7 Ways To Quit Smoking

There’s sure to come a time in every smoker’s life where they think about giving up, even if for just a fleeting second, but if you’ve come to the conclusion that you no longer want to be a slave to your addiction, this blog post will really help you find ways that could assist you with quitting. Read on to find out more!   Use vape starter kits Vaping is a very effective way of ditching the cigarettes for good but it can be difficult to know what you need to get going. Starter kits come with everything you need including plenty of e liquids to choose from to compliment your new device so you don’t have to worry that you’ll be caught short when a craving hits. Drink less It can be hard to drink less alcohol when party season is upon us, but try to make a new resolution for 2019 to go to the pub less or drink less when you’re at home. Unfortunately, cigarettes and alcohol [ Continue Reading… ]

Battery Safety

Vaping is more popular than it’s ever been, and more and more people are talking about it. If you want to get into vaping then you need to know all the facts and practicing battery safety is something that needs to be made a priority. The vape industry is advancing at a remarkable rate and we have now seen a huge range of devices hit the market from different brands from around the world. Most of these devices use an external battery to operate and while there are a number of battery sizes available. 18650 batteries are one of the most popular batteries currently used in vape mods. You need to know about and understand your batteries for vaping, not just so that you can get the most out of your vape but also for your own safety and the safety of your device. Basic Battery Safety: Most vape kits on the market will have Lithium-ion batteries. In many ways, they drive our society. They’re commonly used in phones, laptops, [ Continue Reading… ]

Make New Year Resolution To Switch To E-Cigarettes For 2018

With 2017 slowly coming to a close, it is yet another time we will be making New Year resolutions. December the 31st has always been the best time of the year for everyone, with many using this time to reflect back on the achievements for the past year, and even prepare for a brighter year ahead.  If giving up smoking has always been part of your New Year resolutions for the past years, maybe it is time to try something different. Making the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes could be the best decision you made in a long time. E-cigarettes with e-liquid provide the same level of satisfaction (and even more) you get from tobacco cigarettes, only that it is much safer, affordable, and tobacco-free. Vaping (using an e-cig) gives you a chance to stay away from the dozens of harmful chemicals that come with cigarette smoking. Discussed below are 4 reasons why you need to make the switch. 1. Living Healthy You can proudly make that toast [ Continue Reading… ]

Study Shows Smokers Can Live Longer By Switching To Vaping

Researchers have recently discovered that smokers could live longer and healthier lives if they would switch to vaping. Per their research,when calculated on a per smoker basis, the 6 1/2 million smokers in the UK/US could live an additional 87 million years if they put down the cigarettes and switched to vaping. This study was conducted over a 10 year period by the Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Centre. Many variables were considered by the research team while conducting the study, including potential harm from using e-cigarettes, increases in youth vaping, and the cessation rate amongst those who haven’t switched to vaping. The Georgetown University Medical Centre posted the following findings on its website: After taking into account different scenarios involving the potential harm of e-cigarettes as compared to normal cigarettes and other variables as well,they came up with an optimistic projection and a pessimistic projection to describe potential outcomes of switching to vaping. Even under the worst case pessimistic projection, they predict that not only will lives of smokers be extended [ Continue Reading… ]

How Many People Around The World Vape?

Ever since the introduction of e-cigarettes to the open market, their use has exploded around the world. For people who vape, it can seem like a lonely practice particularly for those who do not know anyone who shares their passion. For traditional smokers, it is easy to socialize with other smokers as there is generally someone to share a cigarette with. Vape users do not have this advantage and it is common for them to not have anyone in their social circle that vapes. Fortunately, for these people, vaping is more popular than ever. The question is how many people are actually vaping around the world today? The problem with answering this question is that vaping is relatively new and user research is still underdeveloped and thin. However, it is possible to create an estimate of the number of people vaping when looking at a range of recent statistics and sources. How Many Vapers Are There In The World? It is actually more difficult than imagined to present an estimate [ Continue Reading… ]

