Celebrities Who Love E-Cigarettes

It was only a matter of time before the ever growing trend of electronic cigarettes hitting Hollywood. We all now can honestly say for the first time I believe that we—the normal citizens—may have started a trend before celebrities? We all have been puffing on a e cig for quite some time now, but the growing appearances and sightings of famous people is telling.

They want in.

Here are some of the biggest celebrities who love E-Cigarettes.

Leonardo Dicaprio


Leonardo was recently caught on film at the Screen Actors Guild Award vaping. Which isn’t anything new consider the amount of times he has been on the losing end of that illustrious best actor Oscar, but will it be his year?

We have a feeling this year though Leo, and we suggest you puff that e-cig all the way up to the stage!

Tom Hardy


The mega-superstar Tom Hardy has joined in on the craze. The man begged for his own, much like Cowell did and that is exactly what Mad Max got!

Katy Perry


Pop mega-icon-star Katy Perry has been a favorite for the tabloids and breaking celebrity news stories. None really have ever amounted to anything—why?

Because Katy Perry is actually good wholesome individual and she just so happens to enjoy a puff on the e-cigarette. With many paparazzi thinking they got another story to blow out of proportion Katy can puff on her electronic cigarette without a care in the world!

Simon Cowell

The former American Idol superstar and now X-Factor—Judge made headlines when X-Factor executives came down on the Englishman for smoking inside the studio.

Katherine Heigl

Katherine’s superstardom didn’t last too long after her last run on Greys Anatomy. She found great success being apart of the now legendary picture knocked up. But she still has been portrayed to media as a “goody-goody” kind of girl. So when she pull out her e-cigarette on David Letterman the world was in disbelief.
With celebrity superstars like these now getting on board with e-cigarettes, there really is no telling when this will ever slow down, we expect nothing but more and more celebs to pull out their e-cig a take a puff, on-camera or not. With celebrities jumping on the trend it will only inject a turbo boost in growth as electronic cigarettes become more and more appealing for old traditional smokers.

We believe that this one is to be continued….

5 Myths About Electronic Cigarettes


The newest and only technology in the tobacco industry is growing like crazy. People everywhere are making the switch from old chemically potent cigarettes to e-cigs vapor. Helping so many of us switch and help us get off those old smoke sticks has really rubbed big tobacco companies the wrong way.

Their stranglehold on their industry has been un-phased for the years and years that they have been around. But e-cigs have become something special, and have already become a serious threat to take over the market, and produce healthier customers.

Sure e-cigarettes are not all good—they things that are still bad for you in them, but when you compared the two the decision is clear. E-cigarettes are the healthier option.

But with that has come stories far and wide aimed to make them look as criminal and bad as traditional smoking. But we are going to take five of these ridiculous stories that you may have heard—and were going to debunk them.

Let’s begin.

1. E-Liquid Contains Antifreeze

Yes, we all have heard this one. “Doesn’t that have antifreeze in it though?” Your mate may have asked. No, it does not contain anti-freeze in it. If it did countless e-cigarettes smokers would be dying painfully horrific deaths all over the world.

But we are not.

Where this myth comes from is an actual fact though. One of the main ingredients of e-liquid is propylene glycol.

This is a clear, odor-less, and non-corrosive chemical that is used as a base to flavors and nicotine. It is also used in anti-freeze, again as a base but the difference is when its in antifreeze its jam paced with chemicals that prevent ice from forming in your car engine, and melt your insides if you consume it. PG in e-liquid is just PG with nicotine and flavors infused.

2. E-Cigarettes Are A Gateway To Smoking

This one came about pretty easily actually. The term “gateway” has been side by side with drug for a long time, and it has been a buzz word used by anti-drug and anti-smoking supporters. E-cigarettes are require by UK law to not be sold to anyone under the age of 18 just like regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes have been making the news because so many traditional smokers are now taking this healthier option. So the complete opposite of this myth is true.

Regular cigarettes are gateways to e-cigarettes.

