Loaded E-Liquid

Whether you use the smallest vape pen or the largest sub-ohm box mod, it’s likely that you want the same thing out of your vaping experience as every member of the vaping community: more flavour. For years, the vape juice companies of the world have been locked in an arms race, with every brand competing to deliver the most satisfying – and most boldly flavoured – vape juices anywhere. What the other companies don’t realise, though, is that Loaded has already won that race by building a product line packed with the most vivid flavours that anyone has ever experienced. If you want to enjoy a no-holds-barred vaping experience that never delivers anything less than amazingly bold flavour, you’ve got to try Loaded vape juice.

When you begin your exploration of Loaded e-liquid, the first flavour we suggest trying is Apple Fritter. You won’t find another vape juice anywhere that comes close to this e-liquid’s delicious representation of a deep-fried apple dessert. Imagine mixing some fresh apples with flour, brown sugar and cinnamon and making your own apple doughnuts at home. Top your freshly fried fritters with a sugar glaze, and you’ve got Apple Fritter by Loaded. Apple has been one of the most popular fruit flavours within the vaping community for several years running, and Apple Fritter has truly become legendary among the community’s most ardent apple fans.

With a product range as large as what Loaded offers, it’s virtually impossible to pick a single favourite flavour. Our pick for the most addictive flavour in the Loaded product range, however, would have to be Cookie Butter. If you’ve ever eaten actual cookie butter, you’re probably nodding your head right now because you know exactly what we’re talking about. Taking the most amazing Belgian cookies and blending them into a smooth paste, cookie butter is pure, concentrated deliciousness. It’s also about the same as eating pure fat and sugar, which is why we’re so glad that the people at Loaded have created a perfect copy of cookie butter in vapour form.

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