Can Electronic Cigarettes Really Help Me Quit Smoking?

Can Electronic Cigarettes Really Help Me Quit Smoking?

If you want to quit smoking, and have been considering e cigarettes as an alternative, you may have been put off by the various news stories providing scary headlines about the lack of research that has been done on the safety of vaping. However, it is important to consider the fact that hundreds of studies have been conducted which actively suggest vaping can help you quit smoking and is a much safer and healthier alternative.

In a recently released study by British researchers (Web MD)a study conducted showed that those looking to quit smoking, where over 50% more likely to quit for good using e cigarettes than those trying with other quit-smoking aids such as patches or nicotine gum, the same statistics applied to those going ‘cold turkey’. Whereas a comparable study showed the e cigarettes did not help people quit smoking, but that study looked at people who were not trying to quit smoking, therefore it wasn’t relevant to the type of people looking into vaping as a direct quit-smoking aid.

Prior studies also disproved reports that e cigarettes are as or more harmful than normal cigarettes, showing they are in fact safer and therefore the benefits of using them instead of normal cigarettes outweighs any potential risk.

In another study by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, discussed in an article by The Independent, even more evidence was collected to suggest that e cigarettes are an effective way to help people quit smoking. In the study, test subjects used e cigarettes to help them quit smoking and 21 percent of them were completely successful, while another 23 percent managed to curb their regular smoking habits by 50%. Although these figures may seem low, compared to the tiny 305% who manage to quit using willpower alone, the figures are actually very high.

Vaping Helps People Quit Smoking

Using E cigarettes to help you quit smoking means you:

– Get your hand to mouth habit satisfied

– Are able to satisfy nicotine habits and safely lower your need for nicotine with the various strengths of nicotine eliquids available

– Get an ‘authentic’ smoking experience by using the device which provides a throat hit like a normal cigarette and creates vapour very similar to cigarette smoke in density and appearance

– Get to satisfy your cravings around others without producing an offensive smell like with normal cigarettes

– Get to avoid telltale ‘cigarette smells’ on your clothes, in your skin and in your hair

– Get to switch to a much healthier, safer and cheaper alternative to smoking, enabling you to quit nicotine at your own pace

These are just two studies available that prove e cigarettes can help anyone quit smoking if they really want to quit. If you’re considering quitting smoking, why not give vaping a go? It’s cheaper, safer, healthier and a really positive way to get rid of the deadly habit proven to kill 50% of people who do it.