London Firefighters Say Vaping Is the Safer Alternative to Smoking

For the month of “Stoptober”, the London Fire Brigade has joined forces with Public Health England in encouraging vaping with e-cigs over smoking tobacco. They take this stand because it is quite clear that electronic cigarettes are simply not the fire hazard tobacco cigs have always been. The firefighters point out that this is not just an opinion. It’s a fact that’s backed up by solid statistics. People who quit using combustible tobacco products enjoy greater life expectancy, not only because of improved cardiovascular health, but also because they greatly reduce their risk of being consumed in a house fire. The Fire Brigade is so sure of their decision to back e-cigs that they made a very pro-active post on their Facebook page. They declared that electronic cigarettes greatly reduce fire risk. The post said that evidence of this statement can be found in a recent report of fire deaths in the month of September. The findings of this report were that, even though the ratio of smokers to vapers [ Continue Reading… ]

Double Drip Coil Sauce

Attention Sub-Ohm vaping enthusiasts! Double Drip Coil Sauce is offering a variety of mouthwatering flavors that are best suitable for sub-ohm vaping. If you love chasing clouds and creating dense and huge vapor clouds is your thing then grab one of the Double Drip Coil eliquid flavor today! These premium quality eliquid not only offer a range of nicotine content but also provide an exciting flavor! So if you are headed to a vape cloud battle, Double Drip Coil Sauce is your main inventory! The VG to PG ratio in these e-liquids is high which means, you can look forward to a silky smooth vaping trip and huge vapor cloud chasing experience! Simply eLiquid currently offers 8 flavors from the Double Drip Coil Sauce e-liquid range. Double Drip Lemon Tart Eliquid (10ml Bottle) (A mix of Lemon, Pastry Tart Base and Cream) Double Drip Lemon Sherbet Eliquid (10ml Bottle) (A mix of Sherbet and lemon) Double Drip Crystal Mist Eliquid (10ml Bottle) (A mix of Blue Raspberry, Black Cherries and [ Continue Reading… ]

All You Need To Know About B-Movie E-liquid

The muse for B-Movie e liquid flavours are the movies itself. Vapers are promised the same excitement and thrill from these flavours that they get while watching their favorite movies. B-Movie currently has to offer 3 thrilling flavors – 5am Alarm, a menthol flavor e liquid that bursts freshness and ice texture on each drag – Big Foot which like the name suggests offers a mysterious flavor mixed with the freshness of menthol – and the last but not the least – Dirty Stop Out which is the perfect blend of various fruit flavors packed into one. If trying out unique and exciting e liquid flavours is your thing then the B-Movie e liquid shelf is your stop! The VG/PG ratio for these e-liquids is one which means huge vapor clouds! These e-liquids are perfect for sub-ohm vaping hence a perfect fit for those who like to chase huge and dense clouds. Simply eLiquid currently offers 12 unique and mouthwatering B-Movie flavors by Absolute Vapes. Big Foot E Liquid 30ml [ Continue Reading… ]

Intro To Candy King E-liquid

The Candy King range is brought forth for people who loved candies as a kid. Well, who didn’t! If you did love candy flavors as a kid and you had heard of all the candy flavor eliquids and were on desperate lookout for where to buy candy flavored e liquid in the UK? Your prayers has been answered! We bring you premium quality candy flavored eliquids on your doorsteps! And it doesn’t end here! The Candy King flavor range has to offer more! Try your favorite candy flavors crossed with other different yummy flavors! The Candy king eliquid range is High VG which means all the flavors are promised to be sweeter than your average e-juice. Simply e-Liquid currently offers five different Candy King flavors that you can pick from. Candy King Swedish Eliquid Flavour 50ml (5 x 10ml Bottles) (Red Fish-shaped Gummy Flavor) Candy King Sour Worms Eliquid Flavour 50ml (5 x 10ml Bottles) (A mix of Sour Gummy Flavors) Candy King Strawberry Watermelon Gum Eliquid Flavour 50ml (5 [ Continue Reading… ]

Our Introduction To Zooom E-liquid

The great thing about Zooom eliquids is that it allows the vapers to manually mix the nicotine with the nicotine-free e-liquid which means the users get to choose how much nicotine they want in their system. Zooom is basically the best range that can help a person quit smoking by having the freedom of manually controlling the nicotine intake. If you are into trying out e liquid flavors that are more playful than the usual range then you need to take a look at the Zooom e liquid range. Zooom has to offer 27 exciting flavors and each flavor has to offer a unique experience as compared to the other. If you like your e liquid flavor with a bit of sourness and sweetness then try out the Zooom Blackcurrant & Lemonade e liquid flavor. And if you are a cola flavor fan then Zooom has to offer Zooom Fizzy Cola eliquid that you can enjoy without having to deal with any extra calories. The Zoom Fruit Explosion is a [ Continue Reading… ]

