Eliquid Tricks – Blow Double Os

Eliquid Tricks – Blow Double Os

Blow Double Os


Hi guys. Welcome to another awesome episode of Minty Mechanic. Fixing my microphone because that’s how I roll. I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be doing double O’s, triple O’s and a couple of other pretty cool tricks today. So sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride because it is going to be fun.

Also, you’re going to need a vape, preferably a mod with some nice smoke if you like to enjoy what you vape on. Nearly said smoke on. We don’t smoke here. I don’t know what you guys are talking about.

So here’s what we’re going to do. Basically we’re going to go ahead and go over how to do double O’s first. I’m assuming that you guys have watched my previous videos on how to do the regular O’s and how to spam O’s and I’m also going to cover a little bit more of that in this video. But this is primarily for those of you who wanted to do double and triple O’s. It’s pretty easy as long as you can get down the finger type of motion, what you need to do, what you need for a mod, which kind of co-production you need. So anyway, let’s go ahead and go into it.

The first thing you’re going to need to learn as far as the double O’s go… We’ll start off on double O’s, is you’re going to take your index finger or your middle finger. You take the tip of your finger, whichever finger, I’m going to use this one so I don’t offend anybody. I’m going to go ahead and place it on the top of my lip, pull down and meet my chin with the middle knuckle. Like that. And that’s all you need and that’s really simple. So we’re going to go ahead and try it out. I’m going to show you guys how to do it.

There you go. Pretty simple. I mean, double O’s are honestly just like kind of an easier trick to do in my opinion. They don’t require a whole lot of skill. All you’ve got to do is just take that top lip, pull it down a little bit, push your lips forward a little bit, let your lips relax a little bit and you’re good to go. You just practice. Do it a couple of times. You’ll have it down in no time, so let’s try it again.

So now that we’ve got double O’s down, we’re going to go ahead and try triple O’s. Now these ones are much more difficult and to be honest I haven’t tried them yet, so we’re going to go ahead and show you just exactly how easy it is to figure this out. It may be hard. It may not be. We’ll see. We’ll check it out.

It’s a little harder than I thought.

Triple O’s take a lot of practice. So remember, the next time you don’t get a trick right the first time doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do it so I’ll keep practicing that trick for you guys just to make sure that I get that down. I’ll show you how you how to do it once I’ve figured it out and then we’ll move on from there.

We’ve done double O’s. We’ve done triple O’s. Well, kind of. For the most part that’s how you do it. It’s just take your two fingers, blow them down like this – Same concept. Try to make three gaps and try to blow three O’s out at once. So it’s not that difficult.

So here’s another trick that I thought I would show you guys and it’s another one that is akin to double O’s. Now you can try this with the double O method or you can blow two single O’s if you are adept at blowing O’s. So let’s go ahead and try that real quick. What we’re going to do is we’re going to blow two O’s and then we’re going to push them both away to where they split up. Now hopefully I can catch this on camera

Alright, so we’ve got a couple of times and I hope that I’ve got that for you guys. I’m going to teach you guys a couple of things on bending too while we’re at it and then I will release a full video on how to do specific kinds of bends, but for now we’re going to go ahead and try a single bend to the right, your left.

So here’s what we’re going to do. The easiest way that I’ve found to bend O’s is by blowing a single O and as you blow it you come out with your hand open like this. Keep your hand open with all five fingers evenly spaced apart, and you move the O and gently push to the left. You’ll see the O bend as soon as you realise what you’re doing. So you blow the O and it comes out and you try and bend it around.

Another method that I’ve found pretty effective is coming in around the side of the O and pushing it like this. That way you’re basically clearing up the smoke behind it, letting nothing pass the O and pushing it. So I’ll show you how to do both methods.

Method 1

So now that you’ve seen that, it should kind of explain how that works.

Now in the next video that I’ll be doing I’ll teach you guys how to do all kinds of bends in multiple directions. I’ve already drawn up a diagram as to how you should move your O based on the position of your hand. It’s a pretty cool idea that I invented and I think it will help you guys a lot.

Anyway, thanks for watching. This has been Minty Mechanic. Like the new intro. Leave a comment. If you like my channel, please subscribe and make sure to make a comment and a Like. If you don’t like the video, tell me why so that I can change something.

Anyway, this has been Minty Mechanic. We’ll see you guys later. Peace out.