A Guide to Dripping

A Guide to Dripping

Are you starting to feel the mists of confusion descend? Have you just starting vaping only to discover that there are more opportunities available to you than you realised? If so, then one of the subjects that you have probably seen mentioned is dripping. So what is dripping?

Dripping is an exciting and customised style of vaping. It is a vaping art form where nirvana is achieved by combining the right atomiser, coil, wicking material, mod, nicotine strength and flavour. Put simply, through dripping you can enjoy big vapour and big flavour your way.

Getting Started with Dripping

Like pretty much everything else in the world of vaping, your perfect dripping set-up will evolve over time. However you have to start somewhere and that will be with either a rebuildable dripping atomiser (RDA) or a rebuildable atomiser (RBA). Whereas rebuildable atomisers have tanks for e-liquid, RDAs do not. With both types of device you build your own coils and add your chosen wicking material. You then drip your e-liquid directly onto the coils and this will enable you to take a few puffs before you need to drip again. When you feel a dry hit it is time to drip! An RDA may have a small well in the base to hold a little extra liquid. An RBA is used in conjunction with a drip tip.

Both RDAs and RBAs feature build decks with one positive and one or more negative posts to which you attach your coils. You will eventually discover how many coils you wish to vape with. The more negative posts your atomiser has, the easier it is to fit additional coils. Wire for coils is available in several gauges and these will dictate the resistance that you vape with. Your desired resistance could change from day to day so it is worth building (wrapping) a variety of coils. The more you wrap the more proficient you become too. Always check the resistance of your coils before using them. The best wicking material for dripping is organic cotton. Many vapers swear by the Japanese variety.

Partner your RDA or RBA with your chosen mod or advanced vaporizer (APV). It is worth noting that APVs have more safety features and provide you with more information via their LED displays. Choosing a variable wattage device will enable you to easily detect the resistance of your coils.

Choosing your Juice

Yes there is yet another decision to make! Do you wish to prioritise cloud chasing or the flavour hit? Either way you have to think about your base liquid ratio. High VG (vegetable glycerin) juice produces fabulous vapour clouds but is not so great for flavour. High PG (Propylene Glycol) juice gives you less cumulonimbus but a stronger flavour hit. Try a few variations to establish what base liquid ratio works best for you.

When dripping you will probably find that you require eliquid with a lower nicotine strength than when mainstream vaping, especially if you go sub-ohm. Sub-ohm vaping produces amazing vapour clouds that enhance the throat hit and vaping sub-ohm also delivers the nicotine more efficiently.

To Drip or Not to Drip

So there you have it! Well probably not! You will only get properly acquainted with eliquid dripping through experimenting. Some vapers adore dripping because they can’t get enough of the big vapour and powerful flavour. Others just enjoy a little DIY. On the other hand, many vapers prefer the convenience of their tank systems. There is only one way to find out what camp you are in.