The Top E Liquid Flavours To Vape This Summer

Seasonal vaping is something many vapers indulge in; having your e liquid favourite flavours is one thing but changing them to shift with the seasons is another! What better on a wintry day than something warming? What could be nicer on a summer day than a cooling or refreshing flavour? We’ve brought together a selection of the best summer flavours for you to choose from. Whether it’s so that you can adjust your vaping habits on holiday or so that you can indulge in something bright and lively whilst you relax in the garden, you’re sure to find something exciting!

Some of our top flavours for summer follow…they’ll put you right in the mood for beach parties, barbeques and long, hot summer evenings no matter where in the world you are!

  • Tropical Island: This has to be one of our number one summery e liquid flavours at the moment. It’s a delicious blend of tropical fruits that will put you in the mood for relaxing and enjoying life! If you’re heading off to hotter climes this holiday season then this is the flavour to pack!
  • Zest Appeal: What could be more summery than the zingy, sharp flavour of fresh lemons? That’s what you get with Zest Appeal and you won’t find a better taste to enjoy on the beach!
  • Strawberry Milkshake: Go back in time to the carefree summers of your youth with this fun e liquid flavour…it reminds us of those fantastic beachside cafes where you can sit and sip an ice-cold drink and laze the day away.
  • Very Cherry: What’s more summery than a basketful of freshly picked cherries? This e liquid flavour is bursting with the sweet, sharp taste of fresh cherries and we love it for its fun and refreshing edge!
  • Raspberry Sorbet: This e liquid flavour is so popular because it’s sweet without being overwhelming and in terms of tasty it hits all the right spots.

Summer is a fantastic time for relaxing and enjoying all of the pleasures that outdoor life offers. Our e liquid flavours are specially designed to keep you in the right mood for chilling and enjoying the flavours of the season no matter what your tastes!

Keep your summer mood going all year round if you’re so inclined, there’s nothing like flavour and scent to bring those pleasant memories rolling back into the forefront of your mind and even as autumn approaches you’ll be able to stay relaxed with our gorgeous summery e liquid flavours!


E Liquid Mixology Summer Masterclass

One of the most freeing things about vaping rather than smoking is that there’s a whole myriad of creativity connected to it; vaping is a much more interesting habit than plain old smoking and health benefits aside, many vapers are becoming quite the connoisseur when it comes to their e liquid.

Mixology used to apply only to cocktails…but now the vapers are getting in on the act and with the wide range of marvelously flavoured e liquids on offer; it’s not hard to come up with some amazing combinations.

The trick of mixing your own delicious concoctions of e liquid is simple…think about what flavours go into your favourite foods and drinks and get mixing! If you need some inspiration then why not try some of these amazing combinations of e liquid? These mixes are designed to offer a unique and fresh vape…something different from your usual and perhaps to be enjoyed after a meal or whilst socialising.

Watermelon and Mint

Mint e liquid is a very popular flavour; it’s fresh and has a little “bite” to it but combined with a sweet watermelon e liquid you’ve got a really unusual and almost summery flavour!

watermelon e liquid

mint e liquid







Caramel and Almond

The sweet almost buttery flavour of caramel makes for a great vape…a comfortingly luxurious flavour which will warm you to the very heart. Combine it with the nutty luxury of an almond flavoured E-Liquid and you’ve got a match made in heaven!

caramel e liquid

almond e liquid







Cola and Citrus Zing

Everyone knows that cola goes perfectly with lemon or lime…mix up your favourite cola flavoured e liquid with a fresh citrus E-Liquid and you’ll have a vape that packs a real punch!

cola e liquid

citrus e liquid







Coffee and Plum

Two rich, dark flavours which compliment one another perfectly. The slight bitterness of coffee makes it the perfect foil for the dark, sweet flavour of ripe plums…the perfect cocktail for after dinner or late summer evenings chilling on the terrace.

coffee e liquidplum e liquid







Violet Brandy

This combo goes so well together because the flavours are so different! Little violet sweeties mixed up with the piquant and uber grown-up taste of brandy create an exciting and very different flavour with more than a hint of decadence.

violet e liquid

brandy e liquid







E-Liquid Mixology is a fun and interesting part of vaping that every vaper should try. You don’t need to stick to the same flavour all the time; experiment, try out flavours which you’d never imagine together and you might be pleasantly surprised…you’ll be discovering new and outlandishly gorgeous flavours in no time!


The Underhanded Tactics That Make Smoking Even More Deadly

The Slow Change That Has Made Smoking Even More Deadly

We all know that smoking is addictive right? Of course we do…just as we know it’s an incredibly dangerous habit which causes more unnecessary deaths than any other factor in the world. However, did you know that manufacturers have slowly changed the way that they make cigarettes in an effort to make them more addictive than ever? Well they have done just that…and not only that but they’ve changed the way that cigarettes are made to ensure that they are easier to smoke.