3. E-Cigarettes Taste Bad

This one is purely coming from someone who is just no fully educated in the world of vaping. They may have had a bad flavor that didn’t sit well with their taste buds, or had a e-liquid with too much nicotine in it. Or they didn’t buy from a top brand like Simply E Liquid and opted for another lesser brand name here in the UK.

No matter the reason, anyone who says e-cigarettes taste bad just simply hasn’t explored the flavors enough. You can almost get any kind of flavor you want, whether it be a traditional smoking tobacco taste, a fruity flavor, your favorite soda, other candies, and much more.

This is like someone eating a box of “Good and Plenty” and saying “Candy tastes bad”.

4. Explosive E-Cigarette

The amount of stories of this actually happening are minimal at best. It is possible for an e-cig to explode. But the favors that have to align themselves in order for it to happen are highly unlikely.

When this has happened, it has been due to vapors modifying their set-ups without understanding the properties of voltage, wattage, and resistance. When you start to tinker around with that, you need to know what your doing.

Luckily, here in the UK, branded e-cigarettes are full-proof and trusted. Sent through vigorous testing and engineered properly—you don’t ever have to worry about something like that ever happening. But if you really want to put e-cigarettes with this label, you might want to look at what your buying and how your using it.

5. Vaping Looks Odd

This isn’t so much a myth as it is an opinion, and what I feel is the only thing holding back some people from making the switch. Sure it looks a little different when you pull out your Simply E Liquid Starter Kit in a circle of mates having a fag. You stand out, and people may look at you weirdly.

But that shouldn’t ever stop you, in fact they may be puzzled at first just ecause it is something so new to them, and than upon further review will want to take a puff to try it.

I have had it time and time again, someone see’s me vaping—instantly starts to ask me questions about it. And they don’t even really look weird. Simply E Liquid has some seriously cool, edgy, and trendy styles for their different kits, batteries, and cartridges.


So there you have it. There are give of the most popular and wildly un-true myths that have been circling about e-cigarettes. I am awaiting more to surface which we all know they will, but for now I hope that you understand that because these are so new, and innovative people are going to want to try and take advantage of this industry changing product by releasing false information.

Chances are…these started by Marlboro and Camel executives, so lets just say this is to be continued…

Traveling Guide: E-Cigarettes

imageYour off to see a new and exciting place or maybe your heading back to your favorite spot or to visit family. Well you have taken up electronic cigarette smoking, and you obviously don’t want to go anywhere without your personal e-cig.

But how does that go you might ask?

Do they take away your electronic cigarette when you go through security?

Can you puff on it in the air plane?

Well we decided to find the answers for you, and put together a few things you should know before you set off into the air with your e-cigarette.

Going Through Security

Getting through UK airport security should be no problem with an e-cig. We suggest that you twist off your tank from your battery—just in case. Put the battery with your other electronics, and you won’t have to worry about the tank—just put it in your bag.

Taking Your E-Liquid

If you have a bunch of e-liquid to bring with you remember that you can’t bring a more than 100 ml of liquid with your hand carry on and it won’t be an issue.

The majority of the airports we have here in the UK have banned e-cigs and have treated them just like regular cigarettes. So you will be hard pressed to find a place to puff while your in flights, or even walking through the terminal. “Hearthrow Airport” is the only airport that we know of that has integrated its own vaping lounge and bar—lets hope other start to follow suite.

Checked Bag—Think Again!

The problem seems to be an easy fix doesn’t it? All these complications could simply be solved by just putting your e-cig and all of its parts in your checked bag as opposed to your carry-on right?


For some weird reason that we haven’t quite gotten to the bottom of, it is unlawful to check e-cigarettes in your checked bag. It has been stated as a “safety concern” which we have found a little odd. Hopefully more light will be shed on this in the future, but for now just keep it out of that checked bag!

Your E-Cig In Flight

Ok so this is one that we all want to know. Are the days of enjoying some form of tobacco on an airplane back?

