Eliquid Tricks – The Bane French Inhale

Eliquid Tricks – The Bane French Inhale

The Bane French Inhale


I want to show you how you all how to do the bane French inhale. If I cover anything, just please excuse it, you know.

But bane inhale, really what it is, is like streams. Maybe six at the most or seven. You see people on Instagram or something doing them and they’re getting them to where there’s a lot of streams coming out. It’s French inhale. Well, what I do is I use my top teeth and my graze them on my bottom lip so it’s more of a Look like that and you smile to do it.

We’re going to go ahead and try to do it So it’s like that. First thing whenever I’ve figured this out, a lot of people try to do it like that or something. Just keep practising this one. This one takes a while.

I had a buddy of mine on Instagram that wanted a tutorial. I’ve looked on YouTube for a tutorial for this and I could not find it, so I’m going to just make one for everybody and hopefully it’s get you so you can understand how to do it. But I’ll keep doing it so you all can see how it’s like.

It�s like this again� It�s just your top teeth just barely grazing the bottom lip. It’s like that so just keep practising it and you’ll eventually get it.

I had to just figure out myself. I did not know how to do this. I’ve been trying to figure out any tutorials online for it, but I couldn’t find one. If you want me to do other eliquid vapour trick tutorials like O’s, double O’s, triple O’s I had a friend on Instagram that showed me how to do double O’s and triple O’s with the eliquid vapour I exhale. I couldn’t really find a tutorial on that, but he made one and that’s the only one I saw and it helped me out really good.

If this has helped you, just write a comment and if you want me to make different tutorials I will. I’ll keep doing this

Just like that. So make those streams Just keep practising and eventually you’ll understand how to do it and it will get easier and easier.