Eliquid Tricks – Blow The Perfect O

Eliquid Tricks – Blow The Perfect O

Blow The Perfect Os

Hey guys, and welcome back to another fan frigging tastic episode of The Vape Guy, Minty Mechanic, and I am really, really excited for this episode. I’m actually working on a pretty good solid tutorial set of videos just to kind of give you a great idea as to what you need to do and what you need to know in order to make O’s.

Now I have seen a lot of videos. I’m kind of obsessed with this stuff. I get obsessive research done, stuff like that, but to be entirely honest I have not found a single video online that really gives you the nitty gritty details on just exactly what you need to know to make great O’s, to do good tornadoes, to make jellyfish. I am going to cover all of that. I am going to cover one hundred per cent of it. If you can’t find it, I have it. So I have figured out how to do all this stuff myself just by practising a metric tonne, so hopefully this will help you guys in your endeavours to find a good way of doing O’s.

I’m limited in time here because of my camera here. I’m using my phone. My wonderful HTC 1 to record all my videos. Anyway, I’m going to go ahead.

This is my microphone just in case you’re wondering, so if I bump I am incredibly sorry. I’m going to be recording this, so we’re going to go ahead and get started.

Now the first thing that you need to know as far as O’s go, is mouth placement of course, but we’re going to start from the very, very beginning. If you’re looking this video up, I’m assuming that you have some cloud ability. There a few pre-requisites with this video. Go ahead and start vaping with me right now. So we’re going to go ahead and take it out with the first instruction as to how you need to get along with your O’s.

Now the first thing that you need to know is that takes a crap turn of time to practice. You’re going to need some time. You’re going to need some space. You’re going to need a solid room with no or very little air flow, leaks of any kind, put a towel on your door. Whatever you need to do to get that perfect static air flow.

Now the next thing that you need to know is that again you’re going to need time but the second thing is really it’s all about your mouth and how you use it. That’s what she said.

Anyway, we’re going to go ahead and get started here. So I’m going to blow a few O’s for you and show you just exactly what a good looking O is versus a bad O. So here we go. Here’s the first example

Now those are some good looking O’s. I’ll blow some more

Okay. Now that you’ve got the idea, those are good looking O’s. These are bad…

Okay. Now there is a massive difference between what I did first and what I did second. Now the first thing that I did, you notice my mouth placement. Watch. We’ll get into that in a second. Mouth placement is everything. The way that you hold your mouth is going to be the defining factor of how your O’s look, how far they travel, how big they are. That is all dependent on the shape of your mouth. A lot of people say Oh, you don’t need to have perfect circle. Yes, you do. Yes, you fucking do. So I’m going to tell you this right now. The first thing that you need to know is that whenever you get as close to a circle as you can with your mouth, that will be the shape of your O. Now depending on how close you can get that’s how good your O is going to look. Now I’m sorry to say this, but if some of you can’t make a perfect O, that’s probably because of your mouth placement.

Now a lot of people I generally know that as human beings we all have the same muscles in our mouth, so if you can’t do it then you’re a freak or something, no offence.

So mouth placement. I’m going to go into detail on that right now. So the first thing that you need to know is that the way that you hold your mouth is all dependent on the size of your mouth. A lot of people like to do this, the big lips, the big open duck face. Right, you’re not supposed to do that. I’m sorry, but that isn’t – You’re not going to blow O’s, because your teeth get in the way. Your lips are all extended. You have no shape. That’s not give you at all any kind of shape that you need.

So the first thing you do is you want to make an O. Some people like to show their teeth. I personally do because I feel that your teeth give you a rigid line on the top. A lot of people can’t get their line with their mouth. I certainly can because I have big lips.

So the first thing that you want to do is make your mouth into a perfect O. We’ll get into different sizes and what not later, but that is the first thing you want to do.

The second thing that you want to do is to make sure that you’re using your tongue properly and we’re going to go into that in just a minute. So the first thing to do, I’ll show you how to do a couple of different sizes of O’s.

Now here’s what a normal O should look like without anything else. This is just with a cough, and that’s a thing that we’ll start on as well. So here’s a couple of good looking O’s that utilises the shape of the mouth

Okay, so there you go. There’s a couple of good O’s.

Now the first thing you need to learn – I’m saying the first thing a lot, because there’s a lot to learn first. So I’m just giving you the information. Do with it what you will but understand this is the information. You need to practice it to play this information. Anyway, we’re going to go ahead and go into breathing techniques.

