DIY E Liquid

Love Your Chocolate? Try Chocolate E-Liquid..

Okay, so chocolate + vaping didn’t originally sound very appealing to us. There is something about the thought of inhaling chocolate which doesn’t sit right. So here we investigate what chocolate e liquid is really about – and why s....
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Why Does Everyone Love Fruit E-Liquid?

Fruit e liquids seem to be the new thing – but what is all the fuss about? Many people claim to like fruit e liquids because it provides the user with a new kind of vaping experience. We already know that vaping is a lot different to tradition....
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Simply's Simple Guide To DIY E Liquid

DIY E Liquid Introduction  I guess most people reading this are pretty clued up when it comes to electronic cigarettes however for you newbies out there I will be kind and give you a quick run down...hang on the rest of you, we shall get to the....
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