As of right now, no they are not. Airlines will allow you to have them on you, but charging them or puffing on them is still not allowed. Plus, those around you who may not quite understand what an e-cig is will complain like crazy.

Hopefully one day the rest of the world will see how unharmful e-cigs are, but until then you just need to respect the rules and keep it in your bag.


Traveling with your e-cigarette is something that can become a little annoying. The rules and precedents set by our distant criminal cousin—traditional smoking. We are reduced to hide our e-cigarette while we travel still. But hopefully one day, we will be able to enjoy our nicotine again, no matter where we are.

The New Electronic Cigarette Legislation

The New Electronic Cigarette Legislation


Isn’t it infuriating that the best things in life always seem to be bad for you?

Doughnuts make you fat, alcohol causes you to act like a loon and to crash your car. Smoking makes your teeth fall out, ruins your skin and then it kills you.

But wait! Vaping is the exception right? It is enjoyable and can help you to lead a healthier life.

So why are new regulations coming into force 20 May 2016 and what do they mean for you?

How Will the New Legislation Affect You?

The 2001 EU Tobacco Products Directive will be updated this year to classify electronic cigarettes as tobacco related products, even though they aren’t! As a result electronic cigarettes and e-liquids will be subject to a raft of new regulations.

Naturally we are on top of this issue here at Simply eLiquids and we will be making the changes necessary to ensure that your vaping experience is disrupted as little as possible.


Here’s what you need to know:

Refill containers will be restricted to 10ml

Fear not! With Simply eLiquids you will still be able to purchase 30ml quantities of your favourite flavours because this represents the best value for money. We are simply going to send your order as 3 x 10ml bottles.

The maximum nicotine strength will be reduced to 20mg

We will ensure that our juices comply with the new rules. If you wish to stock up on stronger eliquid then do it now!

Tanks and cartridges will be reduced to a capacity of 2ml

We will be forced to discontinue products with tanks and cartomizers larger than 2ml. However, we will work hard to bring you a fabulous new range of products that comply with the legislation.

All e-cig products’ packaging will have to be child proof

No problem! Simply has always packaged e-liquids in child proof bottles because safety has always been our primary concern.

There will be greater government scrutiny of products

The industry will be required to provide detailed and transparent information about all products and their ingredients. We have nothing to hide as we only offer the highest quality e-liquids.

The possibility now exists for electronic cigarettes to be banned

If 3 or more member states express the desire to ban e-cigs it is possible that the process to ban them could be initiated. In addition the new regulations demand that e-cigs must provide a consistent dose of nicotine which is impossible as vapers can draw as long or as hard as they wish. Furthermore, leak free refuelling will be compulsory! This is impossible to achieve as the efficiency of refuelling is largely down to the user. We will continue to ensure that our e-cigs are as efficient and reliable as possible.


Let’s Protect the Future of Vaping

Vaping is to be subject to more stringent regulation than regular cigarettes and this is plainly ludicrous. So many people’s lives have been transformed by electronic cigarettes that we must join together to do everything we can to protect the future of vaping. We must do this for our own sakes and for those of the next generation. We shouldn’t tolerate a situation in which it is perfectly fine to stuff our faces with doughnuts until we get diabetes but we cannot vape. One where we can drink ourselves into an early grave but are prevented from vaping.

Please write to your MEP today to register your concerns. It is easy to do this at www.writetothem.com. Start a petition at www.change.org and send us a link or sign any petitions that are currently open. Post your feelings on Facebook and tweet like crazy.

Together we can make a difference!


Are You A Hardcore Vaper? Ask Yourself These 10 Questions

woman vaping

Any hardcore vaper will know that there is vaping and VAPING. There are those that vape as a means to beat their smoking addiction and people who vape as a bit of a hobby and then there are people that live, breathe, sleep and eat vaping. You know who you are.

