Do You Think Britain Should Be Smoke Free?

Britain’s Health Secretary Calls For Smoke Free Britian

Britain’s Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has spoken out about his belief that Britain should be aspiring to become “smoke free Britain”. The comments came during a House of Commons debate and Mr. Hunt responded to one of his own MPs regarding the issue.

His comments were no doubt fuelled by recent calls for a ban on smoking in public parks and recreation areas and following the publication of a landmark NHS report outlining the NHS’ strategy for reducing deaths caused by smoking related illnesses.

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6 Things The ESA Rosetta Mission & People Trying To Quit Smoking Have In Common


As I am sure you have already heard a little lander by the name of Philae has touched down on comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, wayhey!!! Wayhey indeed, This extraordinary feat of space exploration marked a key moment in mankind’s history books. If we take a little trip back to 1969 Man successfully managed to send the very first humans to the Moon. This was an amazing achievement for the time especially when you take into consideration that an average singing birthday cards you can purchase at any high street card shop has more processing power than that of the Apollo 11 module. In the 35 years that followed, Mans curiosity and drive to explore the stars never wavered and in 2004 a robotic space probe was built and launched by the European Space Agency to perform a detailed study of the comet. Ten years later on the 12 November at 10:30 am ET, Philae successfully landed tweeting out “”Touchdown! My new address: 67P!”.

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Vaping 101: What is a Dry Hit?

There are numerous teething problems which are easily fixed when it comes to vaping for newcomers. An often remarked on phenomena is the so-called “dry hit” which is an unpleasant and off-putting sensation sometimes experienced when a vaper takes a draw on an e-cigarette only to experience a nasty tasting sensation which is sometimes likened to breathing in burned plastic or a chemical-type flavour.

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5 Tips to Make Your Switch to Vaping Easier


So you’ve decided to make the switch…from smoking to vaping; you’re feeling confident but nervous, hopeful but realistic. Maybe you’ve tried to give up smoking in the past and failed…perhaps you’ve never tried and are banking on e-cigarettes to be your ticket out of addiction.

To help you on the road to recovery from nicotine addiction, the following 5 tips should be your guidance and starting point as you begin a new life and a new routine away from cigarettes and towards freedom.

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