Electronic Cigarette – Case Study 8

Electronic Cigarette – Case Study 8

Name: Michael

Age: 24

“I Love Performing Vaping Tricks”

I have never smoked normal cigarettes so I do not vape for the purpose of quitting. I have a few friends who had started vaping for this purpose, but had soon started doing tricks and becoming part of a wider vaping community. I realised that I liked the feeling of vaping, and the accomplishment of learning to do tricks and discussing the passion with other people.

After a lot of research into vapes, I started building my own set-ups and buying modifications for my vapes. Occasionally, it didn’t work and I had to start again, but, as with any hobby, theres trial and error and I’m pleased to say that I have the optimal set-up now.

I now have two different set-ups, one for practising and one for meet-ups or hanging out with friends, and showing off. I practice with a JostFog E-cig, which is just a basic set-up. But, I also have an IPV 200W modified set-up, with adjustable power, to set the amount of vape that each inhale produces, which is great for doing tricks as you might need more vape for certain tricks, and less for others. I have bought a few modifiers that change the voltage of the vape, but this one is the best that I have found for controlling the amount of vapour I produce for each trick. It makes it very easy to practice using the standard vape, and then adjust the trick once I have mastered it to see how much voltage will be required for the trick to work well.

I always buy 0mg liquids, as I have no use for the nicotine, being a non-smoker. However, I do like experimenting with different flavours, as sometimes the texture of the liquid, and the vapour it produces can vary and make tricks look even better than they do once they’ve been mastered. I have found that fruity flavours are the best as they feel thicker in the throat and make it easier to control the vapour to produce cool effects.