Electronic Cigarette – Case Study 7

Electronic Cigarette – Case Study 7

Name: Toni

Age: 64

“Electronic Cigarettes Allowed Me To Quit Smoking”

My name is Toni and I am 64 years old, nearly 65. I started smoking when I was very young, probably around 15 years old. It was a different time back then. I never really worried about how my health would be affected by smoking, in fact, I really enjoyed the sensation of smoking and how calming it was for me.

Over the years, smoking has become more and more expensive, which started to put me off a bit, but, obviously, smoking cigarettes is an addiction, and not one that can be fought easily. When the smoking ban was put into place, smoking became less enjoyable for me, as I had to stand outside and leave whatever social situation I was enjoying, to have a cigarette. Both of these factors began to wear me down, and I realised I was only smoking, paying so much, and standing outside in the cold, no matter the weather, because of the nicotine addiction.

My daughter was telling me about electronic cigarettes for about a year trying to convince her old Dad that the nicotine was still there, but it was better for my health and that I could enjoy it within my house, without putting my wife’s health in danger. Of course, I was completely unconvinced, but she bought me a starter kit one Christmas and I decided to humour her (hiding my real cigarettes in a safe place for when it inevitably didn’t work).

After a few weeks of switching between the electronic cigarette and real cigarettes, I decided that I really quite enjoyed staying in my warm kitchen and trying the different flavours of eliquid that my daughter had given me mild tobacco, cigar and mint chocolate. I was very pleased that I could have different flavours of tobacco and cigars, without any extra effort, or having to stand in the garden.

My daughter orders my eliquids for me, and she has started to get reduced nicotine ones, at my request. I have slowly been weaning myself off and can truly finally see the day when I can kick my addiction to the curb!