DIY E Liquid

Make your own DIY E Liquid Flavours

You may be considering doing a bit of DIY when it comes to your e liquid. And why not? There are thousands of combinations just waiting to be discovered, allowing you to adjust specific aspects to your tastes and be creative at the same time.

It is best as a first time user of the e cigarette to buy some pre-mixed e liquids first. This allows your taste buds to adjust to the new type of smoking and it will also allow you to decide what type of flavour and strength you prefer. Even if you do not like coffee or think the fruit flavours sound unappealing, using the e cig is not the same as food and you may find you like it. Experimenting in a way will enable you to figure out what you like best, so make sure you also keep a record of what you like and what you don't like.

After you have got used to vaping, you can order components of e liquid so you can DIY. You'll need empty bottles, syringes, droppers, unflavored PG, VG with nicotine, pure PG and/or VG, and your desired flavoring. The best thing to do is buy a kit which has everything in it for you, like Simply E Liquid's DIY E liquid mixing kits. These contain all the things you need to start, including pure PG, unflavoured VG, 15 flavours, 2 pipettes (droppers) and 20 empty bottles for you to store your e liquids in. The kit is great value and you can combine flavours like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, honey, fireball and even apple amongst many others.

You need to be very careful when mixing your e liquid. You should only ever mix components with gloves on and make sure you clean trays and use tweezers to handle items.

Before jumping into advanced multiple flavour mixing, try each flavour individually. You can use the guide in the kit to help you figure out the quantities to choose from and there are even calculators which can help you get the amounts correct.

You should start off mixing small amounts of e liquid, and don't go overboard on the flavour either. It can be easy to throw everything in at once but it is best to use low amounts of flavour then work your way up if you find that it is too weak. If you choose concentrated flavours, then they take time to diffuse properly so you might want the e liquid to settle before using it. Even shaking or stirring won't necessarily make it ready, so take your time. It is a little like wine - allow it to rest before serving!

The Simply E Liquid DIY kit is excellent value for money and allows you to be truly creative with your vaping. You can store the e liquids and use them another time, or you can build on your past creations to perfect your ultimate flavour. You might try and go for something really wacky, like apple and cappuccino mixed with white chocolate, or you may try and add complimentary flavours together, such as apple and honey.

However you want to DIY it, make sure you use the right equipment and take your time to read all instructions carefully, too.


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