Easier To Smoke

How can a cigarette be “easier” to smoke? Simple…manufacturers have altered the contents of cigarettes so that the smoke isn’t so “rough” to inhale and they’ve even added subtle flavours so that they’re not so bitter to taste. It seems incredible that as we understand even more about the dangers of smoking than ever before, manufacturers are taking steps to tighten their hold on those who are addicted.

Study Uncovers New Information

The information has come to light following a study by the charity Kids Against Smoking which looked at scientific studies, tobacco industry documents and The Surgeon General’s report. The study found that today’s smokers have a much higher risk of lung cancer as well as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease than smokers in 1964 did…even if they smoke fewer cigarettes.

A breakdown of the changes made to cigarettes outlines just how serious the situation is.

  • Bronchodilators: This is essentially the addition of chemicals to the cigarettes which make the lungs expand meaning tobacco passes into the lungs more easily.
  • Flavourings:  Flavourings such as liquorice and chocolate are added to make smoking more palatable. This is especially risky when it comes to children smoking.
  • Ammonia Compounds:  Ammonia compounds increase the speed in which smokers get a “hit”.
  • Levulinic Acid: Organic acid salts are added to reduce the harshness of the nicotine and to make the smoke less irritating.
  • Added sugars and Acetaldhyde: Sugars are added to the product which then forms Acetaldhyde which in turn makes the nicotine even more addictive.
  • Filters are ventilated: Small perforations are added to the filters which compel smokers to inhale more deeply. This causes carcinogens to reach even deeper.

This information is shocking to some but shows the deliberate actions of the tobacco companies in attempting to continue their hold over those who are already addicted. Although nicotine addiction is extremely powerful, it is beatable and with the advent of E-Cigarettes there is even more hope for those who would like to break free.



Charging Your Electronic Cigarette Safely.

There have been a few stories in the news recently which appear to point out some potential “dangers” stemming from the use of E-Cigarettes. The incidents have involved people who whilst attempting to charge their E-Cigarette have inadvertently caused fires to break out. Almost without variation though, the fires have been caused by vapers plugging in their E-Cigarettes to chargers which were not the one they were provided with.

Do Not Charge With The Wrong Charger

One case saw a young woman plug her E-Cigarette into her phone’s charger before she went to sleep; she was then awoken some time later to find that her bed had been engulfed in flames. E-Cigarettes are like any electronic device…if misused they have the potential to cause a fire risk but when managed properly they are completely safe. Even if your phone charger appears to fit with your E-Cigarette do not be tempted to substitute it for the actual charger which the retailer has provided you with.

The unfortunate young woman in question was not too badly injured but the incident could have been much worse had she not woken up in time to put the fire out; she had been using her Apple iphone charger with her E-Cigarette and this was what had caused the fire.

Read Packaging Advice & Never Charge Over Night

Similarly do not use the charger from another E-Cigarette brand with your own E-Cigarette…they may look the same but they’re not and were built differently for a reason. Your E-Cigarette packaging will warn you not to change chargers and this advice should be heeded. If you worry about being without a charger then it can be a good idea to purchase a second “spare” charger from your supplier and keep this in a safe place…some people have one charger at home and another in their place of work. In addition do not leave your e-cig charging overnight, again just like any electrical device this can be a fire hazard.

Whilst most people take sensible precautions when charging their E-Cigarettes, some people will take risks assuming that nothing bad will happen but this is just reckless. Read the safety warnings on your E-Cigarette packaging and stick to the advice given to

Electronic Cigarettes: Scan To Vape

E-cigarettes are revolutionising the lives of many smokers who are in some cases almost evangelical about the great results which they can bring about. Giving up smoking is for many people hard work so the advent of the e-cigarette has been a real boon in terms of aiding smokers to turn around their lives.

Electronic Cigarettes & Children

However there have been some reports of children “trying” electronic cigarettes which of course is not a good thing. This is why one company Vapor-Corp have worked to come up with a solution to the problem…a biometric fingerprint scanner which will halt anyone who isn’t “authorised” to use the device if they don’t have the required fingerprint needed.

finger print access

Whilst the device is still in development and is said to be in prototype stage, the inventors are excited about the possibilities it offers. If your fingerprint isn’t registered with the device then it won’t work…not only could this be a great way to stop curious kids in their tracks but also a great way to ensure that nobody but the owner of any vaping device gets to use it…potentially putting off thieves.

Ensures Safety

With tempting flavours such as vanilla, cola and even jellybean out there, kids could be forgive for perhaps wondering what the fuss is about and taking a sneaky puff…with a fingerprint scanner this risk would be completely removed. Packaging on E-Cigarettes clearly state that the devices are not intended for use by minors and shops are forbidden from selling them to children but what if a vaper accidentally forgets to put theirs in a safe place?


