Eliquid Tricks – The French Inhale

Eliquid Tricks – The French Inhale

The French Inhale


Hey guys. It’s me for sho’ from ECF forums. I’m here to do a little tutorial on how to do French inhale or otherwise known as waterfall trick.

To do it it’s very easy. It doesn’t take a lot of practice. I pretty much wanted to know how to do it. I pretty much learned it in about, I don’t know, five minutes, if anything.

I’ll just show you what I mean by it. I’ll just do a little demonstration to show how it is. There’s an AC running in the back so it might not happen perfectly, but it should work out to be quite sufficient. So let’s see.

So yeah, as you saw there it was going and then right in the middle it just kind of stopped because the air just kind of came in the way. If you are going to do this just make sure there’s no circulation of air going on anywhere, so there’s not a lot of wind or anything like that. Almost next to nothing, but I’m using now an electronic cigarette with eliquid just so that I can do it indoors and show it to you since I can’t smoke in here or I quit smoking.

So I’ll just do it one more time and I’ll show you how to do this

Yeah, the AC is surplus off.

Okay, so the way I do it is what I do is I take a drag and I don’t inhale it, okay. Excuse me. So I take a drag, I don’t inhale it. I just nudge my lower jaw out just a little bit so the eliquid vapour automatically starts to come out from my bottom lip and as soon as it starts to come out you just start to breathe through your nose.

Just to show you on a side view what I mean is that well this is one I just normal and I’m not nudging my lower jaw out and this is one nudge it out. So from this to this

So this one’s nudged right out. So when you take a tote or drag you keep it in your mouth, nudge out the lower jaw, the smoke will start to arise and then you just breathe through your nose, so just like this

So yeah, that’s how you pretty much do it and I’ll show you on a side view angle just so you get a better idea about it

So I think that one went perfectly, if nothing more.

So yeah, that’s how to do it. If you guys have any questions, anything else, leave a message or post your comments. This is my second video on You Tube, or tutorial, so yeah, let me know how you guys like it.

So here’s one more time before I go… The AC’s too much air. Check it out. Sometimes it will tend to just go through one… the other one’s not pulling in enough air, so if your nose is clogged up or anything like that. But yeah, I hope that you guys learn something from that. If you were trying to learn a French inhale or a waterfall trick, that’s how to do it.

Thanks guys.