Monthly Archives: June 2013

Can Smokers Really Risk Losing Their Children?

Lets be honest over the recent years it’s not been the best time to be a smoker. From being told that you cannot smoke in your own car, light up in a restaurant/pub or just the general fact of having to look at disturbing images of diseased lun....
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Spoof Hitler MHRA Electronic Cigarette Video

Hitler take off of MHRA dealing with electronic cigarettes. For anyone who is unaware of what this is about, although I am sure you all do, you can find more information on a previous post here.
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Second Hand Vaping...What Second Hand Vaping?

Recently we have seen new and fresh studies on the effects of electronic cigarettes which have mostly put the quit smoking devices in good light however there are always those that will look to bring vaping down. One of the main arguments against e c....
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