Eleaf Ecig Kits

Originating from Shenzhen city China, Eleaf Electronics Co. came into being in 2011. Since then, Eleaf has made its place as one of the top-selling, well-known brands in the e-cig market. Eleaf started out with the production of the world famous iStick series. iStick mini was first introduced in 2014 which acclaimed a positive notion from vapers around the world. Following the development of the iStick mini, Eleaf Electronics Co. further introduced the iStick 20W, iStick 30W, and iStick 5oW which also claimed worldwide recognition. The journey to innovation did not stop there for this company and as the temperature controlled e-cigs were introduced in the market, Eleaf moved on to bring iStick TC40W, iStick TC60W, and iStick100W temperature control kits. These temperature controlled devices are highly admired by vaping pros. The iStick TC40W featured the temperature control system that allowed vapers to enjoy their favorite e liquid without having to deal with any dry hit because of being able to adjust the temperature manually. It could also provide 40W [ Continue Reading… ]

Innokin Ecig Kits

Innokin emerged in the electronic cigarette market in 2011 with a goal of serving their customers with high quality and high tech devices that feature beautiful and elegant designs. Innokin’s target was to deliver a truly customizable experience to its users and it literally lived up to that promise. No matter what Innoking e-cig you’re using, all you have to do is add the e liquid flavor of your choice, adjust the temperature to your taste and you get to have a totally customizable experience that serves the perfect taste and amount of vapor production. Besides serving 1000 Vape shops in the UK alone, electronic cigarette products by Innokin are globally recognized. The company has the charge to design and manufacture four diffrent types of internally recognized e-cig brands including the iTaste, CoolFire, iClear, Gladius, iSub, Innokincell, and Lily. Another target that Innokin seriously works on is to provide their users with environmental-friendly products that can be used for a long time. Innokin has been working hard on replacing the [ Continue Reading… ]

SMOK Ecig Kits

SMOK is not just one of the most popular electronic cigarette brand it is also one of the finest brands offered by the manufacturers Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation LTD which was founded in 2010. The company focuses on electronic cigarette research, development, production and sales throughout the world. Having sold out 80 million units world wide, Smok has been the greatest success of the IVPS co. that has customer across all 7 continents. Smok saw all of this success over a short period of just 7 years. Smok is considered as one of the pioneers of electronic cigarette manufacturing at a global level. Smok offers a variety of electronic cigarette products as one of the industry leaders in the market. Smok offers a variety of simple and high tech kits that suit the needs of both beginners and vaping pros. Besides advanced vaporizers, Smok also offers a variety of e liquids. Unlike other electronic cigarette and eliquid manufacturers, Smok also offers community service to its clients. Smok has been behind [ Continue Reading… ]

All About Aspire E-Cig Kits

Aspire is seen as one of the top electronic cigarette manufacturers. The reason behind Aspire’s unmatched popularity is the product reviews on Youtube that are posted by its ever growing community. Electronic cigarette kits by Aspire are designed in a way that these unique and innovative kits are a perfect fit for both newbies and advanced vapers. Ever since Aspire introduced its kits in the market, the company’s motto is to serve their clients with premium quality electronic cigarettes. Aspire owns more than 25 patents to their name and they continue to introduce a new product every 3 months to make sure that their shelf features the latest e-cig tech. Having introduced 4 products each year, it is pretty easy to point out that people at Aspire are very courageous about focusing on innovation. Aspire broke into the e-cig market with its legendary Vivi Nova Style BDC clearomiser which featured the Bottom Dual Coil technology and offered a detailed flavored and cloud chasing experience to its users. Later, Aspire introduced [ Continue Reading… ]

Vaping Abroad

Do not take any chances – Take a look at our vaping guide while traveling abroad Vaping on Airplanes These days, vaping e-cigs on plains is not allowed. One is recommended to do it before heading to the check-in desk. At the same time, do not forget that vaping in or within some airports is not allowed. You are also required to put your e-liquid in a suitable container before boarding an airplane. Moreover, you should keep your e-liquid tank or bottle in clear plastic. If you do not have a clear plastic bag, worry not! The airport usually supplies them. Anytime you are traveling abroad; when you buy e-liquid you should never buy more then 100ml; otherwise, you could find it taken from you. Ensure that you have wrapped your e-cig, and any other part or spare in towels; and place them in a covered bag before despatcher. This is because the change in pressure during flight can cause the liquid container to leak. Read And Understand The Law [ Continue Reading… ]

