Electronic Cigarette – Case Study 2

Electronic Cigarette – Case Study 2

Name: Selina

Age: 34

“I Stopped Smoking For My Unborn Son”

I stopped smoking when I found out that I was pregnant, but after giving birth to my son, the stresses of family life started getting to me again and the cravings were getting worse and worse, affecting my moods. I was going crazy! So I started to research electronic cigarettes and their benefits, when I came across Simply Eliquid. I decided to start with 10mg nicotine and realised that I wasn’t really missing the taste of tobacco as much as I was missing the nicotine, so I decided to try a few fruity flavours. I ordered the cherry apple, forest fruits and grapefruit flavours in my first order and delivery was exactly as promised. I also ordered the EVOD kit to begin with, as it promised deep flavourful vaping with every hit.

I loved using my vape, as it meant that I could stay within the house and just move into a different room to satisfy my nicotine cravings, whereas, if I had gone back to smoking normal cigarettes, I would have had to go outside..

The whole point of starting to use an e-cig was to satisfy my nicotine cravings after being pregnant, but I started to wonder if this could be the way toward quitting nicotine for good. After a year I cut down to 5mg nicotine liquids and experimented with the flavours to keep myself interested in more than just the focus of getting rid of the cravings for nicotine.

I started with the fruit flavours, but since starting to use an e-cig 2 years ago, I have cut down to 0 mg nicotine and now just enjoy the vape liquids for their flavours rather than the nicotine content, I have also started mixing flavours to create new flavours, and I have joined an online forum for people who use vaping kits, where we share recipes and even have a flavour of the week. This has also meant that I have made new friends by quitting smoking.

Quitting smoking is the best decision I have made for both me and my son, and now that I am expecting another child, I am happy to be nicotine-free and able to offer them both the best start in life with no toxic chemicals for them to breathe.