Eliquid Tricks – Create A Tornado

Eliquid Tricks – Create A Tornado

Create A Tornado

This is one of the easiest eliquid tricks to pull off but looks very impressive. To begin you should really be using a mix of 80/20 VG but 70/30 VG should work too.

Method 1:

Lay your face sideways just above a surface and let a slow and steady stream of vapour fill the table – you should have created a nice steady sheet. Next cup your hand, bring it up at an angle and gently pull up

Method 2:

Create a massive cloud of vapour and fill the surface with an even sheet. Next straighten your hand and then scoop the vapour up. The straighter your hand the better. If you wish you can spin your finger at the top to keep the tornado going longer.

Method 3:

This method uses a combo of the two techniques. In order to create the largest tornado create a sheet like the methods above and then the trick to this one is to get a massive scoop action – the quicker and bigger the scoop the more impressive your tornado will be.