The very fact you have clicked on this post already gives a good indication as to the type of vaper you are but just to confirm your suspicions take the little test below, giving yourself 1 point for every ‘yes’ answer. Check out your result at the end of the post by adding up the amount of yes’s you answered.

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Game Over Smoking! Can Playing Video Games Really Help You Quit Smoking?

title banner




Game Over Smoking!

I am sure if you are a smoker you have searched the internet typing into Google such things as “the best way to stop smoking”, “10 way to quit smoking” and “quit smoking tips” etc. Some people will have been lucky and will have come across a method or technique that seemed to work with them such as using eliquid from vaping, but there are still a lot more people that still cannot break that addiction no matter what they try. There are all sorts of conventional and unique, weird and wonderful ways people have recommend online that they claim as helped them to quit but one that caught my eye was on Choice And Shadows Blogspot page:


The owner of this gaming blog made quite a bold statement that playing video games helped him to quit. The more I read the more I came to realise that actually the more I thought about it video games could hold some untapped power to help smokers to put down their last cigarette for good.

Some key points the author of the post touched on was:

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FDA To Regulate Electronic Cigarettes

fda logo

Image: www.fda.gov

Popular E Cigarettes To be Regulated By FDA

As e cigarettes become more and more popular, naturally more attention is being paid to their safety and any potential risks they may have. Although many studies have been completed which show them to be safe to use, there may be room for some regulated warnings to come with them to ensure people use them safely.

 In recent news it has been publicised that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) are considering placing warning labels on eliquid containing liquid nicotine. They are also considering placing a requirement on the packaging of eliquid to ensure that it is child-resistant.

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Helen Flanagan Reportedly Quits Smoking After Giving Birth

Helen Flanagan Vows To Stay Of Cigarettes

After smoking for years, former Coronation Street star Helen  Flanagan has now vowed to stay off cigs for good after having her beautiful baby daughter recently. According to The Mirror, Helen decided to kick the habit as soon as she found out she was pregnant with baby Matilda. The gorgeous 24 year old not only decided to quit for the sake of her new baby, but because she plans to expand her brood with partner Scott in the near future.

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More Research Dismisses The Gateway Theory

Recently, a news story was published suggesting that e cigarettes where a gateway to smoking for adults and more worryingly, under 18’s. However, new evidence has been released that dismisses the gateway theory, further emphasising what many from the eliquid community have already said – vaping does not necessarily lead to smoking.

The research, provided by Cancer Research in a recent news story shows that smoking e cigarettes does not guarantee a user will begin smoking normal cigarettes regularly. Professor Linda Bauld of Stirling University Stated:

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A Warning To All Vaper Pet Owners


Danger To Pets Spike With Increase In Electronic Cigarette Popularity

E Cigarettes are becoming more and more popular, which means the potential danger for pets will naturally rise as more people have products containing liquid nicotine in their homes.

News reports show that in cases involving animals being exposed to nicotine have risen from over 200 animals in 2011, to over 300 animals in 2013. So although vaping is considered to be safe for you, the associated paraphernalia may pose a significant risk to your pets as nicotine is an incredible dangerous poison.

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Royal Navy Happy Allowing Sailors To Vape On Nuclear Submarines

Naval Medical Officers Declare Vaping Is Not A Risk

Recently a fugitive whistleblower claimed unauthorised vaping was a safety risk on board Royal Navy nuclear submarines, leading the naval medical officers having to perform a full health and safety investigation to determine whether or not this is the case. This has led to some unexpected positive press for the e cigarette community, as the naval medical officers have now declared vaping is not a risk and sailors are free to vape on board.

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Southern Rail To Ban E Cigs From July

Another Blow For Vapers

In another blow to the e cigarette community, a recent story by the London Evening Standard details Southern Rail’s plan to ban e cigarettes from the last week in July. Many different companies and retailers have chosen to ban the use of e cigarettes, however, this is the first time a major company used by so many people has publically stated it intends to ban the use of these devices.

