Drinks E Liquid

There is so much variety in the world of beverage e-liquids today that you really can’t experience everything this flavour category has to offer by trying just one vape juice. E-liquid makers have access to the same flavouring agents that real drink companies use to make the world’s most popular sodas, fruit juices and slushies. You can find vape juices that taste just like your favourite colas and root beers, and you can also find e-liquids that taste like freshly blended fruit smoothies. The variety is nearly endless – and for the perfect example of what’s possible with a beverage e-liquid, look no further than the delicious Blue Slushie by Humble Juice Co. It tastes just like a trip to your favourite local convenience store.

Has it been a while since the last time you tried a drink-flavoured e-liquid? Maybe you tried a few beverage flavours in the past and decided that they weren’t for you because they didn’t capture the authentic experience of drinking those beverages in real life. The reason for the lack of verisimilitude is that you’re vaping e-liquids designed to taste like drinks you’d consume cold. Vapour is warm, though, so the experience isn’t quite the same. The solution for that problem is so simple that you’ll wonder why e-liquid makers haven’t been doing it since vaping began. All that you need to do to make a beverage e-liquid that tastes like a real drink served on ice is add a little menthol. Using a small amount of menthol, it becomes possible to create a vape juice that has a realistically icy finish but doesn’t taste like peppermint. More than ever, e-liquid makers are creating some real magic by adding a touch of menthol to their beverage flavours. If you haven’t experienced that flavour combination for yourself, now is the time to try it.

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