Electronic Cigarette – Case Study 5

Electronic Cigarette – Case Study 5

Name: Sanjit

Age: 40

“Vaping Has Saved Me A Lot Of Money”

I used to smoke 20 cigarettes per day, real cigarettes, not roll-ups, and I noticed that it was costing me an extraordinary amount of money per week and month. So I started looking into alternatives to smoking, I started on roll-ups, which saved me money, but being smaller and less satisfying than real cigarettes, I ended up smoking more per day, which was not my intended outcome.

I am an avid Reddit user and I joined their Stop Smoking sub forum, where I read about e-cigarettes and vaping. The community there really helped me to understand all about vaping and how much better it is, not only for the wallet but for my overall health, too.

I ordered a very basic starter kit, which I later upgraded to a more sophisticated set-up. The first thing that I noticed was the amount of money I saved immediately. Bottles of E-liquid are less than 5 each and last me one to two weeks, depending on whether I am using one flavour, or switching between different flavours. I usually order 4 bottles per month and I tend to get different flavours each time, usually a menthol or mint flavour, two fruit flavours, and a regular tobacco flavour. The range of flavours available on Simply E-liquids is incredible and means that it will be a while before I run out of new options. I have also started mixing flavours to create new flavours, meaning that my options are pretty much limitless at this point.

I have started ordering only the Mild Tobacco flavour, but the rest I mix and match to keep it interesting. I have cut down from the strongest nicotine concentration to a medium concentrate and hope to order my next batch in 5mg concentration, this method of quitting is working really well for me so far and the only thing that I regret is that I didn’t switch from smoking to vaping a lot sooner.