replace your clearomiser.

5 Tips Which Will Help Prevent Your Cartomizer From Leaking



Have you ever had to deal with a leaking cartomizer? Don’t worry. Most of us have… Leaking atomizers, actually, are one among the banes of my very existence. Of course, it doesn’t do much permanent harm – it’s easy to clean up, and you can quickly get on with your day.


Still, it is very annoying, and the sort of annoyance which tends to amplify as it’s there for longer – something like a constant patter from a dripping tap. Fortunately, for most cartomizers, it isn’t hard to fix or reduce this sort of leaking problem – here are ten tips which will help you stay leak-free

1 – Fill It Up Correctly.


The cause of most leaks is failing t fill the cartomizer correctly. Tank style atomizers feature a central tub, which extends from the coil all the way to the mouthpiece. If you accidentally get e-liquid in it, it’s very likely that you’ll run into leaking or gurgling problems.


Don’t worry though – the fix for such problems is very simple. When you’re filling up, be very careful in order to avoid getting e-liquid in that central tube. Tilt the tank as you fill up, as if you were pouring beer from a glass – this way, you’ll ensure that the liquid will run down the interior of your plastic or glass tank, staying as far from the centre as you can have it. When it begins filling up, straighten the tank slowly in order to avoid spills.


2-Tighten It Up, And Watch For Cross-Threading


This is another very basic issue which may lea to leaking – when the components aren’t screwed in securely. A gap where the coil meets the base of the atomizer, or where the base of the atomizer meets the tank could be enough to cause a leak.


This is another one that’s easy to avoid – just take some time when re-attaching the atomizer head to the base – or to the central tube’s top, in case of top-coil clearomizers – to make sure everything fits right.


It’s also very important that you make sure you check the atomizer head from time to time, since its connection may loosen as you unscrew the tank. The biggest problem that tends to happen when screwing it all in is cross threading. It’s what happens when the threads of the two components you’ve been screwing together fail to like up correctly, which leads to an imperfect seal.


The best solution to this problem is to line it all up, turn it anti-clockwise and continue until you hear the click, then screw it in clockwise.


3 – Don’t Overtighten


While you can’t leave it too lose, don’t leave it too tight either. This is due to the O-rings functionality – they are tiny rubber rings which you can find near the threading, where the two parts of your tank meet.


They are very important to perfectly seal everything, reducing the chance of leaks, but if you tighten it too much, you’ll probably end up damaging them. A little break or split will give an escape route to the e-liquid, and you’ll end up with juice leaking inside your pocket.


The line between too tight and tight enough can be hard to define though – you need to make sure everything is screwed in place firmly, but without applying much strength to it. Don’t Hulk out, screw until it fits snugly, instead of as tight as you can.


4 – Check The O-Rings, And If You Need To, Replace Them


Over-tightening is not the only thing that can lead to O-ring issues. They may degrade, or simply get budget out of the right position as time goes on – sometimes, they may even be faulty when you first get them.


In order to check the O-rings, you’ll need to take the clearomizer or tank apart – in most cases, all you’ll need to do is unscrew its various parts. Then, look for rubber rings at the base of the tank and on the atomizer head.


If they are out of position or degraded, replace or move them, and you’ll be good to go. A tool such as a pair of tweezers, a toothpick or a small flat-head screwdriver will probably be helpful. Certain tanks come with spares that you can use – if that’s not the case, you’ll need to buy them yourself, and make sure they’re the correct size.


It’s also important to make sure the O-Ring is installed right, in a manner which everything fits snugly and there are no gaps through which e-liquid can leak.


5 – Adding Extra Seals (For Aspire Triton And Nautilus)


There are a few cases in which a clearomizer or tank could do with more sealing – especially where the head of the atomizer meets the centre tube.


Vapers often run into this problem using the Aspire Triton – juice leaks out of the bottom after it makes its way to the centre tube – the Nautilus is often affected as well.


The fix for it is simple too – for the Triton, you need only a little silicone drip tip cover, and a pair of scissors. Begin by unscrewing the tank, then remove the coil from the base.


There will be two sets of threading at the coil – one on the bottom, surrounded by O-rings on both sides, an one at the top, above the ridged section. The upper threading doesn’t have a seal above or below it – this is the source of the problem.


Cut a section of the silicone drip tip cover in a manner that the ring is wide enough to fit between the upper threading and the raised ridged section, then place it there. You can cut the ring more precisely after its in place, to make it less likely to give you trouble when you’re re-assembling everything – just be careful.


