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What is an e-cig?

An e-cig or an electronic cigarette, sometimes known as a vaporiser is an electronic substitute for a traditional cigarette minus the harsh chemicals.

Instead of tobacco, eliquid is heated producing vapour, simulating the action of smoking without the damaging side effects. The devices comprise of a battery, an atomizer to heat the eliquid and the eliquid itself.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming an increasingly popular choice of for people who are looking to quit smoking or even cut down on the amount of regular cigarettes they smoke. The beauty of e-cig's is that they contain none of the nasty heath damaging chemicals associated with a regular cigarette like tar which has been linked to the development of lung cancer.

The world of vaping offers a very different experience to that of a traditional smoker, with a whole range of differently flavoured eliquids, from mint, fruit or simply tobacco flavour. Simply Eliquid stocks a wide range of premium quality eliquids that offer a deep and rich flavour.

Benefits of e-cigs:


Save a fortune on costly cigarettes, a standard 10ml eliquid can last a few days depending on how heavily you smoked. The average saving for a 20 a day smoker is around £120 per month! That's £1440 per year!


Many health experts have given eliquid their backing, with over 2 million people in the UK choosing vaping over smoking, Public Health England recently commissioned experts to study the safety of eliquid. The findings were "unequivocal with experts declaring vaping to be 95% less harmful than smoking. As featured on the BBC read the full article here.


There are no residual chemicals expelled into the air as you exhale from your electronic cigarette so you can say goodbye to the smell of smoke on your clothes and around the house! No need to worry about heading outside in the cold wet weather, vape in your house or car with no lingering odour.


No need to worry about passive smoking! Because there is no burning with an e-cig there are no harmful carcinogens given off while you vape making this safer not only for you, but for those around you too.

Simply Eliquid offers quality electronic cigarette kits and e-liquid refills at great prices delivered directly to your door. We stock a selection of vaping kits containing all the essentials for those just starting out as well as advanced e-cig kits if you are looking to enhance your vaping experience.

We stock a range of well-known branded kits including Aspire, Justfog, Innokin and Joyetech to name a few - we have options suitable for all budgets from economy right through to premium ranges.