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You’ve just discovered the best place to buy tobacco e-liquid in the UK. If you’re new to vaping, there’s a good chance that you’re going to want to start with a tobacco e-liquid that replicates the experience of smoking a cigarette as closely as possible. With our enormous selection of tobacco vape juice, you’re certain to find your ideal e-liquid flavour right here.

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What Is Tobacco E-Liquid?

E-liquid is the liquid that you vaporize and inhale when you use an e-cigarette or other vaping device. E-liquid usually contains nicotine, and it also has a flavour profile resulting from a combination of different food-grade flavourings. Tobacco e-liquid uses food-grade flavours to approximate the flavour of a cigarette.

As we’re about to explain, the experience of using a tobacco e-liquid isn’t quite what you might expect. Nevertheless, although many vapers ultimately end up choosing e-liquids with sweeter flavour profiles as their favourites, most people use tobacco vape juice when they first make the switch from smoking to vaping. When you buy your first vaping device, it’s a good idea to grab at least one bottle of tobacco e-liquid and find out where your flavour preferences lie.

Here at Simply ELiquid, we’ve scoured the world in search of the most creative and visionary vape juice makers, all in the name of fulfilling our goal to offer the biggest and most varied selection of premium vape juice available anywhere. In addition to offering e-liquid at the best prices in the UK, there’s also a further benefit to buying from us in that we cover the shipping fees on any order over £30. If you’re placing a bulk order, the price you see is the price you pay!


Does Tobacco E-Liquid Taste Like a Cigarette?

The first thing you need to know before you start vaping is that no tobacco e-liquid is a perfect recreation of the flavour of a cigarette. Tobacco is a natural plant with alkaloids that contribute to a very unique flavour profile. In addition to that, when you smoke, you aren’t actually tasting the tobacco – you’re tasting the smoke that comes from burning the tobacco. It’s simply not possible to copy that flavour by putting a few food-grade flavourings into a bottle. If you haven’t started vaping yet, you might be disappointed by the above statement. You’re probably hoping that your first e-cigarette will be a perfect replacement for tobacco cigarettes – that you’ll be able to switch from one to the other without even noticing a difference. Unfortunately, vaping doesn’t work that way. However, we encourage you to try several different tobacco e-liquids if that’s the flavour you’re seeking. You’ll find that, while no tobacco e-liquid tastes exactly like a cigarette, the best tobacco vape juices do satisfy the palate in very similar ways with their creative combinations of savoury, nutty, grassy, complex and sweet notes.

Another thing you should consider is that most of the people who switch to vaping eventually decide that they never really liked the flavour of cigarette smoke that much in the first place. If you’ve been a smoker for a while, you probably think that you like the flavour of cigarette smoke. Think back, though, to the day when you tried a cigarette for the first time. You probably hated the flavour – but you liked the nicotine rush, so you kept smoking. Eventually, you grew to accept the flavour of cigarette smoke and maybe even came to enjoy the familiarity of it. All it takes is a few weeks of vaping, though, for your palate to reset itself completely. Once you’ve reached that point, cigarettes will taste every bit as vile to you as they did on that very first day. In that sense, you’ll probably end up realising

Should I Buy Tobacco E-Liquid if I Am New to Vaping?

Members of the vaping community are split almost 50/50 on their vaping preferences, with about half of the community preferring tobacco or menthol e-liquids and the other half opting for vape juices with sweeter flavour profiles. Once they realise that they can get their nicotine in a form that tastes like candy, ice cream or doughnuts rather than a cigarette, many people lose all interest in e-liquid flavours that resemble cigarettes. Since your flavour preferences may fall on either side, we think it’s a good idea to begin with at least one tobacco or menthol e-liquid and at least one sweet e-liquid when you start vaping for the first time. If you don’t enjoy one e-liquid, you’ll almost certainly like the other.

What Other Flavours Might a Tobacco E-Liquid Include?

One of the best things about tobacco e-liquid is that many companies have expanded the tobacco flavour profile by combining tobacco notes with other flavours. Flavoured cigarettes may not be legal in the UK – or just about anywhere else these days, in fact – but there’s nothing stopping vape juice makers from using tobacco as the base for a wide variety of interesting flavour combinations. When you survey the landscape of tobacco e-liquid today, you’ll find vape juices that combine tobacco with a wide variety of other flavours including vanilla, custard, fruit and even ice cream. If you like the idea of an e-liquid that combines sweet and savoury notes, you’ll probably love those sweeter tobacco vape juices.

What Nicotine Strength Should I Buy?

One of the most important things about buying e-liquid for the first time is choosing a nicotine strength suitable for your needs. If you’re a long-term smoker and are new to vaping, that usually means buying an e-liquid with a nicotine strength in the range of 18-20 mg/ml and using a small vaping device optimised for the mouth-to-lung inhaling style. If you’re not sure what to buy, please get in touch and talk with our friendly vaping experts. As a general rule, though, higher-strength e-liquids are best for recent converts to vaping. As you gain experience, you might upgrade to a more powerful vaping device. At that time, it’s likely that you’ll reduce the strength of your e-liquid..