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Doozy Vape Co - Orange Chill 50ml

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Doozy Vape Co Orange Chill Eliquid

60ml Bottle

On the inhale you get the freshly squeezed Orange with the perfect amount of coolness to make your mouth water. On the exhale you get a mixture of Fanta and Orange Tic Tacs with the ice giving you a memorable aftertaste of Orange that lingers on the palate.
You will receive a 60ml bottle, filled with 50ml Nicotine Free Orange Chill e liquid. You also have the option to purchase it along with a 10ml Nicotine shot. Mixing the Nicotine shot into the Orange Chill e liquid will make it 3mg. Negating the need to purchase the pre-mixed 10ml bottles. Important Notice: Do not use the nicotine shot on its own - only to be used when mixed with the e liquid provided.
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