How To Stop Your Vape Tank From Leaking

When it comes to vaping, not much else is more frustrating than having to deal with a vape tank that leaks when you want to try out a new flavor of e-liquid. Certain vape tanks can start to leak even after you have had the e-juice in the tank for some time already. It is not only frustrating when all of the juice has leaked out, but a real headache when the e-juice has leaked out in your pocket or purse. Fortunately, there are some vaping tips to stop or prevent your vaping tank from experiencing a leak. These basic tips can preserve the eliquid in your vaping tank and save you on frustration and money. Fill The Tank Carefully One of the first tips on preventative measures which are able to avoid the typical causes related to leaky vape-tanks is to take care when filling the vape tank. Pay attention to where you are filling the liquid into, as it is highly possible to squirt the e-liquid into the [ Continue Reading… ]

Air In Homes Of Vapers As Clean As In Home Of Non-Vapers

Similar Air Quality In Homes Of Vapers and Non-Vapers Smokers, Rather Than Vapers, Have Most Air Quality Problems At Home Recent research into the quality of air in residences indicates that the homes of vapers have air that is just as clean as that found in the homes of those who do not vape. However, the study also revealed that smoking itself did harm air quality inside homes. Experts from the University of San Diego assessed the air quality in 300 individual homes, each of which featured no less than one smoker and one youngster under 14 years of age. Two particle monitors were placed at different spots within each of the homes. Over the course of a three-month period, these monitors worked to detect the presence of fine particles ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 micrometers. The data was transmitted to the researchers for further review. Double The Danger It is important to note that tiny particles including those from fungi, dust, pollen and smoke are tiny enough for humans [ Continue Reading… ]

How To Choose Your Nicotine Levels

One of the common questions that people have when they start vaping is what nicotine level they should be using? Nicotine happens to be 1 out 4 ingredients accompanied by flavoring, VG and PG which makes up the e-liquid. Strength of the nicotine will vary from one person to the next, which means it comes down to personal preferences. However, there are ways for you to make a decision on what you will enjoy vaping. But to begin with it’s important to know what nicotine really is. Nicotine is derived in the form of an extract from tobacco plants known as Nicotiana Tabacum. It is also found in far smaller amount in food types such as potatoes and tomatoes. The mood altering effects of nicotine vary in reports from person to person. Certain effects are associated with mood elevation, calmness and alertness. This substance is often used as a type of relaxant or stimulant. Nicotine is addictive substance and is mainly associated with the conventional cigarettes. This is the main [ Continue Reading… ]

Vaping 101: Advice For Vaping During The Summer Season

When the humidity is high and the weather is pretty sticky, it can be terrible for those who vape. We are always instructed to keep 18650 batteries away from very high temperatures, so what do you do when it is blistering hot outside and the humidity is at an all-time high? Heat can have negative effects on coils, e-juice and other parts of an e-cigarette. Here are some tips that will help you make it through the summer with minimal issues. Keep Your Batteries Out Of The Heat The first thing you have to remember is to keep batteries away from direct sunlight and other sources of extreme heat. There are no exceptions to this rule. If batteries get overheated, they can explode. This is why it is essential that you never leave your batteries in vehicles and other overly heated places. Even if things are not disastrous, the heat can cause damage to the battery, which means it will not last as long as you had hoped for. When [ Continue Reading… ]

Flavor Fatigue: Curing And Preventing It

The role that flavor plays is the important when it comes to vaping. In an ideal world, every single flavor of e-liquid would retain its fresh taste, but this isn’t how it works and not all e-liquids are created equal. In fact, there are quite a few flavors that can mess around with your perception of taste, and this is known as flavor fatigue. Flavor fatigue, or vaper’s tongue, is when you can’t tell what flavor your e-liquid is. Vapour’s tongue actually doesn’t affect your taste buds or tongue. Plus, it is our noses that actually provides you with the taste of the e-liquid. Not many people realize that it’s not their mouth but their nose that allows them to taste the flavor. The brain’s olfactory system is triggered when you smell something. At first, whatever you are smelling is going to be overpowering and strong, but your brain adapts. It does this to prevent your nervous system from becoming over stimulated. Eventually the brain will stop receiving the odor [ Continue Reading… ]