After everything is attached again, you’ll probably be able to vape leak-free. Nautilus’ problem, as well as its fix, is basically identical, but you can use the lower O-ring in another coil instead of cutting one yourself.

How to Vape: Guide For Newbs


Vaping is a rather simple, straight forward process. However, there’s no harm in explaining how e-cigarettes work.


Vaping may be simple, but e-cigarettes are an emerging technology. Questions always come up when one deals with emerging technologies. One of the most frequently asked questions is “how does one vape?” The simplest answer is “the same way you’d smoke a traditional cigarette.”


  1. First, bring the e-cigarette to your mouth. This is perhaps the most important step!


  1. Take a few quick puffs. Don’t inhale!


  1. For the rest of your vaping session, you’ll want to take puffs that last from 1 to 3 seconds.


Fairly easy stuff. Here’s an explanation on how it all works. Every time you take a puff, the battery pack inside your e-cigarette warms the clearomiser. This makes the e-liquid evaporate, and become vapour. The vapour is what you inhale, just like you would cigarette smoke. You get the feeling of inhaling smoke, though it’s actually just water vapor. This vapor contains the nicotine that most smokers want. The most notable difference between a traditional cigarette and an e-cigarette is that e-cig vapour has no smokey scent. Since nothing is actually burning, there’s also no tar to worry about. Thanks to this, it will feel much smoother and cleaner than smoking a traditional cigarette.


Do Different Devices Require Different Vaping Techniques?


For the most part, you can use the above steps for any different vaping technology. That said, there are a few different methods, depending on what you’re actually vaping with. A vaporiser, for example, doesn’t work quite the same way as a straightforward e-cigarette. You still follow the same steps, you just don’t do it in exactly the same way.


How Do I Use An E-Cigarette To Vape?


Using an e-cigarette is a much more basic task than using a vaporiser. If you decide to simply vape, here’s what you can do to get the absolute most out of your e-cig.


  • When you begin vaping, hold your e-cig at a downward angle. Not too sharp, you only want a slight angle. Take a few quick puffs, but don’t inhale.
  • Just like above, take short puffs lasting 1 to 3 seconds. You won’t be able to enjoy the flavour or the vapour quite as much if you puff for longer or shorter amounts of time.


Should you notice less flavour coming out of your e-cig, this generally means it’s time to either swap your battery, or refill your cartomiser.


How Do I Use A Vaporiser To Vape?


The main difference between an e-cigarette and a vaporiser (such as the simply e cig kits) is in the way you activate the device.


  1. When you want to vape using a vaporiser, you have to push the button on the battery while you puff. Some people refer to this button as a “manual”.


  1. The button serves the exact same purpose as an e-cigarette’s sensors. It turns on the battery, which in turn warms the clearomiser coil. This evaporates the liquid.


  1. Once you’ve got that down, you can sit back and enjoy your vaporiser.


Again, should you notice less flavour, this generally means it’s time to change your liquid cartridge or your battery.


That’s all there is to vaping! To find the perfect kit, check with Simply E liquids range of e liquids and e cigarette kits.

Electronic Cigarettes Are The Most Popular Way To Quit Smoking


Close-up of a young woman exhaling smoke vapour from an electronic cigarette, holding the device in her hand. Shot at home, indoors.

The popularity of the electronic cigarettes is taking over the industry as the #1 way to quit smoking.

Say goodbye to nicotine gum, patches, and forget trying to take a pill to quit smoking. Electronic Cigarettes are now the most popular way to stop smoking with millions of smokers making the switch every day. But this should really come as no surprise to anyone who has experienced the pure effectiveness that electronic cigarettes produce.


It has been estimated that over 1 million smokers in England tried an electronic cigarette to quit last year, according to studies done at University College London.


Through their collegiate studies they were able to estimate that about 2.6 million of England’s 8 million smokers attempted to quit last year. About 2/5 of those 2.6 million used an electronic cigarette while 26% used another nicotine replacement product instead.


The head professor of Health Psychology at UCL, Robert West; reported “E-Cigarettes have overtaken more traditional methods as the most widely used support for smokers wanting to quit”.


He added “Their impact on public health comes from attracting people who would otherwise have tried to stop without any useful form of support.”


“We estimate that e-cigarettes have probably helped around 20,000 smokers to quit each year, that would have otherwise.”


Some are saying that their still isn’t enough research conducted that proves that electronic cigarettes are a much healthier option than regular tobacco. But Cancer Research UK called on the British Government to make massive tobacco companies to pay a levy on every single cigarette sold in the UK—costing one penny for each.


