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The Juice Bar – Create Your Own E liquid Description

Ever wanted to mix two e liquid flavours together to test the outcome ? Well with our Juice Bar now you can !

Simply mix and match any 2 of these 23 e liquid flavours and choose your nicotine strength to create your own unique blend – we will do the rest !

60ml available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. 70VG/30PG

Available Flavours:

Bananza: A creamy interpretation of the banana fruit with a touch of three creams for the smoothest all-day qualified vape.
Blackcurrant: Mouthwatering, juicy and fruity. This blackcurrant will burst with flavour with every vape.
Blueberry: A refreshing blend featuring your favourite antioxidant.
Cloud Burst: Prepare your tastebuds for pink starburst in its finest form.
Custard: Bavarian cream excellence! The perfect way to sweeten up your favourite flavours.
Double Apple: An all round apple experience. Ripe, crisp and picked fresh from the tree.
Glazed: A delightful deep fried glazed donut flavour.
Grape: This grape is a beautiful mix of natural grapes that will tantalise you in the best ways possible.
Guava: A filibuster of flavour for your taste buds. Featuring the most under-rated, yet most flavourful fruit for vaping.
Lemonade: Simple and pure. Naturally derived, this blend will remind you of homemade lemonade.
Loops: A unique and complex fruit loop re-creation. A must have for your flavour collection.
Melon Head: An all-day smooth honeydew melon for you vaping pleasure.
Menthol: A minty menthol flavour to add an icy blast to your e liquid.
Milkshake: A creamy and delightful milkshake flavour.
Mother Teresa: A perfect balance of natural strawberry extract and four unique creams.
Peach: A delicious, delectable savoury peach flavour.
Razzletaz: An amazing berry blend. Featuring blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.
Serious Kiwi: Smooth, all-natural kiwi at it’s finest.
Strawberry: A vape that does justice to an otherwise immaculate fruit.
Tobacco: If you’re moving over from tobacco-based smoking, this is definitely the vape for you.
Vanilla Bean: Silky, smooth and rich. This vanilla bean will delight your taste buds.
Warm Crumble Pie: The classic desert. A warm and dream apple crumble pie.
Wonder Crunch: Crunchy berries blended with creme’s.


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