The Best Ways To Enhance The Flavor Of Your E-Liquids

There is a vast world of e-liquid flavors out there and you will want to try as many as possible. Some of these e-liquids will have massive clouds while others will provide an intense hit to the throat. However, at the end of the day, you are looking for the taste. Vaping would not be as enjoyable if there was a lack of e-liquid flavors and there are a number of ways that you can get the most of every liquid. Lower The Nicotine Levels Nicotine has a taste of its own and is fairly unique. This means that the higher the nicotine level the more likely it is that the flavor is present. Higher nicotine levels will create a harsher throat hit which creates shorter drags and less flavor. If you want to enhance the flavor, you need to consider lowering the nicotine levels. Of course, this does come down to personal preference and there is a sweet spot for all e-liquids that you will need to find. Have [ Continue Reading… ]

The Different Benefits And Drawbacks Of Dripping E-Liquid

The Definition Of Dripping As the vaping industry is seeing an evolution of its market with new devices, delivery systems and e-liquids being introduced on a nearly daily basis, it is important that vaper’s are aware of how to effectively use their devices. The experienced vaper will more than likely understand the method of dripping – a technique where the e-liquid is dripped onto the atomizer’s coil instead of using a tank. This popular technique is most effective when using lower coil resistance and is beneficial because it allows for increased airflow through the device; therefore, allowing an increase production of vapor volume with flavor concentration. Despite experienced vapers considering the technique of dripping to be the “prime vaping technique”, one must question the validity of their claims. This article will approach this validity by exploring the different benefits and drawbacks of dripping eliquid. The Different Drawbacks Of Dripping Take a moment to consider the last time you witnessed a novice vaper attempting to drip their e-liquid. This is a [ Continue Reading… ]

Expiration Dates And E-Cigs: What You Need To Know

The Food and Drug Administration does not yet require e liquid and e-cigarettes to have an expiration date on the package. However, a lot of these products do have one visible for buyers, and it can cause a little bit of anxiety for vapers. They are concerned that if they do not use the product before the expiration date, it will not be good any longer. The information in this article will help you learn more about expiration dates and how you can figure out whether you should vape with an e-liquid or not. Credit: http://vaping360.com/   Many people have consumed a food or drink product that was past its expiration date. It is important to remember that these dates are a bit arbitrary; it is up to the manufacturer to include them on the packaging, which means that the food may be good after that date as well. Vape products are no different. No one is quite sure how long e-juice and e-cigs can last. Therefore, manufacturers make their best [ Continue Reading… ]

A Beginner’s Guide On How To Avoid A Dry Hit

Imagine this scenario: you are waiting for an e-liquid to arrive and have been anticipating its arrival for over one week.  You are certain this will be your new all-day vape liquid and are full of excitement regarding its arrival.  When the e-liquid finally arrives, you tear the packaging open and a shiny 30ml bottle of the e-liquid stands before you ready to be vaped.  Prepared with a new vaping coil, you unscrew the lip and fill the e-cigarette’s tank.  Placing the tip of the e-cigarette in your mouth, you take a deep breath expecting to inhale a sublime e-liquid; however, the anticipation of joy suddenly turns into a sensation of outrage as you realize this is not what you have ordered.  Comparable to the possession of a faulty Xbox that will not turn on; you just received a dry hit! While this scenario is nowhere near any life or death situation, to a vaper it can be an excruciating experience.  Fortunately, there are various techniques available to avoid such [ Continue Reading… ]

Advantages Of E-Cigs

E-cigs or electronic cigarettes are the latest craze among smokers. As prices for tobacco cigarettes increased a lot over the past few years, more and more smokers realize they throw a lot of money on the window by smoking, therefore they seek for alternatives to allow them get their nicotine fix without breaking the bank. One of the best solutions are the electronic cigarettes, battery operated devices that work by vaporizing a flavored liquid which contains a certain percentage of nicotine. There are many positive online reviews from people who switched to e-cigs. They all find them better than regular tobacco cigarettes because of several advantages, as we are going to see from this article. 1. Price Although the price of an electronic cigarette is not extremely small, after the initial purchase, the cost per day decreases dramatically. Consumables are cheap, the e-liquid needed for one month of consumption costs as much as the real cigarettes for one day of smoking. Even if you go for replaceable nicotine cartridges which [ Continue Reading… ]