This shows that CRUK is pushing for regular tobacco to be more regulated and taxed to steer the public away from them more. By doing this they would be able to raise around 500 million dollars that would be invested into our public health services and advertising campaigns. One possible way they could use this money would be to fund more research into electronic cigarettes as the official way to quit smoking for good.


The movement has even now submitted a petition that has more than 16,000 signatures to Parliament to support the levy today—No Smoking Day.


However, CRUK has reported that the decline in smoking rates is at a standstill.


“Decades of work has gone into reducing the number of people who will be affected by a tobacco related illness,” said CRUK’s Director of Cancer Prevention, Alison Cox.


She continued “There been great progress, but unless more is done, another generation of lives will be devastated by smoking.”


It is a threatening statement, but it is one that holds incredibly true. Our generation has been devastated by tobacco companies, but with new innovative ways to quit like Electronic Cigarettes we can quit our habit and increase our overall health.


Obviously there are always going to be detractors, as there is with anything. Especially something as controversial as tobacco, but Electronic Cigarettes are helping people quit smoking every day. Providing them with the easiest and most of all—healthier way to quit their nasty habit once and for all.

891,000 Used E-cigarettes To Try And Quit Smoking In 2014, Study Suggests.


According to estimates, about 900,000 people used e-cigarettes to help them try and kick the habit in 2014. There is a new study that has found that 891,000 smokers used an e-cigarette in a bid to quit. They preferred this option opposed to the use of behavioral support or prescription medicine to help them quit.


According to researchers at the University College London, 37.3% of adult smokers in England tried to quit the habit in 2014. 28.2% of these smokers used an electronic cigarette to help them quit them quit the habit.


Some studies carried out before suggest that using e-cigarettes can increase the success rate by up to 50% compared with using either one or zero support of the traditional nicotine products like skin patches bought from a shop or gum.


The researchers found out that using the e-cigarettes increased the success rates from about 5% to about 7.5%. These studies have shown that about 22,000 smokers quit the habit as a result of e-cigarettes. The researchers believe that the smokers would not quit had they used a licensed nicotine product or nothing at all according to a study published in Addiction.


According to Professor Robert West who led the research team, the e-cigarettes seem to be helping many smokers who would not have stopped the smoking habit. Though the number of e-cigarette enthusiasts claiming this fact is not as high a substantial number of smokers benefit from using e-cigarettes.


He adds that there have been some public health researchers who claim that e-cigarettes may end up undermining quitting in case the smoker is using them to cut down as it may end up acting as a gateway to smoking. He said that the claims may result from not understanding what the evidence can tell us at this particular stage meaning that is something we need to watch very carefully.


E-cigarettes have the ability to reduce the morbidity related to smoking. Many smokers have been successful in switching from smoking to vaping according to Professor Peter Hajek who is the director of the Tobacco Dependence Research Unit at the Queen Mary University of London.


Specialist smoking cessation services are experiencing a decline in interest because they are currently not offering e-cigarettes. This is unfortunate since it is more likely that more smokers will switch to vaping in case if e-cigarettes would be combined with behavioural support. Professor Hajek concluded by saying that the best thing is that findings like this may encourage the services to start offering e-cigarettes as part of the overall tool kit.

The Advantages of a Smoke Free Life

Young people drinking beer outdoors
Young people drinking beer outdoors

Making the move from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes is a big deal. It means giving up tobacco completely, which is a lifestyle change that many people want to embrace. However, if you go this route, what benefits can you expect?


E-cigs Don’t Smell Badly


Because e-cigarettes do not burn, there is no tobacco smoke associated with their use. As a result, using e-cigs is a fairly odourless experience. This is great news for smokers that routinely worry about cigarette smoke lingering in their homes, on their clothes and even on their skin. In addition, cigarette smoke leads to bad breath as well, a problem that electronic cigarette users do not need to worry about.


E-cigs are different. The vapour simply dissipates, which means that there is very little opportunity for any of it to attach to your person. In addition, the vapor itself typically smells good, often like spearmint or fruit.


Stains and Tar: A Thing of the Past


There is no tar in e-cigs. As a result, electronic cigarettes do not need filters. Filters try and capture the toxic chemical residue so that it is not harmful.


Have you ever noticed a brown substance on a cigarette filter? That is tar. It impacts smokers in a number of negative ways. For example, it can turn their teeth yellow and stain the skin on their fingers.


