Vampire Vape E Liquid

Focused since the beginning on creating vape juices to please the British palate, Vampire Vape has become one of the biggest success stories in the UK e-liquid industry and is now distributed throughout much of the world. Though Vampire Vape has seen no shortage of success, they have also remained steadfast in their commitment to top-quality flavour design. A Vampire Vape e-liquid has a completely straightforward flavour profile that never becomes overbearing, even if you’re an extremely heavy vaper. Vampire Vape’s e-liquids also contain a minimum of added sweeteners and do not promote the formation of coil gunk as many other e-liquids can. Vampire Vape e-liquid, in other words, isn’t just tasty – it can also help you save money by avoiding the frequent coil replacements that you’ll endure with most mainstream e-liquids.

When you’re ready to dive into Vampire Vape’s flavour selection, Energy is surely one of the first e-liquids that you should try. These days, people everywhere are deciding to forgo the traditional morning tea in favour of caffeine-laced energy drinks. In addition to the caffeine, an energy drink often contains a large serving of B vitamins – and between the caffeine and vitamins, the beverage has a pretty strong flavour that needs to be covered by some equally strong added flavourings. The flavour profile of choice for most energy drinks is a tart mixed citrus flavour, giving an energy drink a unique taste that’s instantly recognisable. With Energy, the people at Vampire Vape have duplicated that flavour perfectly.

If you’re not in the mood to vape an energy drink all day, never fear because Vampire Vape also offers plenty of e-liquids with more traditional flavour profiles. Grab a bottle of Strawberry Kiwi when you’re in the mood for a little refreshment; it tastes just like your favourite juice cocktails from the supermarket.

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