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Smoking Laws Around The World

Smoking is now recognised and accepted as being incredibly unhealthy. There was once a time when smoking was glamorized in adverts, and you were able to smoke inside public places, and even on planes. However, a lot is now known about how dangerous this habit is, so it’s no surprise one of the worlds biggest killers is now banned in so many places, in so many different countries. The UK has some of the strictest laws on smoking in the world, but how do other countries compare?

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The Right To Vote But Not To Vape

Scotland has recently put forward an e cigarettes bill which will mean the sale of e cigarettes and their associated products will be banned for those under the age of 18.

Despite various research studies and statistics showing that e cigarettes are safe to use and are not a gateway to smoking normal cigarettes, anti-tobacco campaigners have still welcomed the bill. Ash (Action on Smoking and Health) Scotland stated that they believe “electronic cigarettes are less damaging to health than traditional cigarettes” (http://www.scotsman.com/news/scotland/top-stories/e-cigarette-bill-welcomed-by-campaigners-1-3793929)

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Not Getting Enough Vapour? – Here’s Why

Are you finding you’re vaping and putting out less steam than a cold cup of tea? There are lots of reasons this can happen, ranging from the vaping techniques you use to issues with the E cigarette itself.

If you are experiencing this problem, the first thing you need to do is figure out what’s actually going wrong. You can’t fix an issue if you don’t know what’s causing the issue right?

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How To Vape Like A Ninja

These days, it seems like everyone is vaping. You only have to take a short trip to the shop to see someone lovingly holding an e cigarette to their mouth. However, for everyone else, vaping is still a little bit weird. When you don’t vape you see all these people walking around holding these Alice In Wonderland style pipes and wonder what on earth they are doing. Plus, you have to remember many people have heard uneducated information about vaping, which makes them wary and suspicious. Because of this reason, despite the fact e cigarettes are completely legal, many pubs, bars, eateries and public transport companies have banned the use of e cigarettes. This means us innocent, vaping folk are still put in the same box as people who smoke normal cigarettes which is sad, but very true at the moment. With this in mind, there’s cause for a little creativity when it comes to vaping in public places.

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Disney Expands On Screen Smoking Ban To Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm

Image: http://thewaltdisneycompany.com/

Disney is popular with children and adults alike, but the very basis of their entire corporation is bringing imagination, inspiration and entertainment to children’s lives. Because of this, Disney have now taken the decision to ban on screen smoking in every single one of their films, including Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm. The only exception is when historical figures appear smoking because they may have smoked at that time in history, nonetheless even then the act of smoking in that instance is never glamorised.

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Make Everyday Earth Day By Vaping

Earth Day

We all ponder around this little blue marble getting on with our busy daily lives without really giving much thought to the planet in which we reside. For this reason Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, decided to create a national day which would help to raise awareness of the environment and the effects of pollution. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970, and has grown from strength to strength every year gaining a worldwide following with 192 countries at present celebrating it annually.

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Quitting Tobacco? Here’s How To Get Through the First Few Weeks

Quitting Tobacco? Here’s How To Get Through the First Few Weeks

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the first few weeks of quitting tobacco are the hardest. It’s a habit, and for many it’s a habit they’ve been maintaining for years, so to suddenly stop completely is a very big ask. “People will suffer from nicotine withdrawal symptoms as well as the psychological challenges of ending something that may have been a big part of their daily life”, says Brian Jones, a councillor at Quit, a national charity that helps people kick their tobacco habit for good.

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The Luck of the Irish? Ireland’s Confused Stance on Vaping

The Luck of the Irish? Ireland’s Confused Stance on Vaping

Unsurprisingly, St Patrick’s Day is one of the most popular drinking days in the calendar, not only in Ireland and the UK, but in the US too. With approximately six million Brits claiming Irish ancestry, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Many who are used to celebrating St Patrick’s Day year after year will remember a time when most Irish pubs in Britain and Ireland were thick with smoke on Paddy’s Day and also on any other popular night out you could think of, but since the smoking ban this is thankfully, for many, a thing of the past.

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