Ego Clear Electronic Cigarette Reviews

E-liquid reviewed: Ego Clear Electronic Cigarette

I am very new to vaping, and was advised to invest in this kit by a friend. I have previously been using E lites which I find unsatisfying and pretty boring, especially when everyone around me has proper e cigarettes which they can try loads of amazing eliquid flavours with. The kit came to me really quickly, packaging was good and it was really clear how to use the kit once I received it. You get two batteries, two clearomizers, a USB, neck lanyard and 30ml bottle of eliquid (of your choice). It’s really easy to refill, you just unscrew the mouthpiece and fill the tank up, which was a relief as I was worried about how easy this would be. I don’t use the neck lanyard although it’s a nice little extra, and opted for a menthol eliquid. My first vape was worlds apart from what I have been experiencing with E lites. The huge amounts of vapour was really fun, and the flavour and throat hit was so much more satisfying. I wish I had started using refillables first.

Rating: 5 / 5 stars