Alips Cartomisers

Alips Cartomisers

Alips electronic cigarette cartomizers offer the unique styling twist of a square body. Alips is not currently a high profile brand but those cool looks could change all that and soon. You can add a chic and funky look to your kit by going square and then introduce a touch of panache to your vaping.

The stylish design isn’t the end of the story. Alips cartomizers are made from the highest quality parts and materials to provide a premium product. Alips cartomizers are appealing, well made and comfortable to hold.


Alips cartomizers will hold 2.0ml of eliquid which will provide approximately 1000 puffs. The cartomizers feature a single heating element.  The changeable coil units provide economic vaping and 5 different resistances so you can tailor your vaping to your own taste. The resistances are from 1.7 ohm to 3 ohm. Alips cartomizers are available in silver, black and white to suit your style and vaping kit.

The 650mah battery with on/off protection provides roughly 800 puffs when fully charged. Charging takes 3 to 3.5 hours and this long lasting, durable battery has a life of up to 300 charges. When the battery needs replacing then fear not because at Simply eLiquids we offer batteries at the lowest possible prices to keep you vaping without breaking the bank.

Alips Accessories

To keep your Alips cartomizer battery charged wherever you are you can also invest in an Alips battery charger. The units are light, compact and highly portable and can be connected to any USB outlet.

Alips cartomizers are a high quality, versatile and stylish choice for the discerning vaper.