Making The Switch

According to a recent study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, electronic cigarettes are the go-to tool for people who want to find an alternative to smoking. One evidence is the strong correlation between the decrease in the number of tobacco smokers and the prevalence of electronic cigarettes. This doesn’t mean the research should stop here. Further information must be gathered to help individuals make informed decisions about what’s best for their health and lifestyle. The study involved participants in the US, spanning the years 2014 to 2016. Fifteen thousand tobacco smokers were evaluated, with the goal of figuring out the best aid when it comes to smoking cessation. Other than electronic cigarettes, the participants were provided with cessation aids including gums and patches. Based on the results, it has been proven that electronic cigarette users are able to cut down on their use of traditional cigarettes a lot more compared to those who used other cessation aids. Some users even switched entirely to e-cigarettes. There’s a [ Continue Reading… ]

Your Guide To Vaping At Festivals

Regardless of the weather, there a lot of people that enjoys spending the months of summer far away from their homes in search of fun and music. However, for the vapers that have plans to attend these festivals, an important question relates to whether you will be allowed to vape at these festivals. In general you will be allowed to vape. However, this is usually only allowed if you are in an open space. The majority of the larger festivals like Bestival and Glastonbury don’t have set guidelines which ban vaping. However, you will usually not be able to vape in the enclosed spaces. If you are not sure about the vaping rules at the next festival you plan to attend, it is suggested to contact the organizers of the festival to find out. One part of these festival experiences is to survive without comforts you are typically used to when you are at home. So here are some tips we have put together on how to charge and clean [ Continue Reading… ]

E Cigs as an Alternative

There is recent evidence that E cigarettes are safer to use than traditional tobacco products. However, it should be noted that the benefits and the risks of using E cigarettes are still investigation and therefore the consumer will need to decide on his own. The reason for this is because of the lack of conclusive evidence there is insufficient information to make a final conclusion. However, there is one aspect to E cigarettes that is undeniable. They are safer to use, less expensive, odorless, healthier, and more socially acceptable. The evidence against the dangers of long-term tobacco use is undeniable. In fact, the cigarette companies now need to put warning information about the dangers of smoking on their packages. Scientific tests have proven beyond a doubt that continued use of tobacco products will result in a premature death. One of the hardest things that a person can do is to quit smoking. Many researchers state that is harder to quit smoking that it is to quit using drugs such as [ Continue Reading… ]

The Life Saving Transition – Switching From Smoking To Vaping

More and more smokers are switching to vaping or inhaling flavored vapor via an electronic cigarette. If you currently smoke, then consider switching to vaping, which is becoming increasingly popular around the world. There are many benefits of choosing vaping over regular cigarettes, and here’s a few of them. 1. It’s Affordable Do you want to save money? If so, then switch to vaping. Vaping costs much less than smoking regular cigarettes. 2. Odorless And Smokeless Vaping doesn’t require combustion and this is because the vapor is created when the liquid is heated. Vaping is also smokeless, which means you don’t have to worry about the same issues that you experience with regular smoking, which includes second-hand smoke that can put people near you in danger. Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about the smell of smoke. If you vape in your car, then you don’t have to worry about your upholstery smelling of smoke. Since there’s no lighters involved, you don’t have to worry about causing [ Continue Reading… ]

Choosing The Right Nicotine Strength

So, you have made the decision to quit smoking cigarettes and to start vaping. Good for you! That is the first step in making the right decision. The next thing that you need to start thinking about is the nicotine strength as it is one of the most crucial things to consider either as a veteran vaper or first-timer. For your sake, we have made a list of tips that should make it easier for you to choose a nicotine strength that suits your needs. If You Are A Smoker Most smokers who’ve switched to vaping normally start off using an e-cig since they require a much higher level of nicotine that is similar to the type of cigarette they used to smoke. Smokers usually start out with 1.8% or 18mg nicotine, be it in a high-PG e-juice or in a disposable e-cigarette. Please note: We recommend that smokers start off with high-PG vaping juice for throat hits like cigarettes. Casual or light smokers should consider trying lower nicotine levels [ Continue Reading… ]