Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

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Is There A Such Thing As Safe Smoking?

Is there a such thing as safe smoking?… definitely not, however substitute the word ‘smoking’ for ‘vaping’ and the answer is very different. You want to quit smoking and you have been told by a friend that electronic cigarettes are the future. Duped the ‘safer way to smoke’, these devices are now being used by millions around the world to help stop their smoking addiction. But are they really the best way to quit and more importantly are electronic cigarettes safe?

A recent study carried out by is believed to be the most significant analaysis of UK electronic cigarette use that has been undertaken. The data, studied independently by scientist Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos said:

“In a group of motivated e-cigarette users we observe positive effects on respiratory function, while duration of e-cigarette use is associated with improvement in cough symptoms and exercise capacity….However, less beneficial effects were observed in users who continue to smoke, indicating that e-cigarettes should be used as a complete substitute for smoking.”

The results of the data collected has been summarised below in the following infographic:

Electronic Cigarette Study Infographic:

e cig infographic

So what does it mean?

From the first stat we can see that nearly every single person (98%) who used a electronic cigarette immediately cut down on the amount of tobacco that they smoked via a regular cigarette. Out of the 98%, more than three quarters (77%) have give up smoking completely and now only vape using the e cig.

63% of people who were involved in the study found they had a significant improvement with smokers cough and 70% of the people reported increased lung capacity.

Finally we see that 72.9% of people found that they had an improved ability to exercise.

One of the main advantages of the e cigarette is the ability to be able to lower the nicotine level found in the e-liquid meaning that a vaper can over time wean their way down from 20mg+ of nicotine all the way down to 0mg. Having this control allows for a very personal and flexible method that would be suited to any smoker.


It is obvious from the above that using an electronic cigarette has multiple benefits for an individuals health when used instead of smoking. Vaping is certainly safer than smoking and allows for the user to adjust their nicotine intake therefore providing a safe way to wean down on the nicotine until they are completely none dependant on the addictive drug. if you are thinking of using a e cigarette to help you quit have a look at our guide on choosing your first electronic cigarette.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe For People With Asthma (Asthmatics)?

Asthma Inhaler

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways. The symptoms of having asthma include:

• Chest Tightness

• Loss Of Breath (especially during exercise)

• Wheezing and Coughing

The condition can affect anyone at any time however it usually starts at childhood.

Why Do People Get Asthma?

Respiratory System

To understand how asthma works we will have a quick biology lesson. Don’t worry you are not back at school now and if you don’t want to pay attention to this part it is ok to skip to the next section, seriously, you are not going to get put in detention for it – however it is advised you do in order to understand the condition better. A persons airways (which can be seen on the diagram) are basically the transport corridors that carry air into and out of the lungs. Now, people that suffer from asthma have inflamed airways which make them very swollen and sensitive. This can result in the muscles in these passages constricting therefore restricting the amount of air that is able to pass into the lungs. In some people the cells in the airways can also overproduce mucus resulting in a further narrowing of the airways.

Whenever this happens it can bring on an asthma attack. Symptoms can happen each time the airways are inflamed.

What Does Smoking Have To Do With This?

Smoking is bad for asthma sufferers for four main reasons:

1. When a smoker inhales tobacco smoke, irritating substances line the lining of the airways triggering the asthma.

2. Smoking also damages the cilia which when fully functional are used to help keep the airways dust and mucus free.

3. Smoke inhalation causes the lungs to make more mucus than normal, again restricting those already narrow airways narrower.

4. Smoking can block the benefit of the asthma medicines therefore rendering them useless.

Important Note: Since children have smaller airways than that of an adult, second hand smoke can be very dangerous for a child who suffers from asthma.

 Electronic Cigarettes And Asthma

As seen above Asthma is a respiratory disease and as tobacco smoke contains a whole ‘cocktail’ of harmful toxic chemicals that cause respiratory issues including bringing on and worsening asthma it is very important if you are a asthmatic to quit. Since with electronic cigarettes there is no combustion, there is no smoke produced. In a study performed on the effects with e cigs and asthma patients the results found no immediate effect to airway resistance – unlike with a regular cigarette no poisonous gasses and chemicals are released as a result of the combustion causing irritation to the airways.

If you are a smoker and are thinking of using an electronic cigarette to help you quit we recommend that you first consult with your local GP for advice.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe During Pregnancy?

I have seen this question pop up time and time again so I thought it would be good to start off our new FAQ section on this question.

There are two sides to this question with some people saying that e cigs are ok to use whilst pregnant as they are the better alternative to smoking, whilst others say once you become pregnant it is totally unacceptable.

The arguments for using the electronic cigarette include:

Women Who Are Pregnant & Quit Smoking Have Healthier Babies:

This really is a no brainer…if you are with child and you are inhaling toxic chemicals via smoking then this will have consequences for your unborn child’s health. E cigs don’t contain the thousands of harmful chemicals and carcinogens found in a regular cigarette so therefore they are a healthier alternative. There also seems to be a massive misunderstanding that some women think that if they smoked in their first trimester that there is no point quitting in the next two. I don’t know where this came from but it definitely has no ring of truth to it – ideally you should quit before you try for a child, but as we all know it is not always as simple as that and things don’t always work to plan so make sure as soon as you find out your pregnant you try and kick the habit.

Electronic Cigarettes Are Good At Preventing Stress:

Some argue that if a women is pregnant and is asked to quit it can be particularly difficult and distressing. This can affect the baby’s health as the mother will become increasing anxious and have unhealthy stress levels. By using the e cig the mother can start to wean herself off nicotine and break the addiction in a safer manner.

Electronic Cigarettes Doesn’t Affect your Appetite:

There have been countless studies that have linked smoking to disruption in the mothers food consumption. When a woman becomes pregnant she is basically eating for two so it is important for her to have healthy nutritious meals. If her food intake is either inadequate or she is not having a well balanced diet i.e. not burger and chips every night then there is a chance the baby could be under developed and even suffer from a poor immunity.

Electronic Cigarettes Can Avoid Negative Health Issues:

Similar to above smoking whilst pregnant can cause a child to be born with a low birth weight. This can have some pretty serious side effects including an increased likelihood to develop learning disorders such as dyslexia and ADHD. Also the babies will be more susceptible to diseases throughout their life as they will have a poor immunity.


As earlier stated the best way to protect your child is to quit before you become pregnant. If the child was an unexpected, amazing surprise, then you should try and quit as soon as you see the positive result on your pregnancy test. Electronic cigarettes should only be used during pregnancy as a last resort and only after first speaking to your GP.

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