A Guide to E-Liquid Flavours

A Guide to E-Liquid Flavours

Vapers now benefit from a wonderful array of delicious eliquid flavours. Maybe you are new to vaping or perhaps you are searching for a great new flavour to tantalise your taste buds. Either way, the extensive menu at Simply eLiquids offers amazing e-liquid flavours to suit every taste.

You can choose from simple, single flavour e-liquids or more complex and innovative flavour combinations to complement your vaping experience. You may even be tempted by different flavours from day to day. Select a variety of e-liquids to ensure that you always have what you most fancy to hand. Our multi buy deals represent excellent value for money and give you the opportunity to experience a wonderful variety of exceptional flavours at a great price.

Fruity Flavours Eliquid

Fruit flavoured e liquids can be sweet or sour, uplifting or refreshing. They are firm favourites with experienced vapers which is no surprise. Who wouldn’t enjoy the sweet indulgence of Cherry e-liquid or the summer delight of our Strawberry flavour? Summon the ambiance of tropical shores with Banana e liquid or mix your fruity flavours to create a unique combination to suit your personal taste.

E-Liquid for a Sweet Tooth

If you can never resist a sweet treat then our confectionery eliquids are certainly for you. You will discover the flavours of your favourite traditional sweets including Rhubarb and Custard and Pear Drops. Our dessert flavoured e-liquids are also the perfect choice if you have a sweet tooth. With flavours like Cherry Cheesecake and Sticky Toffee Pudding to choose from you can feast all day without the calories!

Refreshing Mint and Menthol Eliquid

For an invigorating and refreshing vape you really can’t beat our mint and menthol flavours. Spearmint, peppermint and menthol flavours are all great pick-me-ups for every day of the week. For the coolest of vapes choose our chilling Arctic Blast if you dare! When a mint or menthol hit just isn’t enough mix your refreshing e liquid with a sweet or fruity variety to add an extra twist.

Tobacco Flavour e-Liquids

The transition from smoking to vaping will be a smooth one with our tobacco flavour e-liquids. Also perfect for those who just love the taste of fine tobacco, our brilliant tobacco e liquids include mild, strong, rich and sweet flavours for you to enjoy.

Innovative and Imaginative Eliquid Flavours

Eliquid magicians have conjured a variety of exciting flavour combinations that really work. Surprising fusions and unique blends create amazing flavour experiences that shouldn’t be missed. Explore our premium eliquid range to discover flavours beyond your imagination.

There really is a flavour to suit every taste and mood in the Simply eLiquids range and finding your favourites will be an exciting adventure.