Nicotine also plays a role in the staining process. Nicotine can affect both the teeth and the nails, turning them an unsightly shade of yellow. Only smokers of cigarettes need to worry about this side effect, however. The use of e-cigs does not lead to staining or discolouration.


The Advantages of Going Smoke Free


Smoking regular cigarettes leads to the production of ash. Ash can get on your furniture and clothing, sometimes damaging your personal effects.


In addition, cigarettes produce heat and smoke. This causes many smokers to squint as they are using the cigarettes, which leads to early wrinkles. This is one reason why smokers often look much older than they really are. In addition, cigarette smoke damages the color and texture of the skin.


Even though there is no smoke involved when using an e-cigarette, the experience can mimic that of using a regular cigarette. Users receive the nicotine they are craving and also have something that they can hold and put to their lips. There are a lot of e-liquid flavours available as well as Simply eLiquid.

Celebrities Who Love E-Cigarettes

It was only a matter of time before the ever growing trend of electronic cigarettes hitting Hollywood. We all now can honestly say for the first time I believe that we—the normal citizens—may have started a trend before celebrities? We all have been puffing on a e cig for quite some time now, but the growing appearances and sightings of famous people is telling.

They want in.

Here are some of the biggest celebrities who love E-Cigarettes.

Leonardo Dicaprio


Leonardo was recently caught on film at the Screen Actors Guild Award vaping. Which isn’t anything new consider the amount of times he has been on the losing end of that illustrious best actor Oscar, but will it be his year?

We have a feeling this year though Leo, and we suggest you puff that e-cig all the way up to the stage!

Tom Hardy


The mega-superstar Tom Hardy has joined in on the craze. The man begged for his own, much like Cowell did and that is exactly what Mad Max got!

Katy Perry


Pop mega-icon-star Katy Perry has been a favorite for the tabloids and breaking celebrity news stories. None really have ever amounted to anything—why?

Because Katy Perry is actually good wholesome individual and she just so happens to enjoy a puff on the e-cigarette. With many paparazzi thinking they got another story to blow out of proportion Katy can puff on her electronic cigarette without a care in the world!

Simon Cowell

The former American Idol superstar and now X-Factor—Judge made headlines when X-Factor executives came down on the Englishman for smoking inside the studio.

Katherine Heigl

Katherine’s superstardom didn’t last too long after her last run on Greys Anatomy. She found great success being apart of the now legendary picture knocked up. But she still has been portrayed to media as a “goody-goody” kind of girl. So when she pull out her e-cigarette on David Letterman the world was in disbelief.
With celebrity superstars like these now getting on board with e-cigarettes, there really is no telling when this will ever slow down, we expect nothing but more and more celebs to pull out their e-cig a take a puff, on-camera or not. With celebrities jumping on the trend it will only inject a turbo boost in growth as electronic cigarettes become more and more appealing for old traditional smokers.

We believe that this one is to be continued….

5 Myths About Electronic Cigarettes


The newest and only technology in the tobacco industry is growing like crazy. People everywhere are making the switch from old chemically potent cigarettes to e-cigs vapor. Helping so many of us switch and help us get off those old smoke sticks has really rubbed big tobacco companies the wrong way.

Their stranglehold on their industry has been un-phased for the years and years that they have been around. But e-cigs have become something special, and have already become a serious threat to take over the market, and produce healthier customers.

Sure e-cigarettes are not all good—they things that are still bad for you in them, but when you compared the two the decision is clear. E-cigarettes are the healthier option.

But with that has come stories far and wide aimed to make them look as criminal and bad as traditional smoking. But we are going to take five of these ridiculous stories that you may have heard—and were going to debunk them.

Let’s begin.

1. E-Liquid Contains Antifreeze

Yes, we all have heard this one. “Doesn’t that have antifreeze in it though?” Your mate may have asked. No, it does not contain anti-freeze in it. If it did countless e-cigarettes smokers would be dying painfully horrific deaths all over the world.

But we are not.

Where this myth comes from is an actual fact though. One of the main ingredients of e-liquid is propylene glycol.

This is a clear, odor-less, and non-corrosive chemical that is used as a base to flavors and nicotine. It is also used in anti-freeze, again as a base but the difference is when its in antifreeze its jam paced with chemicals that prevent ice from forming in your car engine, and melt your insides if you consume it. PG in e-liquid is just PG with nicotine and flavors infused.

2. E-Cigarettes Are A Gateway To Smoking

This one came about pretty easily actually. The term “gateway” has been side by side with drug for a long time, and it has been a buzz word used by anti-drug and anti-smoking supporters. E-cigarettes are require by UK law to not be sold to anyone under the age of 18 just like regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes have been making the news because so many traditional smokers are now taking this healthier option. So the complete opposite of this myth is true.

