Love Your Chocolate? Try Chocolate E-Liquid..

Okay, so chocolate + vaping didn’t originally sound very appealing to us. There is something about the thought of inhaling chocolate which doesn’t sit right. So here we investigate what chocolate e liquid is really about – and why so many people like it! What is chocolate e liquid? Chocolate is one of many e-liquid flavours of e liquid which you can buy. A user of the electronic cigarette will know that you can really choose how experimental you want to be. Some people stick to traditional cigarette flavours to really mimic a real cigarette. Others choose to DIY e liquid and go for cocktail flavours and fruit combinations. Chocolate e liquid is one of the most popular selling e liquids. It comes in a small, handy bottle and contains a chocolate flavour that users will taste as they inhale the e cig. What if I don’t like chocolate? Ok so we don’t know anyone who doesn’t like chocolate… but if there is someone then you can choose other flavours [ Continue Reading… ]

Why Does Everyone Love Fruit E-Liquid?

Fruit e liquids seem to be the new thing – but what is all the fuss about? Many people claim to like fruit e liquids because it provides the user with a new kind of vaping experience. We already know that vaping is a lot different to traditional cigarettes. Despite still getting a “hit” from an e cig, vaping is different as you can choose the nicotine strength and flavour. Fruit seems to be one of the most raved about flavours of the moment – so here we investigate. What fruit flavours are there? One of the most popular is apple, but you can also purchase peach, orange, strawberry, blueberry, banana and others. You can also DIY your e-liquid flavours to mix a few up. Orange and Banana for example, or maybe you want to sneak in some chocolate e liquid flavours and try out chocolate orange? How do you use it? Fruit e liquids come in an easy to use bottle which is ideal to carry around as it [ Continue Reading… ]