There is some debate as to whether this is a welcomed technological add-on to the much loved e-cig as while some think it is a great idea by making their device childproof others think that such a novelty will only complicate matters and is simply just not needed.

What are your thoughts?

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Allow E-Cigs In The Office To Increase Productivity

The old style offices of the past were once choked with the stench of second-hand smoke and non-smokers were quite naturally unhappy about it. They were forced to breathe in the noxious emissions of other people’s cigarettes and they would then find that their clothing smelled bad too!

Those bad old days are thankfully over thanks to the banning of cigarettes in public places, so bars, offices, shops and restaurants are all now smoke-free zones. This is good news for the health of the public at large…but what about the smokers? Are they suffering due to their enforced abstention? You bet they are!

office worker vaping

Many smokers report feelings of anxiety and jitteriness when they’re forced to go without a hit for prolonged periods of time. Their concentration falters and they repeatedly check their watches to see when they might reasonably nip outside to have a smoke. This even applies to those of us who no longer smoke cigarettes but who choose to smoke E-Cigarettes instead.

Despite E-Cigarettes giving off nothing more remarkable than harmless vapour, most places of work have banned them. If vapers were allowed their E-Cigarettes in work then employers would doubtless find that productivity and happiness amongst their workers would increase.

Non vapers would not feel as though their vaping colleagues were shirking their duties every time they popped out for a vape…and the overall satisfaction of the team would improve as resentment towards those who were taking extra breaks would no longer be an issue.

Losses due to workers popping out to vape or losing concentration due to being unable to leave the premises are quite high and it’s time that the rules were looked at again with fresh eyes.


Have You Tried Our New E Liquid Flavours?

Our new selection of e liquid flavours has everything you need to keep your vaping interesting. There’s no need to stick to the same E Juice every time you run low…why not ring the changes and try something new?

black ice e liquid

First up on our new menu is Black Ice. This is a delicious and cool combination of Aniseed with a Pernod base. It’s got a high Aniseed content so it’s best used with a glass or Pyrex cartomizer. We think this is a great e liquid flavour for relaxing summer evenings. If you enjoy the flavour of Aniseed then we think you’re going to love Black Jack. Strong and sweet, it’s got an amazing kick to it and it’s available in 5 different strengths including zero nicotine.

dandelion and burdock e liquid

For a little retro chic why not give our Dandelion and Burdock e liquid flavour a whirl? Just like the delicious drink, it’s a refreshingly sweet flavour with a twist and whilst we’re on the retro rollercoaster why not order some of our Blackcurrant Chewit e liquid flavour? You can’t get much more delicious than classic blackcurrant and this flavour is available in the usual strengths too.

funky monkey e liquid

Looking for something really delicious but unusual? Then Funky Monkey might tick your boxes. This is a gorgeous combination of chocolate, banana and Aniseed…like a fancy ice-cream sundae this one is just what you need for an after-dinner vape and it’s growing ever more popular as people realise how delicious it is!

green mint e liquid

Another after dinner cracker has to be our Green Mint e liquid flavour. For a cooling and mild vape this is the best out there; it’s even got a hint of Eucalyptus for that added kick.

ice breeze e liquid

If Green Mint isn’t cool enough for you and you’re after something even more refreshing then look at Ice Breeze which is an incredible menthol e liquid flavour which will knock your socks off if you’re a fan of cool flavours.

raspberry sorbet e liquid

Some people just love a sweet E Liquid and if that’s you then you simply must try Raspberry Sorbet; this smells as good as it tastes and it’s very popular among our clients. Perhaps the ultimate in berry flavours is Red Astaire which is a glorious combo of red berries, black grape, Eucalyptus, Aniseed and menthol. A really sophisticated and rich flavour this one feels very avant garde!

tropical island e liquid

Staying on the fruity side of things we simply can’t let our new flavour Tropical Island go without a mention. This is a wonderful concoction of a variety of tropical fruits and its flavour is reminiscent of all those delicious fruit cocktails you’ve every dreamed of eating on a hot island somewhere in the Pacific! Fruit fans out there will be pleased also to see our Very Cherry e liquid flavour which is basically an even cherrier flavoured cherry flavour than ever whilst those who love a bit of citrus will welcome the arrival of Zest Appeal which we think is heavenly! It’s possibly one of the most refreshing flavours we’ve tried!

rhubarb and custard e liquid

All those who are young at heart will be pleased to see new e liquid flavours Strawberry Milkshake, Sarsaparilla and Rhubarb and Custard…they all taste exactly as you’d expect, sweet and delicious and gloriously self-indulgent.

With this many new flavours to choose from we’ll understand if you’re having a tough time choosing! Why not choose some of each and have a fun time experimenting…we’ve no doubt that you’ll find your favourites quickly!


