Aspire Electronic Cigarette Kits

As well as offering highly unique and innovative individual products Aspire has developed electronic cigarette kits designed to meet the needs of both the recent vaping convert and the seasoned professional. The Aspire Starter Kit contains everything a first timer needs. It contains the K1 Glassomizer, the Aspire G-Power 900mah battery, USB charging lead and adapter plugs for either the U.S., Europe and the U.K. In addition it also contains 5 replacement atomizer coils and a user manual. The unit is easy to put together and uses Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) atomizer technology. This technology improves the taste and flow of the vapour. The battery also contains innovative technology in the form of a spring connector. This improves the connection between the battery and the tank and therefore improves reliability. For the seasoned user the Aspire Premium Kit is perfect. The kit consists of the Nautilus Mini and the VV+ battery. Like the K1 it uses the BVC technology, but in addition to this it has a four-port airflow system. This system allows the user to adjust both the temperature and the flow of the vapour they inhale. As well as utilizing the company’s spring connector technology the VV+ battery comes with knob that allows the user to vary the output voltage. The premium kit also includes charging lead, adaptor and 5 replacement atomizer coils. If neither of these kits suits your needs then Aspire offers 3 other kit options each containing a different choice of atomizer.