Electronic Cigarette – Case Study 1

Electronic Cigarette – Case Study 1

Name: Matt

Age: 25

Peer Pressure Got Me In To Smoking, E-Cigs Got me Out!”

I started smoking when I started college, aged 16. I was trying to make new friends and I thought that that was the way forward. It was the most ridiculous decision I have ever made.

On my 21st birthday I decided that I would not be someone who would be able to say that they have been smoking for 10 years and set myself the goal of quitting before my 25th birthday. I started to notice that my breathing was not as good as it used to be, and for a 21 year old, that was concerning. I got out of breath just walking up the stairs at work and couldn’t run for a bus, let alone to keep fit.

I gradually cut down on smoking over the next year and tried to go cold turkey a number of times, but nothing was working, my will power just was not strong enough to quit completely. For my 23rd birthday, my partner bought me an Ego Clear E-cig Kit, and suggested that I at least try e-cigs to help me to quit. I started by trying a few menthol and mint flavoured liquids, as I had become accustomed to menthol cigarettes whilst trying to quit before. In the two years since then, I have cut down to 5mg liquid, the lightest amount of nicotine available, and I am looking forward to starting on 0mg liquids within the next month.

Since I have been using e-cigs to cut down on my nicotine intake, I have noticed a great deal of improvements to my health, I can breathe much easier now, thanks to the amount of toxins and tar that exist in ordinary cigarettes, not being an issue with e-cigs. I have started running to keep fit, which has meant that I can feel the improvements in my lungs since giving up normal cigarettes.

I am so grateful that I found the range of menthol and mint eliquids on this website, as the variety is outstanding and the quality is consistent and I can always be sure that what I will receive will be exactly what I need.