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Southern Rail To Ban E Cigs From July

Another Blow For Vapers

In another blow to the e cigarette community, a recent story by the London Evening Standard details Southern Rail’s plan to ban e cigarettes from the last week in July. Many different companies and retailers have chosen to ban the use of e cigarettes, however, this is the first time a major company used by so many people has publically stated it intends to ban the use of these devices.

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Smoking Laws Around The World

Smoking is now recognised and accepted as being incredibly unhealthy. There was once a time when smoking was glamorized in adverts, and you were able to smoke inside public places, and even on planes. However, a lot is now known about how dangerous this habit is, so it’s no surprise one of the worlds biggest killers is now banned in so many places, in so many different countries. The UK has some of the strictest laws on smoking in the world, but how do other countries compare?


Spain has a complete ban on smoking indoors, apart from certain smoking clubs. You also aren’t allowed to smoke in playgrounds and in the grounds of health facilities like hospitals and doctors surgeries. Smoking is also prohibited on school grounds and on the grounds other educational facilities.  You are currently still able to smoke outside a lot of the bars in Spain.


Slovakia has some pretty odd smoking laws which could be considered quite vague. For example you can’t smoke in the workplace in areas where people who don’t smoke are working. There are also still smoking areas in bars and eateries which means passive smoking inside is still an issue.


Austria still has smoking rooms in a lot of indoor places, the only condition of those smoking rooms being the fact the smoke within them must not be seeping into the surrounding non-smoking areas. If you have an office that customers do not visit you are allowed to smoke inside it. And bars still have smoking areas which take up about 50% of the bar. There are future plans in Austria to ban smoking in cafes and restaurants before 2018.


Smoking in Germany is still allowed in most bars, however, certain areas enforce smoking bans on bars and eateries that fall within their radius. The German government are currently discussing a complete smoking ban in all businesses that fall under the hospitality sector.


Australia has some extremely strict anti-smoking laws and are much further ahead with some of their laws than we are in the UK. For example, certain areas in Australia have banned people smoking in the car if children are with them in the vehicle. This is a law that will potentially come into play in the UK very soon. In Australia you cannot currently smoke in eateries, bars and any enclosed public places and some areas have banned smoking on beaches and sports areas. To add to their strict approach to abolishing smoking, Australia also have one of the world’s most expensive price tags on a pack of 20 cigarettes which cost well over £10.00 per pack.


Ireland led the UK with it’s approach to anti-smoking laws by introducing a complete smoking ban in 2004. This made smoking indoors at work completely illegal and subject to a fine of over £2000 pounds. Scotland followed closely behind in 2006 and various countries have followed suit and replicated the law since.


Smoking laws across the USA vary greatly and tend to be enforced locally rather than by the state. The laws can change from one town to another, however generally laws seem to be more relaxed in the South. In California and New York you can expect to see some of the strictest anti-smoking laws in the world with some laws prohibiting smoking within a certain distance from certain buildings. Lots of outdoor parks also do not allow smoking within them. In New York nearly all beaches, swimming pools, pedestrian shopping areas and boardwalks do not allow smoking, and the minimum age for buying cigarettes is 21.

Proving how much the laws vary, in New York you cannot smoke on a beach and yet further South in places like Texas, Oklahoma and Georgia you can enter a bar smoking and not be questioned about it, in fact many bars and restaurants in these areas still allow you to light up inside without issue.

Escape The Bans & Vape

It is widely believed that in not so many years to come, the only areas a smoker will be allowed to smoke is in their own home and even that may be restricted if they live with children. Why not improve your health, escape the ever increasing bans on smoking and switch to vaping? It’s cheaper, better for you and although it is still currently being treated with caution by the Government and various businesses (despite so much evidence it is not harmful), it is hoped the gathering studies and statistics being gathered on it will mean it will become commonly accepted in society. Worried about the smoking bans? Escape them and vape.



The Right To Vote But Not To Vape

Scotland has recently put forward an e cigarettes bill which will mean the sale of e cigarettes and their associated products will be banned for those under the age of 18.

Despite various research studies and statistics showing that e cigarettes are safe to use and are not a gateway to smoking normal cigarettes, anti-tobacco campaigners have still welcomed the bill. Ash (Action on Smoking and Health) Scotland stated that they believe “electronic cigarettes are less damaging to health than traditional cigarettes” (http://www.scotsman.com/news/scotland/top-stories/e-cigarette-bill-welcomed-by-campaigners-1-3793929)

The bill will make it illegal for under-18′s to purchase e cigarettes and their associated products, and for over-18′s to purchase e cigarettes and their associated products for under-18′s putting e cigarettes in the same category as normal cigarettes despite e cigarettes being actively backed by various health officials and medical experts as a safe alternative to smoking.

