Electronic Cigarette – Case Study 9

Electronic Cigarette – Case Study 9

Name: Liarna

Age: 29

“Vaping Provides The Perfect Distraction To Help People Quit”

A few of my friends had quit smoking using e-cigs but carried on vaping for the fun aspect. They started learning tricks and becoming part of an online community of people who vape for fun, or to entertain themselves and their friends, it became a hobby.

I was content to sit and watch them all having fun and entertaining me, until one of them offered to teach me the tricks. I was confused, as I thought vaping was only for people who smoked, and I never have, but they explained that the liquids they used contained no nicotine and that the flavours were actually really nice.

The friend who let me try their vape was using a flavourless liquid, which was really good for doing tricks as there was nothing to distract me whilst I was learning. However, once I had decided to buy my own kit, I started looking at the variety of flavours on offer and just had to try them. I enjoyed the citrus flavours the most, as they reminded me of fruit juice, but in a vapour, that I could do tricks with. They are also refreshing in a strange way

I now tend to order a flavourless liquid and two or three flavoured ones, just to try the variety available on Simply Eliquid. I have started to enjoy the coconut flavour as well as the fruits, as it has a nice tropical feel and the vapour feels thicker and easier to control when doing tricks, somehow.

I would recommend vaping and learning tricks as a hobby to both people who are trying to quit smoking, not as a replacement, but as a distraction. I think that cutting down the nicotine concentration of the liquid, whilst learning tricks would be a really fun way to quit nicotine. I also recommend it for non-smokers who just want to learn tricks, as the flavours are really nice and the community that you become part of is diverse and supportive and lots of fun.