E Cigarette Technology Could Make Them Hard To Regulate


Electronic cigarettes have come a long way in just a few years.  Fancy talking on the phone while taking a puff?  What about having a microprocessor and memory chip in your device to help create the perfect puff?  You can even purchase an e-cigarette that comes with a carry case which will alert you when a store with replacement cartridges is nearby.

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Recent Study On Electronic Cigarettes Misleading

misleading information on electronic cigarettes

It has been reported that a recent study conducted in Japan found electronic cigarettes to be 10 times more cancerous than traditional cigarettes.  Predictably, this sort of extreme claim received a lot of attention, causing some to question the safety of this type of product.  However, is there any truth behind this study, and what conclusions should have been drawn from its results?

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Project XA – The Safe Cigarette You Never Heard Of

Project XA

The story of Dr James D. Mold and his cancer free cigarette is one that would incense every smoker and every person who has lost a loved one due to the effects of tobacco smoking.  While there have always been rumours that tobacco companies were less than honest about the health risks associated with cigarette smoking, the information that came to light about the pioneering work Mold did and how he was ignored highlights the greed that drove the tobacco industry.

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Vets Warning on E-Cigarettes

Vets Warning On E Cigarette

Are you using e-cigarettes to quit smoking?  If so, you need to read on, especially if you have a four legged friend living amongst your household.

There’s been a 300 per cent increase in the number of cases of e-cigarette poisoning in the last 12 months.  The victims were not humans but our beloved pets.  This alarming data came from the Veterinary Poisons Information Service.

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Keeping The Weight Off When Quitting

keeping the weight off when quitting

Keeping Off The Pounds When Quitting Smoking

It’s often one of the issues most smokers are very nervous about; they ask the question, “Will giving up smoking make me put on weight?” but the problem is that there are no hard and fast rules about this. Smoking is a diversion activity for sure…some people quell their natural hunger pangs with a cigarette whilst others claim they feel less hungry when they’re smoking daily.

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Another Study Shows Absence Of E-Cigarette Toxins

Fresh Study Shows Absence Of E-Cigarette Toxins

A fresh report into the effects of E-Cigarettes by the International Journal of Research and Public Health has dispelled yet more myths about the popular smoking cessation device which have been beset by confused reports and by the effects of over-zealous authorities’ attempts to control and reduce their spread. The study assessed the vapours emitted by E-Cigarettes for the presence of toxins and mutagens. The methods used in the study were well respected and one known as the Ames test is particularly well-used by the medical profession.

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Have You Seen Our Large Range Of Electronic Cigarette Kits?


Here at Simply E Liquid we believe that choice is everything and that’s why we stock such a comprehensive range of high quality Electronic Cigarette kits. We know that our clients love our kits because they simplify the process of making the switch from smoking to vaping…and we know that our more seasoned vapers are sticklers for quality so we only stock the very best products.

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Do You Think Britain Should Be Smoke Free?

Britain’s Health Secretary Calls For Smoke Free Britian

Britain’s Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has spoken out about his belief that Britain should be aspiring to become “smoke free Britain”. The comments came during a House of Commons debate and Mr. Hunt responded to one of his own MPs regarding the issue.

His comments were no doubt fuelled by recent calls for a ban on smoking in public parks and recreation areas and following the publication of a landmark NHS report outlining the NHS’ strategy for reducing deaths caused by smoking related illnesses.

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