Regular cigarettes are gateways to e-cigarettes.

3. E-Cigarettes Taste Bad

This one is purely coming from someone who is just no fully educated in the world of vaping. They may have had a bad flavor that didn’t sit well with their taste buds, or had a e-liquid with too much nicotine in it. Or they didn’t buy from a top brand like Simply E Liquid and opted for another lesser brand name here in the UK.

No matter the reason, anyone who says e-cigarettes taste bad just simply hasn’t explored the flavors enough. You can almost get any kind of flavor you want, whether it be a traditional smoking tobacco taste, a fruity flavor, your favorite soda, other candies, and much more.

This is like someone eating a box of “Good and Plenty” and saying “Candy tastes bad”.

4. Explosive E-Cigarette

The amount of stories of this actually happening are minimal at best. It is possible for an e-cig to explode. But the favors that have to align themselves in order for it to happen are highly unlikely.

When this has happened, it has been due to vapors modifying their set-ups without understanding the properties of voltage, wattage, and resistance. When you start to tinker around with that, you need to know what your doing.

Luckily, here in the UK, branded e-cigarettes are full-proof and trusted. Sent through vigorous testing and engineered properly—you don’t ever have to worry about something like that ever happening. But if you really want to put e-cigarettes with this label, you might want to look at what your buying and how your using it.

5. Vaping Looks Odd

This isn’t so much a myth as it is an opinion, and what I feel is the only thing holding back some people from making the switch. Sure it looks a little different when you pull out your Simply E Liquid Starter Kit in a circle of mates having a fag. You stand out, and people may look at you weirdly.

But that shouldn’t ever stop you, in fact they may be puzzled at first just ecause it is something so new to them, and than upon further review will want to take a puff to try it.

I have had it time and time again, someone see’s me vaping—instantly starts to ask me questions about it. And they don’t even really look weird. Simply E Liquid has some seriously cool, edgy, and trendy styles for their different kits, batteries, and cartridges.


So there you have it. There are give of the most popular and wildly un-true myths that have been circling about e-cigarettes. I am awaiting more to surface which we all know they will, but for now I hope that you understand that because these are so new, and innovative people are going to want to try and take advantage of this industry changing product by releasing false information.

Chances are…these started by Marlboro and Camel executives, so lets just say this is to be continued…

Traveling Guide: E-Cigarettes

imageYour off to see a new and exciting place or maybe your heading back to your favorite spot or to visit family. Well you have taken up electronic cigarette smoking, and you obviously don’t want to go anywhere without your personal e-cig.

But how does that go you might ask?

Do they take away your electronic cigarette when you go through security?

Can you puff on it in the air plane?

Well we decided to find the answers for you, and put together a few things you should know before you set off into the air with your e-cigarette.

Going Through Security

Getting through UK airport security should be no problem with an e-cig. We suggest that you twist off your tank from your battery—just in case. Put the battery with your other electronics, and you won’t have to worry about the tank—just put it in your bag.

Taking Your E-Liquid

If you have a bunch of e-liquid to bring with you remember that you can’t bring a more than 100 ml of liquid with your hand carry on and it won’t be an issue.

The majority of the airports we have here in the UK have banned e-cigs and have treated them just like regular cigarettes. So you will be hard pressed to find a place to puff while your in flights, or even walking through the terminal. “Hearthrow Airport” is the only airport that we know of that has integrated its own vaping lounge and bar—lets hope other start to follow suite.

Checked Bag—Think Again!

The problem seems to be an easy fix doesn’t it? All these complications could simply be solved by just putting your e-cig and all of its parts in your checked bag as opposed to your carry-on right?


For some weird reason that we haven’t quite gotten to the bottom of, it is unlawful to check e-cigarettes in your checked bag. It has been stated as a “safety concern” which we have found a little odd. Hopefully more light will be shed on this in the future, but for now just keep it out of that checked bag!

Your E-Cig In Flight

Ok so this is one that we all want to know. Are the days of enjoying some form of tobacco on an airplane back?

As of right now, no they are not. Airlines will allow you to have them on you, but charging them or puffing on them is still not allowed. Plus, those around you who may not quite understand what an e-cig is will complain like crazy.

Hopefully one day the rest of the world will see how unharmful e-cigs are, but until then you just need to respect the rules and keep it in your bag.


