Starter's Guide to E Liquid

This guide should give you everything you need to know about e liquid.

What is E liquid?

E liquid is the solution that you put into an electronic cigarette which gives it its nicotine, its flavour and its vapour. Without e liquid, your e cig won't work!

The main ingredients in E-liquid are Propylene Glycol (which is what makes the e liquid give off vapour) Nicotine and Flavourings. You buy it in a small bottle which you can purchase on the Simply E liquid website.

What e liquid do I choose?

There are lots of e liquid bottles to choose from, but generally speaking you choose in terms of flavour and strength.

When it comes to flavour, e liquid comes in a rainbow of flavours! You can get anything from chocolate to apple, to champagne and vanilla or menthol. You can be really experimental; and mix your own, using DIY e liquid mixing kits, although this is for the more advanced e cig user! For those wanting to replicate the taste of normal cigarettes, you can buy tobacco e liquids which give you a close and high quality vaping experience.

When it comes to strength, E liquid contains nicotine which comes in high to low strengths. You can get e liquid with no nicotine in it at all, this will be indicated by 0mg on the bottle. You can then go from low strengths (6-11mg), to medium strengths (14-18mg medium), to high strengths (18-26mg) and you can even get super high strengths for the heavier smoker.

Choosing a flavour is somewhat easier than choosing a strength. You can experiment with trying different flavours and if you don't like them, you can change it to something else. However, when choosing your e liquid strength, you need to think carefully about your smoking habits and how much nicotine your body is used to. For example, if you a light smoker, you do not want to try a high dose of nicotine e liquid as your body may not be used to that sort of intake. This may lead you to feel sick or light headed! If you are a heavier smoker on the other hand, then you will probably need a higher nicotine level to match what you are used to. You can always "wean yourself" off nicotine by gradually reducing your dosage over time. Basically, you should buy the e liquid that best matches your current nicotine usage so that you can get used to the electronic cigarette as a first time user.

Some people differ their e liquid strengths throughout the day or depending on occasion. If you like to smoke throughout the day continuously then you may want to choose a lower nicotine strength e liquid and change it to a higher dose if you only smoke once in the evening.

What is the vapour that is given off?

The e liquid burns and produces a vapour but this is not harmful to inhale like ordinary cigarette smoke.

Is E Liquid safe for me to use?

E liquid is safe and fully approved provided you buy form reputable sellers like Simply E Liquid. You should also remember to keep your e liquid away from children and never ingest e liquid either. With correct use, you can enjoy a truly unique and satisfying vaping experience with the e cigarette and e liquid.


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