Trouble with Tank Leak?

If your tank starts to leak you are having something of a bad day. Whether it is a one-off or it seems to be happening far too regularly it can be tricky to know what to do next. We have put together the most common problems and the solutions to try and help you get to the bottom of the problem. Failing that, of course, please do get in touch and we will do our best to resolve your issue for you.

Are You Filling Correctly?

This might seem like a rather obvious issue, but you'd be surprised at how many times a tank is filled incorrectly. One of the most common problems is overfilling as this will cause some e-liquid to leak when it's heating up. You also need to make sure you're sending e-liquid into the right well, and again it can be an easy mistake, so don't worry just double-check.

Are the Seals Okay? 

Often seals are made of rubber and can perish over time. It's also possible that they can be incorrectly placed so it is worth going back to basics and checking whether all the seals are correctly in place and functioning as they should. If you are unsure when it comes to pulling your device apart to check it don't hesitate to get in touch for some advice.

Clean Your Vape Tank

Vape maintenance is something many people overlook, and certainly don't do often enough. Residue from your past juices can build up inside the tank, and first of all, if you change flavours this can lead to a strange taste and you might be disappointed with something that you thought was going to be delicious. Secondly, the residue can take up space and creates problems which in turn lead to the leaks that are bugging you. Remember to give your tank a clean from time to time.  

Change Your Tank

It is also important that you change your tanks regularly. Extras are something we sell so you can easily get hold of one but with regular wear and tear sadly the tank can get cracked or the bottom can get worn away. This is why with most mods and vape devices the tank is a removable component giving you the chance to upgrade it whenever you need to. An aged tank is another reason why the vape may develop leaks and again can be easily rectified.

Try Something New

The other alternative is to have a look at the various vape kits on offer and perhaps consider it might be time to upgrade your kit. Company's work hard to make advancements in technology all the time and it might just be that your kit is time expired and you are due for a change. There are so many different types of set up on offer and tank leak is a real problem and will cost you money in the long run as you will be wasting e-liquid every time. So, if you are struggling, try the tips above and failing that get in touch and we will be happy to help.