Eliquid Tricks – The Helix/DNA Tornado

Eliquid Tricks – The Helix/DNA Tornado

The Helix/DNA Tornado


Hi guys. So this a tutorial on how to do the Helix Tornado or DNA Tornado in one.

Yeah, a lot of people ask me how to do this, so I guess let’s get into it.

So right here you see my hand and you see me pointing at these two points, my pinky and the top of my palm, I guess. There’s going to be a little gap that you use to scoop up the eliquid vaper because there’s going to be a point on your pinky and the top of your palm, I guess, and that’s what makes those two points come up or the two tornadoes come up and wrap.

So what I do whenever I scoop the eliquid vaper, I just go ahead and I just scoop straight up, just like that and just I guess practice and see how my hand motion is. Just keep trying and you’ll eventually get it. You will mess up a lot but, you know, usually that’s how it is to learn.

Yeah, I guess that’s about it from me really. So yeah guys, comment, like and subscribe. Thanks.