10% of Cancer Survivors Still Smoking a Decade Later

A recent survey in the US has revealed that around 10% of US cancer survivors were found to be still smoking an average of 15 cigarettes per day 9 years after diagnoses and treatments.

Researched Showed Patients With Bladder Cancer Were Most Likely To Smoke

The most likely to still smoke were patients who had received treatment for bladder cancer with 17% of these still smoking. Of lung cancer survivors, 15% were found to be still smoking.

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Quit Smoking Today With These Top 10 Tips

Quitting smoking is a huge deal…there’s no point in hiding from how big a deal it really is; if you’re seriously thinking of going on the journey towards being smoke free then the first thing you must do is acknowledge how life changing this battle (and it is a battle) is going to be.

It’s tough to give up…very tough, which is why so many people continue to smoke despite being fully informed of the many health risks associated with it. Tobacco is thought to be more addictive than many class A drugs and those who want to stop will need to take time to fully arm themselves with all of the tools necessary to make their efforts a success.

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Vaping Games – What Is Cloud Chasing?

Most people have heard of drinking games but vaping games? You might be wondering what sort of games one could play with an electronic cigarette…we’re not talking hide the thimble here but as humans are by nature creative and playful souls, it was never going to be long before someone started a new vaping related game and the game of the moment is called “Cloud Chasing”.

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