Vapetasia E liquid

One look at Vapetasia’s logo – which features a big cup of custard with an eyepatch – tells you everything that you need to know about what this company’s flavour design philosophy is like and what type of experience you can expect to have when you try a Vapetasia vape juice. This is an e-liquid company with a take-no-prisoners approach to its flavour development process. Big, sweet flavours are the name of the game here, and the company’s legend – as you might have already guessed – begins with what might be the world’s most famous custard vape juice.

Killer Kustard is one of those touchstone products in the still relatively short history of the vaping industry. It’s an e-liquid that’s absolutely worth trying – even if you don’t think that you like custard vape juices – because it represents something bigger than itself. Killer Kustard was not the first custard e-liquid to hit the market. Before it appeared, vape juice companies had already been trying to craft the perfect custard flavour profile for years. None of the existing custard e-liquids, however, were quite right; they were all too sweet, or they had too much egg flavour, or they had some other problem that prevented universal acceptance.

Killer Kustard changed that by achieving perfect balance for the first time – and today, Vapetasia essentially owns the custard segment of the vape juice industry. Killer Kustard proved so popular that they’ve expanded the range with an entire line of custard-themed e-liquids. So, when you’re ready to take a break from the original Killer Kustard, try Killer Kustard Blueberry for a variation that we think you’ll really like. Every e-liquid in the Killer Kustard range perfectly balances the flavours of savoury eggs, decadent cream and fragrant vanilla, and each one is a vape juice that you’re likely to enjoy for a very long time.

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