Guide to Confectionery ELiquid

Guide to Confectionery ELiquid

Oh what a treat!

Traditional sweets have made a strong come back in recent years. We are all indulging in a dose of nostalgia and travelling back to our childhoods. The old favourites are back with a vengeance on the high street but there is another way to enjoy those classic flavours and to satisfy a sweet tooth. Confectionery eliquid is the way to go if the mere thought of pear drops makes you dribble!

Sweet E-Liquid Flavours

If you are a die-hard fan of traditional sweets or simply crave a sugary hit then our confectionery e-liquids are certainly for you. There is no feeling quite like choosing your penny chews or watching a confectioner weigh up your favourite sweets. You can now experience that magic every day with the Simply range of confectionery e-liquid.

Nothing compares to the combination of the sugary hit and the hint of sharpness that you get with fruit pastels. Our satisfying Fruit Pastels e liquid delivers that special taste over and over again but without the calories!

A bag of pear drops never lasts very long does it? Once you start eating them you can’t stop. One whiff of that unique aroma and you just have to indulge. Our Pear Drops e-liquid is the perfect antidote which you can enjoy all day, every day.

When it comes to iconic sweets Black Jacks surely top the list. That classic combination of aniseed and liquorice is unmistakable and hard to resist. If your mouth is watering right now then invest in our Black Jack eliquid which tastes exactly the same as the classic chews.

Pick ‘n’ Mix

Choosing a variety of treats was one of the great delights of a childhood visit to the sweet shop and spawned the trend for pick ‘n’ mix. Did you know that you can do the same with your e-liquids? You can take advantage of our special multi buy deals to save money and then choose a variety of flavours. You can also mix your e-liquids to create your own unique flavours. Now you couldn’t do that in a sweet shop!

What about Rhubarb and Custard with added Vanilla or Pear Drops with a touch of Menthol? Get creative and you could evolve the sweet sensations of the future.