DIY E-Liquid

DIY E-Liquid

Your Guide To DIY E Liquid

Eliquid is the juice you’ll need to vape regardless of the E cigarette you use to enjoy it, there’s no two ways about it. There are thousands of amazing flavours available out there, all with their own distinct pro’s and con’s and suitability to each individual users taste and E cigarette. Many people are choosing to opt for DIY eliquid because it enables them to truly individualise the flavours they vape, however, it’s not quite as simple as it might seem, which is why we’ve created this handy guide to help you get started.

First Things First

Before you get started with DIY elliquid it’s important you know basic E liquid facts.

E liquids from reputable vendors are safe and should not contain any nasty chemicals (see below for what to avoid). You will see that the majority of E liquids on the market contain two main ingredients – PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin). Both are listed as ‘Generally Recognised As Safe’ by the FDA in America, don’t have any taste or smell to them and are safe to use. Most E liquids contain a mix of PG and VG, or exclusively contain just VG or just PG.

PG – PG carries more flavour than VG, produces less vapour and makes your E liquid last longer in the bottle because it’s a preservative. PG can also be an allergen.

VG – VG produces more vapour than PG, is hypoallergenic and is not a preservative.


Most of the flavourings used in E liquids are completely safe because they tend to be food based, however some vendors sell oil based e liquids which should always be completed avoided.


In E liquids you will find various levels of nicotine, and of course, some bottles that don’t contain any at all. Expect to see the following measurements of nicotine available – 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 24mg and 32mg. The nicotine is measured in milligrams, so the mg listing indicated how many milligrams of nicotine is present in each millimeter of your e liquid.

Safety First

Now you know the basics of e liquid, we can start chatting a little bit more about the DIY stuff. Perhaps you’re looking to mix your own because you want to create your own flavours, you want to save money or you simple want to have 100% control over what you’re vaping. Whatever your reasons, it is important we talk about the safety aspects of making your own eliquid before we go any further. It might seem boring but it’s so important – no really your life depends on it.


When you make your own eliquid you will be using nicotine, which is a safety issue. Getting the right level of nicotine to suit your needs requires real thought, attention and care.
Understanding that certain eliquid items are dangerous is incredibly important.
Nicotine liquid is an active ingredient and can be extremely dangerous and in some cases, fatal. Please read the following article to educate yourself on the potential hazards –

Be aware of the following as a priority:

If you have children or animals you must keep your raw liquids or mixed e liquids completely out of reach.

Never vape high concentrations of nicotine liquid – EVER. The liquid is designed to be combined with other ingredients.

When you handle nicotine juice you must wear the appropriate safety gear – rubber gloves, goggles, mouth mask and apron. If you get it in your eyes it can cause blindness, if you get it on your skin it will go into your bloodstream and may be fatal.

Be stringent with your use of syringes and other items that you use for mixing, any nicotine residue on these items remains toxic, even in tiny amounts.

If you come into contact with any nicotine juice, wash it from you straight away and seek medical advice.

What You’ll Need

Now we’ve got the safety out of the way, it’s down to business. You’re going to need quite a bit of equipment to get you started, so be ready to invest in the equipment that’s going to save you money in the long run. There are basic DIY eliquid kits available which tend to be very basic, which is where we would recommend you begin.

Basic kits include:

– A bottle of base liquid

– A bottle of flavouring

– A syringe, eyedropper or pipette

– Safety gloves

More advanced kits include:

– A bottle of VG or PH or a mix of both including nicotine

– Same as above but without nicotine

– A bottle of flavouring

– Empty bottles

– A syringe, eyedropper or pipette

– Menthol crystals

– Sweetener

– Gloves

These kits can be purchased or you can buy the supplies separately. We would also recommend you get an apron, mouth mask and safety glasses as well as gloves.

Nicotine Bases

Listed above in the ‘First Things First’ section we discussed the bases of most E liquids which are PG, VG (separately) or a mix of the two. These will be your main bases for your e liquid. A mixture of the two is recommended for optimum results, however if you are allergic to PG stick to pure VG.

Making Your E Liquids

The basic process for DIY e liquids is fairly easy, and doesn’t take too much effort as long as you are stringent with the calculations of how much of each ingredient you put in.
Basic Directions:

1) Choose which nicotine strength you want

2) Choose your base (PG, VG or both)

3) Choose a flavour or flavours

4) Use an high quality eliquid to get the amounts of each ingredient right – it is extremely important the amount of nicotine used is correct

5) Combine the ingredients in the amounts given to you by the calculator

6) Mix it well

7) Vape it!

Menthol Crystals

Many people like to vape menthol E juice, which can be created using menthol crystals. Adding them is quite simple and just involves dropping a few small menthol crystals into the eliquid you have mixed, then leaving the crystals to dissolve overnight. The crystals may come to you quite large, in which case you will want to crush them and make them smaller so they can be dropped into the bottle. We recommend using one or two small crystals to begin with until you get used to the strength you want.


Now you understand the basics of creating your own E Liquids it is important you take the time to do your research and read advice from people successfully creating their own mixtures.

Do Not Ignore Safety

You may feel safety advice listed on various ‘how to’s’ are simply overly cautious. This is not the case. Liquid nicotine is hazardous and potentially fatal, the tiniest amount on your skin can make you feel physically sick. The liquids you are creating are going to be inhaled by you via an E cigarette so you owe it to yourself to be as safe as possible.

Dropper Measurements

When you use a dropper you should test it before using it to make sure the measurements are accurate. 20 drops of water should be around 1ML but you should check this is the case to make sure your measurements are right. Do this by using a measuring container and counting how many drops of water into the container equals 20ML.

Keeping Record

When you make eliquid keep a record of the recipe. Do this for successful mixtures and unsuccessful ones. The good ones you can repeat and the bad ones you will have documented so you know not to make the same mistake again.

Nicotine Testing

As well as being cautious with the nicotine juice itself, it is important you are also testing the nicotine you purchase from vendors. Don’t trust that the nicotine strength is correct. A vendor may send you a bottle of nicotine juice you assume is a certain strength, then you mix it on that assumption and it could be much stronger, which means you will vape extremely strong nicotine which is extremely dangerous. Test your nicotine or a batch of E liquid you have made using the nicotine to check how strong it is.


When you buy PG, VG or a mix of both you need to know what you are buying. These bases could have come from a variety of different places, and in a variety of different grades which are; agricultural, food, industrial or pharmaceutical. Only the pharmaceutical grade eliquid is safe for vaping so make sure that is the only kind you purchase to use as a base for your eliquid.


Not all flavourings are suitable for eliquid Some flavourings don’t dissolve in water or contains ingredients that simply aren’t suitable for vaping. It is important when you find a reputable vendor for flavourings and nicotine that you do your research and check what you’re buying is suited to its purpose.

Please Read This Notice

Please not that anyone choosing to follow any of the advice given in this article does so at their own risk. Simply E Liquid cannot be held responsible for any person causing injury or death to themselves or others from the use or misuse of information contained within this article.