Acrohm FUSH Semi - Mech Colour Changeable Mod

Acrohm FUSH Semi - Mech Colour Changeable Mod

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Acrohm FUSH Semi- Mech Colour Changeable Mod

If you’ve ever envied the simplicity, durability and instant firing of mechanical mods but weren’t willing to take the risk of using a device with no safety features, the Acrohm Fush Semi might be your ideal vaping device. Acrohm calls the Fush Semi a semi-mechanical mod, which means that it operates like a mechanical mod – via direct-voltage output with a bottom-mounted fire button – but it also has an integrated circuit with built-in safety features. This device includes automatic monitoring for high temperature, short circuits, unsafe currents and low battery voltage. So, when you press that fire button, you’ll know that you’ve got a bit of extra protection on your side.

Being a semi-mechanical mod, the Acrohm Fush Semi is unbelievably small and stylish. It’s constructed from top-quality materials including highly conductive copper and food-grade stainless steel. The outer shell of this device is made from bulletproof polycarbonate, and that’s not even the most impressive part. The big news about this device’s appearance is the built-in colour-changing LED that shines in your choice of five different colours when you press the fire button. To change colours, simply shake the device. We think that you will absolutely love this mod’s unique sense of style. This device uses a single 18650 battery.

Features: Dimensions: 110 x 28mm Weight: 143g Case material: stainless steel + copper Power Supply: 1 x 18650 (battery not included) Chipset: Ace chip Voltage range: 3.2 - 4.2V Peak current: 40A Operating mode: POWER (BYPASS) Supported resistance: 0.07 - 2.5Ω Connector type: steel 510, pin spring-loaded Includes: Fush Semi-Mech mod User guide Warranty card
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