Aspire Batteries

Aspire Batteries

Nothing is forever and unfortunately that includes electronic cigarette batteries. You need that battery to power your vaping experience. Improvements in technology have ensured that today’s batteries last longer than ever before but eventually you will need a replacement.  At Simply eLiquids we always have Aspire e cigarette batteries at the ready for you.

Sadly it can be quite hard to tell when your battery’s life is coming to an end. It is a good idea to have back up in the shape of at least one spare. Keeping an extra battery also means that you can always have one charged up and ready for use. Our deliveries are quick but not instantaneous so order a replacement before disaster strikes!

Aspire Replacement 1600mah IVAP Bluetooth Battery

This cool, top of the range accessory features the latest technology. Use in conjunction with the IVAP app which you can download from iTunes or the Google Play Store. With IVAP you can monitor your usage and discover how many cigarettes that your usage equates to. You can see how much charge is left in your battery so you will always have your second battery ready in time. This battery is compatible with Aspire Nautilus and Mini Nautilus, Aspire and Anyvape Davide, iClear 30, 30s and XL.

Aspire CF SubΩ Battery

A high-end 2000mah e cigarette battery with stainless steel endpoints, metal button and carbon fibre coated tube for a chic and classy look. This Aspire electronic cigarette battery features unique technology in the shape of a revolutionary spring connector. This provides a stronger connection between the battery and the tank for reliable and satisfying vaping. The Aspire SubΩ battery is a powerful accessory for SubΩ cartomizers including the Nautilus Atlantis.

One battery is never enough if you want to keep vaping. Order a second battery now because you never know when you are going to need it