Holiday Vaping Tips


Vaping On Holiday

Jetting off on holiday is fraught with arrangements and planning as it is…but if you are a smoker then the thought of long-haul flights can be more alarming for you than for other travellers. The fear for many smokers of course is the hours spent in the air and in the airport without a smoke.

Vaping has to some degree made this less of an issue but it’s not all airlines which permit the use of electronic cigarettes on board or even all airports which permit vaping in transit. Before you fly, check with your airline what the rules surrounding vaping are…it’s much better to be prepared than not!

Declare Your E Cig

One of the first things that you should reassure yourself about is that airlines know all about E-Cigarettes and what they are; they won’t think that they’re drugs paraphernalia and they won’t confiscate them…you don’t need to hide them! On rare occasions however, some equipment may be confiscated; this only happens in cases where the traveller has packed a large amount of supplies and customs becomes suspicious that they are planning to sell them. If you remain open about your E-Cigarette and declare it as you pass through security, things should be fine.

holiday objects

Ask The Airline And Your Fellow Passengers

Remember to check with your airline if vaping on-board is permitted and before you do, check with your fellow passengers if they mind or not…this is just common courtesy and most people won’t mind as education regarding vaping has improved; people are growing less suspicious of E-Cigarettes and becoming more accustomed to seeing them in use.

Make Sure You Know YOUR Airlines Regulations

If you want to carry your vaping equipment in your hand luggage it is best to let the airline know about it before boarding the plane. If you have any doubts whatsoever, do contact the airline prior to your journey and get a clear idea of the latest rules
and regulations.

Store Your Electronic Cigarette & Accessories In A Cool Place

Remember that if you’re travelling to a hot country, you will need to reassess the way you store your equipment; don’t leave your E-Juice or your E-Cigarette in the hot sun and do find a cool spot in which to store them.

With a little sensible planning and some organisation there’s no need to worry about your equipment and no need to think that you won’t be able to carry on vaping no matter where you are in the world!

E Cigarettes More Effective than Nicotine Patches

A new study from University College London has found that while engaging with NHS smoking cessation services is the most successful way to give up smoking, the use of E-Cigarettes is more effective than nicotine replacement therapy in addition to being more effective than stopping with no replacement at all.

The growing popularity of E-Cigarettes has become a problem for some; health organisations, governments and some retailers are wading in to the argument that E-Cigarettes potentially normalise smoking and could make it attractive to children; however, supporters and research points to the fact that the vast majority of those who use E-Cigarettes only do so as a method kicking the tobacco habit.

Professor Robert West of the department of epidemiology and public health pointed out the importance of research. “It really could affect literally millions of lives. We need to know.” he said.

Professor West acknowledged that the area is not without some controversy and said that whilst his department do accept income from pharmaceutical companies which make smoking cessation drugs they do not take any funds from E-Cigarette manufacturers. “I need to be able to talk about E-Cigarettes without even the conception of conflict of interest.”

electronic cigarette

The study looked at people who had ceased smoking between July 2009 and February 2014 and found that a growing proportion of them were using E-Cigarettes rather than nicotine replacements such as gum or patches. A large group of those in the study tried to stop without support and those who cut out cigarettes completely have more success than those who attempt to cut down.

When the study was complete and the numbers adjusted to account for age and other variables it was found that those participants who used E-Cigarettes were 60% more likely to give up than those who didn’t.

Professor West said that there is confusion about E-Cigarettes in general. “Despite what a lot of people think, E-Cigarettes are not good news for the tobacco industry and the tobacco industry would like them to go away. They sell tobacco and they would like to go on doing that.” he said.

The European Commission’s stance on the subject is that E-Cigarettes should be regulated as consumer products as long as they are below a certain strength. The trouble with this is that in order for E-Cigarettes to be a successful aid in the cessation of smoking, they need to be on the higher side.

Two tobacco companies have already applied to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) to gain licences for this which is worrying; smaller companies which are making E-Cigarettes are not in financial positions to manage a costly procedure like the licensing process…unlike the rich tobacco companies.

In an ideal world Professor West would like to see the NHS supporting the use of E-Cigarettes and this won’t happen unless the products were MHRA licensed. Currently, the only real opposers to E-Cigarettes are unsurprisingly the tobacco companies which make billions from people’s addictions and the smoking cessation drug manufacturers whose sales are sliding on a daily basis as more and more people turn to E-Cigarettes in their battle to quit the habit.

An Insight Into The Vaping Community [Infographic]

So recently Simply E Liquid put together a survey and sent it out to all you vapers out there and the feedback was amazing so thanks to everyone that took part, your time was greatly appreciated.

Below you can find the infographic that shows the results from the survey. The statistic which we feel is worth noting is that 174 people out of the 200 people we asked managed to quit smoking as a result of vaping. That figure is truely remarkable and goes to show how effective electronic cigarettes can be.

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Vaping Survey Results

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