Traveling with your e-cigarette is something that can become a little annoying. The rules and precedents set by our distant criminal cousin—traditional smoking. We are reduced to hide our e-cigarette while we travel still. But hopefully one day, we will be able to enjoy our nicotine again, no matter where we are.

The New Electronic Cigarette Legislation

enhanced buzz


Isn’t it infuriating that the best things in life always seem to be bad for you?

Doughnuts make you fat, alcohol causes you to act like a loon and to crash your car. Smoking makes your teeth fall out, ruins your skin and then it kills you.

But wait! Vaping is the exception right? It is enjoyable and can help you to lead a healthier life.

So why are new regulations coming into force 20 May 2016 and what do they mean for you?

How Will the New Legislation Affect You?

The 2001 EU Tobacco Products Directive will be updated this year to classify electronic cigarettes as tobacco related products, even though they aren’t! As a result electronic cigarettes and e-liquids will be subject to a raft of new regulations.

Naturally we are on top of this issue here at Simply eLiquids and we will be making the changes necessary to ensure that your vaping experience is disrupted as little as possible.


Here’s what you need to know:

Refill containers will be restricted to 10ml

Fear not! With Simply eLiquids you will still be able to purchase 30ml quantities of your favourite flavours because this represents the best value for money. We are simply going to send your order as 3 x 10ml bottles.

The maximum nicotine strength will be reduced to 20mg

We will ensure that our juices comply with the new rules. If you wish to stock up on stronger eliquid then do it now!

Tanks and cartridges will be reduced to a capacity of 2ml

We will be forced to discontinue products with tanks and cartomizers larger than 2ml. However, we will work hard to bring you a fabulous new range of products that comply with the legislation.

All e-cig products’ packaging will have to be child proof

No problem! Simply has always packaged e-liquids in child proof bottles because safety has always been our primary concern.

There will be greater government scrutiny of products

The industry will be required to provide detailed and transparent information about all products and their ingredients. We have nothing to hide as we only offer the highest quality e-liquids.

The possibility now exists for electronic cigarettes to be banned

If 3 or more member states express the desire to ban e-cigs it is possible that the process to ban them could be initiated. In addition the new regulations demand that e-cigs must provide a consistent dose of nicotine which is impossible as vapers can draw as long or as hard as they wish. Furthermore, leak free refuelling will be compulsory! This is impossible to achieve as the efficiency of refuelling is largely down to the user. We will continue to ensure that our e-cigs are as efficient and reliable as possible.


Let’s Protect the Future of Vaping

Vaping is to be subject to more stringent regulation than regular cigarettes and this is plainly ludicrous. So many people’s lives have been transformed by electronic cigarettes that we must join together to do everything we can to protect the future of vaping. We must do this for our own sakes and for those of the next generation. We shouldn’t tolerate a situation in which it is perfectly fine to stuff our faces with doughnuts until we get diabetes but we cannot vape. One where we can drink ourselves into an early grave but are prevented from vaping.

Please write to your MEP today to register your concerns. It is easy to do this at www.writetothem.com. Start a petition at www.change.org and send us a link or sign any petitions that are currently open. Post your feelings on Facebook and tweet like crazy.

Together we can make a difference!


Are You A Hardcore Vaper? Ask Yourself These 10 Questions

woman vaping

Any hardcore vaper will know that there is vaping and VAPING. There are those that vape as a means to beat their smoking addiction and people who vape as a bit of a hobby and then there are people that live, breathe, sleep and eat vaping. You know who you are.

The very fact you have clicked on this post already gives a good indication as to the type of vaper you are but just to confirm your suspicions take the little test below, giving yourself 1 point for every ‘yes’ answer. Check out your result at the end of the post by adding up the amount of yes’s you answered.

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Game Over Smoking! Can Playing Video Games Really Help You Quit Smoking?

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Game Over Smoking!

I am sure if you are a smoker you have searched the internet typing into Google such things as “the best way to stop smoking”, “10 way to quit smoking” and “quit smoking tips” etc. Some people will have been lucky and will have come across a method or technique that seemed to work with them such as using eliquid from vaping, but there are still a lot more people that still cannot break that addiction no matter what they try. There are all sorts of conventional and unique, weird and wonderful ways people have recommend online that they claim as helped them to quit but one that caught my eye was on Choice And Shadows Blogspot page:


The owner of this gaming blog made quite a bold statement that playing video games helped him to quit. The more I read the more I came to realise that actually the more I thought about it video games could hold some untapped power to help smokers to put down their last cigarette for good.

Some key points the author of the post touched on was:

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