Electronic Cigarette – Case Study 4

Electronic Cigarette – Case Study 4

Name: Gina

Age: 19

I Weaned Myself Off Nicotine Without Even Realising

I had smoked for about a year, starting as a casual or social smoker, on nights out; the addiction grew until I was a full time smoker. I started university and became very self-conscious about smelling like cigarettes to my housemates or in lectures, so I decided to start using an e-cig. I did some research online and was amazed at the amount of flavours available.

I decided to start with the medium strength of nicotine, but I bought some low nicotine mg flavours to sample too. I mainly stuck to the flavours that tasted like sweets for the low nicotine mg flavours, and the original tobacco flavours for the ones with nicotine in them. Eventually I realised that I have been using the e-cig with low nicotine more than the one that I was supposed to be using to quit, so I bought some more sweet flavours and found it very easy to cut out the nicotine and just experiment with sweet flavours and mixing them to create new ones. I suppose this distracted me from the cravings, and helped me to cut out nicotine altogether. Now I don’t even smoke when I am out with friends or around smokers, as the smell of ordinary cigarettes is very off-putting, when you can have your favourite sweet flavours with no nasty chemicals or bad smells afterwards.

I have tried almost all of the confectionery range at Simple Eliquid, but my favourite flavours at the moment are Little Violet Sweeties and Bubble-gum. I have a very sweet tooth and the craving for sugar seem to be out-weighing the craving for nicotine, but using the e-cig to get my sugar fix means that I don’t actually ingest all of the sugar and fat, and my teeth aren’t suffering either! I am also thinking about starting to try some of the fruit flavours with my next order as I drink fruit juices almost constantly and would love to try vaping those flavours.