Manchester Least Likely City to Quit Smoking

manchester city centre

Fascinating NHS data has revealed that people living in Manchester are the most likely to commit to giving up smoking and the least likely to succeed.

The data shows that last year 21,718 people stopped smoking and only 3,764 succeeded.  The data has however been called into question by Manchester’s Stop Smoking Service which argues that the figures are not up-to-date and that the way the figures are monitored could be improved.

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10% of Cancer Survivors Still Smoking a Decade Later

A recent survey in the US has revealed that around 10% of US cancer survivors were found to be still smoking an average of 15 cigarettes per day 9 years after diagnoses and treatments.

Researched Showed Patients With Bladder Cancer Were Most Likely To Smoke

The most likely to still smoke were patients who had received treatment for bladder cancer with 17% of these still smoking. Of lung cancer survivors, 15% were found to be still smoking.

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