Aspire Clearomisers

The Aspire Clearomiser ranges are amongst the most popular electronic cigarettes on the market. One of the main reasons for this is that they are able to overcome many of the short falls of atomisers and cartomisers, while at the same time being stylish and user friendly. The Aspire Clearomiser ranges consist of either clear or colour Pyrex glass tanks attached to a battery unit. The tanks allow for more liquid than older models and the glass design means it is easier to judge the volume of fluid remaining in the chamber. Aspire Clearomisers have clearly marked volume levels printed onto the glass to make it even easier to keep your liquid topped up and to stop the risk of it running out and causing a burnt taste to taint your experience. The majority of Aspire’s Clearomisers contain Bottom Vertical Coils with cotton wicks, and dual heating elements. The benefit of this technology is the user receives an improved vaping experience and increased levels of vapour being inhaled. Several of the Aspire Clearomiser models also contain additional customer focused features such as adjustable airflow systems. The four-port adjustable airflow system on the Nautilus Mini for example allows the user to adjust the amount of vapour that is drawn from the unit. It also allows them to control the temperature of the vapour that is produced.