Now there are three different ways that you can do this, but there’s only one or two that are actually usable. The first thing that I like to do is make a little bit of a cough. It’s like a – It’s a very soft cough. You’re not doing some kind of ridiculously big cough. It’s a tiny little cough. And what you’re doing is your pulling back at the very end of the cough. It’s a small – It sounds weird as fuck but still, you have to understand that’s what you need to do in order to get a sick O. In my opinion, that’s how it works for me.

So you’ll see when I do a little tiny cough it looks like I’m just popping them out. I’m not doing anything. It’s a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny cough. I can’t emphasise enough how small that cough needs to be in order to get it. You’ll learn to control the cough and here it goes.

Okay. So you can barely hear it but it’s there. So there’s the cough.

Now the second thing that you need to know as far as coughing goes is your tongue placement is also incredibly important and I’d say there are three different ways to do a tongue placement depending on what you need to do. For very big O’s, flatten your tongue out, push it up to the bottom of your teeth against the bottom of your teeth, right where are your gums are flatten your mouth out. Your tongue needs to be perfectly parallel with the bottom of your mouth.

After that you’ll blow really big, thick O’s because when you open your mouth big enough it gives basically the smoke or the vapour enough room to push out and give you a solid O. And here’s how that works

Nice big thick O’s, that’s what you need. And all depending on the kind of tricks you want to do. If you’re doing something for your friends, or if you’re doing for a video or whatever trick you’re doing, big O’s are important.

So next, I figured this out myself, because I mean, it took me forever but I finally got it. The thing that you need to know about how to use your tongue with the cough, a lot of people like to move their tongue without coughing just to push the smoke out like this

Now while that works, it does not work as well as the cough. However, if you combine the two and it does take practice I will tell you this, it does You know, I’m warning you. It takes practice, sorry about that.

So the next thing you do is combine those two movements. If you can push your tongue out and pull it back right after the cough what that does is allows you to push out O’s faster, thicker and better. Whenever you’re pushing the smoke out of your mouth, make sure to constantly exhale a steady stream and very small amount. You want to view it as much air or as very little as possible but what you’re doing is you’re feeding the supply of vape. A lot of people run out because they’re holding their windpipe close. So watch. This is the way that I do it as far as blowing fast O’s out using the tongue and cough method

You can get O’s out way quickly by doing that and it makes O’s a lot easier to do and you’ll get more comfortable with that as you go.

Still that is the best way to get that done as far as standing O’s. If you do a lot of O’s that’s another way.

Finally, the last thing that you can do, and this is a lot more for like speedy O’s or trick shot, maybe even snapper shot kind of O’s, is to pull your tongue back. Here’s your tongue, pull it back and lifting it up like that will create a draught. Now the science behind an O, just as a quick rabbit fill here The science behind an O is that the air flow of an O in and of itself as far as vape goes, wherever you blow that out of your mouth, you’re creating like a flux in the actual pattern of the air. So you’re pushing air out in such a way that the centre of that air is not going as fast as the outside because it curls and it leaves your mouth. That curl is what creates the O, so when you’re blowing out you’ll see the smoke trail like this – That motion right there is a spinning inside of itself the entire time and that’s what creates that flow. That’s why it goes forward. That’s how an O works.

So whenever you do that what you’re doing is you’re creating a flux in that displacement of the air. So moving forward this is why you need to do this. When you lift your tongue up that adds to it. So what you’re doing is like pre-bending the air inside of your mouth to add to the curl of the air and this does take practice but it works really well.

So here’s another way of doing that. I’ll show you how to do it. You’ll see the O’s go much further, much faster than the other ones

Now it’s harder to get a thicker O because of this but what it does do is it allows for an O that will travel much further, much faster and may get smaller. Another way to add to this effect if you’re doing trick shots is to make your mouth smaller. It does take practice, so here’s the regular size. It looks like an idiot, but still remember this is for the technique. Here’s the regular. Here’s the small size O. You want to relax your mouth completely and make an O like that.

It takes practice but imagine like putting your mouth around a pencil. Right, that’s exactly what you want and that size will make a really perfect small O but you will have to cough a lot less, so here we go

That will also allow for you to do a lot faster O’s because it opens up a cleaner amount of space between your mouth and the O. The further away the O is by the time you go for the next one it will be better for you as far as spanning yourself. You want a clean amount of air in front of you because other vape in that air space will distort the O.

That’s the basics on how to do O’s. My next video will be on tornadoes as well as what kind of mods you can use, where your RDA’s are and what you can use to really get a lot of clouds without having to mod your RDA to the ends of the earth.

Anyway, thanks for watching. I appreciate it. If you guys like, make sure to leave a like and subscribe. Leave comments. If you have any questions, I’d love to see you guys questions. Anyway, I’ll see you guys later. This has been Minty Mechanic and peace out.