Guide to Fruit E Liquid

Guide to Fruit E Liquid

With so many amazing e-liquid flavours available it can be hard to decide which ones to choose next. If you are wondering what to tantalise your taste buds with then maybe you should be thinking about fruit. Fruity flavours tend to be the most popular choice with vapers. If you haven’t yet experimented with fruity juices then you could be wondering why these flavours are so hard to resist. The truth is, there are probably as many reasons as there are vapers!

Sweet Simplicity or Vaping Variety?

Fruit e-liquid can be refreshing, uplifting, sweet or sour and so there really is a fruity juice for everyone to enjoy. Tropical flavours might conjure thoughts of summer days lazing on distant shores which is reason enough to keep vaping. Perhaps you would prefer the seasonal sweetness of ripe strawberries. How very English! Cherry eliquid feels sweet and rather indulgent whilst raspberry eliquid is more of a bitter sweet treat to put a spring in your step.

Sometimes simple is sensational but we all need our five a day so why not go with fruit salad or mixed berry flavours? After all, they say that variety is the spice of life and it really can be for vapers.

Fruits for All Seasons

Your choice of fruity flavour might change with your mood or even with the seasons. Some days you may yearn for sweetness, other days for zingy citrus. No problem! Select a variety of fruity juices from the Simply eLiquids range and you will always have the flavour that you really fancy ready and waiting. Better still, did you know that you can mix your e-liquid to create your very own unique flavours?

Go Bananas

There are limitless possibilities with fruity e-liquid. Your choice of fruity cocktails is limited only by your creative flair. Go for classic combinations like apple and blackcurrant or dare to be different by throwing cherries and peaches into the mix. Forget that less is more and mix three, four or even five fruity treats for a vaping experience that offers a flavour explosion.

Alternatively you could really go bananas. Try mixing fruity eliquids with some of our amazing confectionery flavours or blend a fruity variety with vanilla or doughnut e-liquids. Now you’re talking!