This bill is would appear to be conflicting with the recent bill from the Scottish government which detailed the voting age for young adults to be lowered to 16 and 17 olds. Suggesting that Scotland’s government believes under-18′s are mature and educated enough to have a say in the future of their country, but not in their own health choices, without even taking into consideration the fact vaping is widely considered as safe and the fact only 0.2% of e cigarette users go on to smoke normal cigarettes (http://news.sky.com/story/1488651/half-a-million-smokers-switch-to-e-cigarettes).

The majority of Scotland’s young people want the right to vote for the future of their country, so shouldn’t they by rights be allowed to choose whether or not to vape?

It would seem the under-18 e cigarette sale ban could be considered nonsensical and patronising to the youth of Scotland. E cigarettes are not the same as normal cigarettes and can be consumed without the use of any nicotine so are by rights, non-addictive products. They are proven not to be a gateway to normal smoking and they actively promote the avoidance of cigarettes and tobacco products. The bill is surely a contradiction from the Scottish government. Teens can vote on something as important as the future of their country, but not have the choice to enjoy a safe and heavily researched activity like vaping.

Scotlands youth deserve more rights and respect – if they can vote on the country’s future, they can actively make a balanced decision about whether or not to vape – they deserve the right to choose.

Half A Million Smokers Switch To E-Cigs In Last Year

man vaping electronic cigarette

E cigarettes are getting extremely popular, and according to a survey carried out by ASH (Action Against Smoking) they helped half a million people in the UK quit smoking last year (BBC News).

In the article by BBC News, it stated that the ASH research had shown that in the UK “there are now 2.6 million UK vapers, up from 2.1 million in 2014.”.

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Not Getting Enough Vapour? – Here’s Why

Are you finding you’re vaping and putting out less steam than a cold cup of tea? There are lots of reasons this can happen, ranging from the vaping techniques you use to issues with the E cigarette itself.

If you are experiencing this problem, the first thing you need to do is figure out what’s actually going wrong. You can’t fix an issue if you don’t know what’s causing the issue right?

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How To Vape Like A Ninja

These days, it seems like everyone is vaping. You only have to take a short trip to the shop to see someone lovingly holding an e cigarette to their mouth. However, for everyone else, vaping is still a little bit weird. When you don’t vape you see all these people walking around holding these Alice In Wonderland style pipes and wonder what on earth they are doing. Plus, you have to remember many people have heard uneducated information about vaping, which makes them wary and suspicious. Because of this reason, despite the fact e cigarettes are completely legal, many pubs, bars, eateries and public transport companies have banned the use of e cigarettes. This means us innocent, vaping folk are still put in the same box as people who smoke normal cigarettes which is sad, but very true at the moment. With this in mind, there’s cause for a little creativity when it comes to vaping in public places.

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Disney Expands On Screen Smoking Ban To Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm

Image: http://thewaltdisneycompany.com/

Disney is popular with children and adults alike, but the very basis of their entire corporation is bringing imagination, inspiration and entertainment to children’s lives. Because of this, Disney have now taken the decision to ban on screen smoking in every single one of their films, including Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm. The only exception is when historical figures appear smoking because they may have smoked at that time in history, nonetheless even then the act of smoking in that instance is never glamorised.

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Make Everyday Earth Day By Vaping

Earth Day

We all ponder around this little blue marble getting on with our busy daily lives without really giving much thought to the planet in which we reside. For this reason Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, decided to create a national day which would help to raise awareness of the environment and the effects of pollution. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970, and has grown from strength to strength every year gaining a worldwide following with 192 countries at present celebrating it annually.

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Quitting Tobacco? Here’s How To Get Through the First Few Weeks

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the first few weeks of quitting tobacco are the hardest. It’s a habit, and for many it’s a habit they’ve been maintaining for years, so to suddenly stop completely is a very big ask. “People will suffer from nicotine withdrawal symptoms as well as the psychological challenges of ending something that may have been a big part of their daily life”, says Brian Jones, a councillor at Quit, a national charity that helps people kick their tobacco habit for good.

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Perfect Gift Ideas for the Vaper in Your Life

There’s always someone who is ‘impossible’ to buy for. Maybe it’s your dad, who doesn’t seem to be able to get excited about anything, or your difficult-to-please partner perhaps? Whoever it is, if they vape you’re onto a winner. Even if they’re currently a tobacco-smoker, their birthday could be the perfect time to get them onto a healthier alternative!

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