Electronic Cigarette – Case Study 3

Electronic Cigarette – Case Study 3

Name: Gregory

Age: 54

“Electronic Cigarettes Helped Me Get My Health Back”

I smoked for 30 years until I noticed that it was getting harder and harder on my breathing. I decided to treat myself to an E-cig to help me with cutting down and eventually quitting smoking altogether. I used the E-cig intermittently at first as I was sceptical about how much it would actually be able to help me. So I continued smoking normal cigarettes sometimes, whilst using the E-cig at other times. This was actually a very effective way of transitioning to an e-cig, as I noticed that my breathing would become heavier and more difficult after each normal cigarette, whereas the e-cig had no such drawbacks.

Once I had convinced myself that moving onto the e-cig full time was a good idea, and one that I intended to take seriously, I started researching starter kits and more professional set-ups, rather than the disposable set-ups I had been relying on thus far.

I found the Eleaf Ijust E-cig starter kit and chose it for the size of the cartomizer, as it holds 5.5mls of e-liquid and I do not have the time to be refilling the cartridge all the time, also, my hands aren’t as steady as they once were so a minimal amount of refills suits me best.

I started on a high concentration of nicotine as I had been used to smoking heavily over the years, I also stuck to the tobacco flavoured e-liquids, which were perfect for me as I like the taste of smoking and the effects of the nicotine, I just didn’t want my health to deteriorate further than it already had through smoking ordinary cigarettes. I bought the Strong tobacco, Turkish Tobacco and Virginia tobacco to start with, to sample each and choose the one that suited me best. I have since settled with the Virginia Tobacco flavour, but I have brought the nicotine concentration down to a mix of the 5mg and the 0 mg, to try to curb the addiction side of smoking. However, I still enjoy the flavour so I think I will continue to use the e-cigarette, even when I am down to 0mg.