8 Funny Quit Smoking Posters You Probably Haven’t Seen

Since its Friday I thought I would post something a little light hearted. So below you will find some funny quit smoking posters that I have found whilst looking about online. Enjoy…

I’ve Finally Found A Reason To Quit Smoking…

Seems A Bit Fishy

funny stop smoking fish sign

Its For A Good Cause

funny stop smoking save he cigarette

Wheres The Extinguisher?

funny stop smoking fire

Natural Causes

funny stop smoking natural causes

How About 16 Feet?

funny stop smoking no smoking anywhere

Pushing The Boat Out With This One…

funny stop smoking frog

Think About It

Funny Stop Smoking IQ

Even though this article was posted out of a little light hearted humour, the diseases and complications smoking can lead to such as cancer are very serious. Please share this article to show your support to people who are trying to quit.

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