Guide to Menthol and Mint E-Liquid

Guide to Menthol and Mint E-Liquid

If you are yearning for a refreshing hit then menthol and mint e-liquid should be your first port of call. Also a great option if you are used to smoking menthol cigarettes, these e liquids provide a fresh and uplifting vaping experience.

Mint Condition

Mint and menthol flavours are invigorating and energising. There is a fabulous simplicity to mint and yet you wouldn’t believe the amazing variety of flavours at your disposal. You can enjoy peppermint, spearmint, a double dose of mint or menthol with the Simply eLiquids range. Better still, we offer e-liquid featuring a fabulous combination of minty and fruity flavours.

We know that our customers love cherry flavours and so we have created a striking new Cherry blend. Cherry Menthol eliquid combines our legendary Cherry flavour with the cool throat hit of icy menthol. This all adds up to cherry with a twist! If Raspberry makes your taste buds sing then the layered flavour of Raspberry Menthol is the perfect choice. This is the epitome of indulgence but with a refreshing kick.

You can also double up on your flavour hit with our Doublemint Eliquid. Every vape delivers an awesome flavour hit. It’s like popping a doublemint sweet in your mouth except that the flavour lingers for longer!

If the simple and refreshing pleasure of mint or fruit just doesn’t cut it then Arctic Blast surely will. This is a satisfying and glacial vape that will chill the cockles of your heart! Are you brave enough to take on the chilling challenge?

Making a Mint

Mint and menthol e liquid lend themselves perfectly to the creation of fine fusions! You can mix mint e-liquid with a wide variety of our e liquid flavours to create custom blends. We can heartily recommend mixing mint or menthol with any of our tobacco flavours. Menthol and Blue Slush is a brilliant combination and Blueberry always benefits from an injection of mint. However, we are sure that you have some of your own amazing flavour combos up your sleeve!