Should Vaping Be Allowed In Restaurants?

Eater critic Ryan Sutton gives his take on why vaping shouldn’t be demonized like smoking a regular cigarette in restaurants.

He argues that vaping should not be grouped into the same category as traditional cigarettes, which to be fair is a valid statement because even though the two seem similar they operate very differently.

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Manchester Getting Tougher On Electronic Cigarettes


Manchester Cracks Down On Vaping

As both the awareness and electronic cigarette usage increases in the UK we are seeing more and more places deciding to take up a no vaping policy. In recent news it has been reported that e-cig users in Greater Manchester are being forced to share outdoor smoking shelters inhabited with smokers who are still using analogs and leaving a trial of smoke in their wake.

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Smokers, Blood Test Could Tell You Best Way To Quit

blood test can help smoker quit smokingA Simple Blood Test May Finally Help You Quit Smoking

Science is an amazing thing and the wonders never cease to amaze me – we have sent people to the moon, have computers as small as our hands and can communicate with people all around the world in real time via smartphone apps. However one of the latest scientific findings by a group of researchers in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine may lead to a personalised way to help smokers to quit

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Electronic Cigarettes & Sports Nutrition Products Soar In Sales

Electronic Cigarette Sales Soar

Electronic cigarette sales shot through the roof last year with an incredible 49.5% increase and were even the fastest growing product in British supermarkets.

Britain has been very health conscious for the last few years but 2014 took things to a new level with huge growths being seen across the board for healthy food. Not so surprisingly frozen and fast food continued on a downward slope.

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Unique 2015 Gadgets To Help You Get Back In Shape

fitness app

Get Fit This New Year

Ok so you have decided to quit smoking this new year and you want to focus on achieving that rock hard 6 pack along with those bulging t-shirt muscles. Ok lets not get too ahead of ourselfs just yet – often a lot of people that want to get in shape can set targets that are just too unrealistic for the time frame they are giving themselves. Although most people would like to have the ‘perfect body’, the time, effort and commitment it takes is more than the average person is willing to commit too however that doesn’t mean you you can’t be fit, healthy and be in shape.

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Shocking Smoking Facts Revealed

young adults smoking

Cigarette smoking is the greatest single cause of illness and premature death in the UK claiming around 100,000 lives a year in just the UK alone.

Did you know that around half of all smokers will die from smoking related diseases? When you actually stop for a second and give a little thought as to the seriousness of that sentence it is shocking and quite honestly baffling as to why new people choose to take up smoking?

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NHS Survey Reveals E Cig Usage Low In Non-Smokers

woman vaping

New Research Allays Fears Of E Cigs Encouraging Smoking

Back in march the Independent reported that electronic cigarettes may encourage young people to take up smoking, however new research from the NHS has actually found evidence to disprove this.

The Health survey found that 3% of its 8,800 participants that were aged 16+ were using e cigs and that 29% of smokers and 6% of those that had quit smoking said they had used a electronic cigarette. In comparison only 1% who had never smoked had said they used the devices with very few children having tried them.

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E-cigarette use rare in non-smokers, NHS Shows

How Healthy Are Your Lungs?

doctor examining lung radiography

The Slow Killer

Its a common fact these days that smoking damages your lungs, period! How does it do this? Well simply put smoking severely impairs your lungs ability to clean and repair itself by destroying the cilia, the tiny hairs, that line the upper airways and protect against infection.

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Project XA – The Safe Cigarette You Never Heard Of

Project XA

The story of Dr James D. Mold and his cancer free cigarette is one that would incense every smoker and every person who has lost a loved one due to the effects of tobacco smoking.  While there have always been rumours that tobacco companies were less than honest about the health risks associated with cigarette smoking, the information that came to light about the pioneering work Mold did and how he was ignored highlights the greed that drove the tobacco industry.

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Keeping The Weight Off When Quitting

keeping the weight off when quitting

Keeping Off The Pounds When Quitting Smoking

It’s often one of the issues most smokers are very nervous about; they ask the question, “Will giving up smoking make me put on weight?” but the problem is that there are no hard and fast rules about this. Smoking is a diversion activity for sure…some people quell their natural hunger pangs with a cigarette whilst others claim they feel less hungry when they’re smoking daily.

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Another Study Shows Absence Of E-Cigarette Toxins

Fresh Study Shows Absence Of E-Cigarette Toxins

A fresh report into the effects of E-Cigarettes by the International Journal of Research and Public Health has dispelled yet more myths about the popular smoking cessation device which have been beset by confused reports and by the effects of over-zealous authorities’ attempts to control and reduce their spread. The study assessed the vapours emitted by E-Cigarettes for the presence of toxins and mutagens. The methods used in the study were well respected and one known as the Ames test is particularly well-used by the medical profession.

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Have You Seen Our Large Range Of Electronic Cigarette Kits?


Here at Simply E Liquid we believe that choice is everything and that’s why we stock such a comprehensive range of high quality Electronic Cigarette kits. We know that our clients love our kits because they simplify the process of making the switch from smoking to vaping…and we know that our more seasoned vapers are sticklers for quality so we only stock the very best products.

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Do You Think Britain Should Be Smoke Free?

Britain’s Health Secretary Calls For Smoke Free Britian

Britain’s Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has spoken out about his belief that Britain should be aspiring to become “smoke free Britain”. The comments came during a House of Commons debate and Mr. Hunt responded to one of his own MPs regarding the issue.

His comments were no doubt fuelled by recent calls for a ban on smoking in public parks and recreation areas and following the publication of a landmark NHS report outlining the NHS’ strategy for reducing deaths caused by smoking related illnesses.

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6 Things The ESA Rosetta Mission & People Trying To Quit Smoking Have In Common


As I am sure you have already heard a little lander by the name of Philae has touched down on comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, wayhey!!! Wayhey indeed, This extraordinary feat of space exploration marked a key moment in mankind’s history books. If we take a little trip back to 1969 Man successfully managed to send the very first humans to the Moon. This was an amazing achievement for the time especially when you take into consideration that an average singing birthday cards you can purchase at any high street card shop has more processing power than that of the Apollo 11 module. In the 35 years that followed, Mans curiosity and drive to explore the stars never wavered and in 2004 a robotic space probe was built and launched by the European Space Agency to perform a detailed study of the comet. Ten years later on the 12 November at 10:30 am ET, Philae successfully landed tweeting out “”Touchdown! My new address: 67P!”.

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Vaping 101: What is a Dry Hit?

There are numerous teething problems which are easily fixed when it comes to vaping for newcomers. An often remarked on phenomena is the so-called “dry hit” which is an unpleasant and off-putting sensation sometimes experienced when a vaper takes a draw on an e-cigarette only to experience a nasty tasting sensation which is sometimes likened to breathing in burned plastic or a chemical-type flavour.

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