Guide to Tobacco E-Liquid

Guide to Tobacco E-Liquid

Many vapers prefer tobacco flavour e-liquid to any others. For some, the familiar tobacco flavour makes the transition from smoking to vaping easier. Others prefer tobacco juice because they just love the flavour!

If your enjoyment of the tobacco flavour was one of the reasons that you found it hard to quit smoking then our tobacco eliquids could be the perfect solution. Our high quality liquid feature a variety of authentic tasting options which will provide a smooth transition to vaping.

Our Exceptional Tobacco Flavours

In our outstanding range of tobacco e-liquid you will discover sweet, mild, strong and rich flavour choices. With each you can select the right amount of nicotine to suit your needs.

Our Mild Tobacco eliquid is smooth and light. This one could be right up your street if you previously smoked lite cigarettes. For a richer, full bodied experience try out our Strong Tobacco e-liquid. You should also consider Virginia. This is a deep, smooth and satisfying juice that brings a touch of luxury to your vaping experience.

You really shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to try our award winning RY4 e-liquid. This fabulous juice brings a multi layered sensation to your vaping. You can revel in a dreamy mix of indulgent chocolate, heavenly vanilla and sticky caramel. These finest of sweet treats are backed by that all-important tobacco hit.

Mixed to Perfection

Perhaps you just cannot settle on a single tobacco flavour. Maybe the exact flavour you are searching for hasn’t presented itself. If so, have you given any thought to mixing your juices in order to create perfection?

You can mix any of our tobacco juices to customise your vaping experience. Alternatively, try mixing tobacco flavours with our confectionary varieties or other great flavours like Vanilla and Doughnuts. What could be better than flavoursome tobacco and sweet indulgence in one satisfying inhale?

We are confident that you will be thrilled with our tobacco e liquid and that you will discover endless possibilities to enhance your vaping life!