Monthly Archives: February 2012

The Real Cost of Smoking

A stop smoking programme has released new figures that show, for the first time, the true cost of smoking. This has never really been tackled by other reports due to the complexity of figuring out the cost both in terms of an individual’s finan....
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Will James Bond Need A Licence to Smoke?

The names Bond, James Bond. Never has there been such an iconic catchphrase in the British movie industry. James bond is notorious for his fast cars, super cool gadgets and his licence to kill smoke. Ok maybe I made that last one up, but according t....
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Real vs. Electronic Cigarettes - E Liquid

Many people may wonder what the difference is, between real and e cigarettes. First, you probably know what a real cigarette is, so here is a definition of an e cig: An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered inhaler device that provides doses of....
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