Bristol First To Introduce Voluntary Outdoor Smoking Ban

voluntary smoking ban

Bristol Kicks Off Voluntary Outdoor Smoking Ban

Yesterday Bristol introduced a new voluntary outdoor scheme that are the UKs first major outdoor smoking free zones.

Both Millennium square and Anchor Square, which are popular family hotspots are the chosen areas in which the ban will take place. Although no enforceable ban will be imposed on smokers that choose to ignore the 11 signs placed around the areas asking them to not light up.

Scheme Has A Lot Of Backing

The scheme has had a tremendous amount of support from local businesses, the city council and health campaigners. However the lobbying group Forest feels the ban is unjustified and unfair. The director of the Forest said:

“Smoking is banned in all enclosed public places. Now campaigners want to ban it outside. This is creeping prohibition.

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Bristol squares aim to stub out cigarettes with voluntary outdoor smoking ban

Vaping Regulations Are Just A Puff Away

regulations on electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarette regulation is a hot topic amongst the vaping world at present. As popularity and consumer numbers continue to grow, so do the conversations and arguments for associated bylaws. It is estimated that over 2 million adults in the UK are currently using e cigs, or vapers as they are known. In fact, sales figures between the years 2012 and 2013 rose by an astonishing 340% to £193 billion. Yes, that’s right, billion! These figures are according to a research publication made by consumer company Mintel in 2014.

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FFA Want Vapers To Carry E Cigs On Planes

carry electronic cigarettes on planesFFA Want Electronic Cigarettes To Be Carried On Board Plane

There are a lot of things that have been outlawed for travel on a commercial plane and the regulations for flight are very stringent  especially in recent years however the Federal Aviation Administration actually wants vapers to carry on their electronic cigarettes on board the plane with them.

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Men & Women Quit Smoking Differently

male smoker

There are many differences between the two sexes including how each prefer to quit smoking new findings from the University of

‘Macho’ Men Don’t Like Being Told What To Do

Men are ‘macho’ and don’t like being told what to do, they will try and convince you and themselves they are right when they are clearly wrong and like every fella they are gifted with an internal compass meaning that even when they are ‘lost’ they know exactly which direction to head in. Everyone knows guys can’t get lost, we just decide to take the scenic route sometimes that’s all.

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Women Smokers At Risk From Fatal AAA

Ascending Aortic Aneurysm

A recent study has found that women who smoke cigarettes are just as likely to develop aneurysms in the main artery from the heart as men. At present there are only guidelines to have smoking men over the age of 65 screened for an abdominal aortic aneurysm, a fatal condition, but now this new study has opened the gates and  has raised the question if women should be screened too.

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Should Vaping Be Allowed In Restaurants?

Eater critic Ryan Sutton gives his take on why vaping shouldn’t be demonized like smoking a regular cigarette in restaurants.

He argues that vaping should not be grouped into the same category as traditional cigarettes, which to be fair is a valid statement because even though the two seem similar they operate very differently.

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Manchester Getting Tougher On Electronic Cigarettes


Manchester Cracks Down On Vaping

As both the awareness and electronic cigarette usage increases in the UK we are seeing more and more places deciding to take up a no vaping policy. In recent news it has been reported that e-cig users in Greater Manchester are being forced to share outdoor smoking shelters inhabited with smokers who are still using analogs and leaving a trial of smoke in their wake.

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Smokers, Blood Test Could Tell You Best Way To Quit

blood test can help smoker quit smokingA Simple Blood Test May Finally Help You Quit Smoking

Science is an amazing thing and the wonders never cease to amaze me – we have sent people to the moon, have computers as small as our hands and can communicate with people all around the world in real time via smartphone apps. However one of the latest scientific findings by a group of researchers in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine may lead to a personalised way to help smokers to quit

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Electronic Cigarettes & Sports Nutrition Products Soar In Sales

Electronic Cigarette Sales Soar

Electronic cigarette sales shot through the roof last year with an incredible 49.5% increase and were even the fastest growing product in British supermarkets.

Britain has been very health conscious for the last few years but 2014 took things to a new level with huge growths being seen across the board for healthy food. Not so surprisingly frozen and fast food continued on a downward slope.

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Unique 2015 Gadgets To Help You Get Back In Shape

fitness app

Get Fit This New Year

Ok so you have decided to quit smoking this new year and you want to focus on achieving that rock hard 6 pack along with those bulging t-shirt muscles. Ok lets not get too ahead of ourselfs just yet – often a lot of people that want to get in shape can set targets that are just too unrealistic for the time frame they are giving themselves. Although most people would like to have the ‘perfect body’, the time, effort and commitment it takes is more than the average person is willing to commit too however that doesn’t mean you you can’t be fit, healthy and be in shape.

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Shocking Smoking Facts Revealed

young adults smoking

Cigarette smoking is the greatest single cause of illness and premature death in the UK claiming around 100,000 lives a year in just the UK alone.

Did you know that around half of all smokers will die from smoking related diseases? When you actually stop for a second and give a little thought as to the seriousness of that sentence it is shocking and quite honestly baffling as to why new people choose to take up smoking?

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NHS Survey Reveals E Cig Usage Low In Non-Smokers

woman vaping

New Research Allays Fears Of E Cigs Encouraging Smoking

Back in march the Independent reported that electronic cigarettes may encourage young people to take up smoking, however new research from the NHS has actually found evidence to disprove this.

The Health survey found that 3% of its 8,800 participants that were aged 16+ were using e cigs and that 29% of smokers and 6% of those that had quit smoking said they had used a electronic cigarette. In comparison only 1% who had never smoked had said they used the devices with very few children having tried them.

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E-cigarette use rare in non-smokers, NHS Shows

How Healthy Are Your Lungs?

doctor examining lung radiography

The Slow Killer

Its a common fact these days that smoking damages your lungs, period! How does it do this? Well simply put smoking severely impairs your lungs ability to clean and repair itself by destroying the cilia, the tiny hairs, that line the upper airways and protect against infection.

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